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Wonderful DIY Reading / Knitting Arm Pillow

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Do you like staying in your bed for reading, watching tv, knitting, embroidering, web surfing… Do you feel tired and back pain for sitting a long time in the bed ? Here is a nice craft of making backrest pillow, it would support your arms for a more ergonomically correct posture when typing, knitting, embroidering, whatever…

I like doing my work and chat with my friends online  in my bed, because it’s warm for staying . And my son do love to reading in the bed, I always  worry about his vision , but his teacher said : You can read the book everywhere , just be sure with comfortable posture ! I think this reading  pillow is great for us, it’s comfy and cozy.

After checking the tutorial by Sewhappygeek, I think it’s an easy to make once you get a template and materials .

For making this reading/knitting pillow , you’ll need :

For a non-directional print fabric – 1 yard
For a horizontal directional print – 1.5 yards
For the arms – about 3/4 yd or piece-together fat quarters
Enough fabric to make a 6″x104″ strip
5 lbs of stuffing

VIEW IN GALLERYreading  knitting pillow-wonderfuldiy1Click here for the tutorial

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