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Fall In Love With These DIY Wallets

Everyone loves a nice wallet, but if you make it all by yourself you’ll love it even more and use it with the utmost pride! Whether you’re looking for a big wallet to store all of your credit cards and receipts into or maybe just a smaller one for all the change, look no further; here are 9 most creative DIY wallet projects you can find!

1. Duct Tape Wallet


This resilient wallet will be your companion for years to come! It’s great for paper money, credit cards and even has some secret pockets! Stock up on some diverse duct tape and visit eHow for instructions!

2. Bi-Fold Wallet


A small and practical wallet that will be your best companion when you need to make a quick trip to the grocery store and only need a few dollar bills and coupons. It will also keep all of your credit cards in check, so you need not worry about frantically looking for the right one at the checkout ever again! Find the pattern at Modest Maven!

3. Big Clutch Wallet


If sewing is your thing, this wallet is your thing! It’s going to take some time and dedication, but good things always come to those who are patient! Dust off your sewing machine because you’re about to sew yourself this chic wallet, found at Confessions of a Fabricaholic.

4. Man’s Wallet

VIEW IN GALLERYman's wallet

Now don’t let the title fool you – this one is a perfect fit for anyone that isn’t into colorful stuff and prefers something more subtle and neutral. But, if you’re still looking for a birthday gift for your significant other, this idea will definitely come in handy! See how they conquered the task at The Sewing Directory.

5. No Sew Clutch Wallet


If sewing isn’t your thing, don’t worry – we didn’t forget about you! Always Rooney will tell you how to make this stylish clutch without any sewing at all! It’s very spacey, so you can keep all of your must items in one place!

6. Little Pouch


A practical little wallet that will fit in the tiniest of purses or even coat pockets! Keep it at hand when you’re in a rush and only need to bring essentials! Don’t waste any time – find tutorial at Noodle Head!

7. Kids Wallet


You know that feeling when you’re standing at the checkout and your youngest one is begging you to let them be the one who pays? Then you give them the money, they pay and feel like a real big boy or big girl? Well, imagine how proud they’ll be of themselves if they got to pay with money from their own wallet! If you want a joyful toddler, Zaaberry has got you covered!

8. iPhone Wallet


Never forget your wallet at home again, by turning your phone case into a wallet as well! (Let’s be honest, there is no way you’ll ever leave home without a phone in your hand). My 3 Monsters helps you kill two birds with one stone – a fun wallet and an epic phone case, all at once!

9. Snappy Coin Purse


We’ve all had enough with our change rolling out of every wallet and purse we own! The best solution for this problem is to keep a separate wallet just for coins and lucky for you, I Heart Linen has just what you need! Goodbye to rolling coins, hello to trendy wallets!

Big or small, sew or no sew, clutch or zipper … we hope you’ve found your million dollar match!