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Deliciously Novelty Christmas Treats for Kids

Christmas and the winter holidays are the perfect time to treat yourself. Now, we’re always open to the idea of buying ourselves a little present or two while we Christmas shop for those we love, but in this instance, that’s not what we mean by “treat yourself”! No; this time, we’re talking about real treats- sweets, candies, baked goods, and so much more. After all, the good is the best part of the holiday season (besides seeing family and swapping gifts with them, of course)! We always like the treats a little better, however, when they’re novelty looking and themed perfectly for the season. It’s just more fun that way!

Check out these 15 amazingly delicious and totally Christmas themed treats that your kids (and probably the adults in your life, too) will go totally crazy for this season.

1. White chocolate dipped Christmas pretzels

VIEW IN GALLERYWhite chocolate dipped Christmas pretzels

Have you always been the kind of person whose favourite treats and snacks perfectly combine sweet and salty flavours? Then you’re a snacker after our very own hearts! These white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks by The Kitchen is My Playground have all of our taste buds firing at the mere thought of them, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that Christmas coloured sprinkles make them adorable to look at!

2. O Christmas Treat pizza

VIEW IN GALLERYO Christmas Treat pizza

We’re sorry, did we forget to mention that, when it comes to novelty Christmas foods, there are even healthy options for treating yourself? If you don’t believe us, just ask Disney Family! Rather than sweets and chocolate, they’ve used vegetables to fancy up their snack. Sure, it’s still pizza, but it’s got spinach and peppers on it, so that counts as “healthy”, right?

3. Snowman truffles

VIEW IN GALLERYSnowman truffles

Our stomachs basically started rumbling at the mention of “truffles” here, but then we saw the picture and we practically leaped into our kitchen to start making these snowmen by BHG. Besides the actual truffles themselves, you get a top hat made of mini Oreos and a chocolate chip smile! What more could we ask for in a holiday treat?

4. Christmas tree candy cones

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree candy cones

Is your favourite kind of holiday themed novelty treat the kind that’s hands on and totally DIY? Then we’re on the same page! We love anything that lets our kids have some fun and learn their way around food etiquette and the kitchen while they treat themselves. Check out how Baby Centre put together these awesome little DIY Christmas trees made from ice cream cones, coloured icing, and candy!

5. Cookies in a jar for Santa

VIEW IN GALLERYCookies in a jar

Sometimes the best Christmas treats for your kids are the ones that are a bit of a surprise when they realize they’ll actually get to eat them! Before Christmas eve, build your kids a cookie kit in a jar and then help them bake cookies “for Santa”. Set them out and then eat a few yourself, leaving some on the plate. Your kids will be thrilled to see that Santa not only ate their cookies, but also left them a few to eat too! Check out the simple mason jar recipe on Make it Do.

6. Chocolate cherry clusters

VIEW IN GALLERYChocolate cherry clusters

Maybe your kids are more accustomed to darker, richer flavours because that’s just their taste, or because those are your favourite flavours, so that’s what you usually make? Then these cherry chocolate clusters will be a crowd pleaser for everyone involved! Your kids will love the fun crunch they get with every bite on top of great taste. Get the recipe on Martha Stewart.

7. Peppermint crunch popcorn pops

VIEW IN GALLERYPeppermint crunch popcorn pops

Are you looking for something really novelty, perhaps the kind of treat that might make adults cringe but will definitely have the kids chowing down? Then Mom on Time out has you covered. These awesome pops might look like cake pops with icing and candy cane pieces, but what you’ll find underneath is actually popcorn! It’s a totally unique way to get both sweet and salty in one place.

8. Christmas candy carolers

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade Christmas candy carolers

Have your kids favourite Christmas treats always been the classic ones, like chewy candy jujubes? Then they’ll be the most excited if you can find ways to make those into special novelty things! We really like the way Martha Stewart turned them into tiny little sugary Christmas carolers, using differently shaped candies to make them winter hats and sprinkles to give them smiling faces. The kids will even have a blast building them!

9. Tootsie roll Menorah

VIEW IN GALLERYTootsie roll Menorah

Maybe your version of the holidays involves eight brightly glowing candles rather than a decorated tree? Then make candy menorahs instead! We love this tootsie roll version by NWA Online which uses delicious yellow jelly beans as the candle “flames”, attaching them to the top of the tootsie rolls with melted chocolate.

10. Rice Krispie treat Christmas tree

VIEW IN GALLERYRice Krispie treat Christmas tree

When you think “novelty treat” does your brain automatically just pictures as much delicious candy in one place as possible? Then this super bright and totally fun rice krispy treat Christmas tree by Cookies and Cups is definitely the idea you’ve been looking for! Besides being made of awesome, gooey rice krispy treats, your kids will love the fact that the whole bottom of the tree is buried in mini M&M’s.

11. 3D sugar cookie Christmas tree

VIEW IN GALLERY3D sugar cookie Christmas tree

Did you know that if you bake star shaped cookies and layer them on top of one another so that their points alternate in the spaces between the previous cookie, they’ll start to look like the branches of a fir tree? Well, it’s okay if you haven’t because Get Creative Juice noticed it for you! Ice each cookie a nice, bright green to make them stick together well and then decorate your “tree” with sprinkles or smaller cut cookie pieces for the star on top.

12. Peanut butter reindeer cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYPeanut butter reindeer cookies

Peanut butter, cookie dough, chocolate, and salted pretzels- all in one place. What could possibly be better than that combination? Mom It Forward couldn’t think of any better flavours (and neither could we), so instead they thought of a unique design. Thus, these adorable little reindeer snacks were born!

13. Melting snowman Christmas cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYMelting snowman Christmas cookies

Kraft Recipes suggests using the power of deliciously sweet melted chocolate to your full advantage! Rather than keeping these little cookie balls smoothly dipped, pour the chocolate all over so it puddles below each one, making it look like the cookies are melting slowly. Top the whole thing off with an icing or sprinkle face and a mini Oreo top hate and your melted snowmen are complete!

14. Christmas puppy chow

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas puppy chow

If you’ve ever given in to the puppy chow trend then you know exactly why we were so excited to find this recipe. Puppy chow is sweet, crunchy, and ever so slightly melty in your mouth and it’s a unique texture and flavour experience that we’ve just never found anywhere else. This version features tiny crunched up pieces of candy canes and we’re very thankful to Sally’s Baking Addiction for that!

15. Marshmallow Dreidels

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade Marshmallow Dreidels

Does your family celebrate Hanukah but you’re not a huge fan of tootsie rolls and you’re on the lookout for another idea? Try these delicious marshmallow dreidels by Martha Stewart instead! We love the idea of using coloured chocolate buttons on top to give the marshmallows that pointed tip that a real dreidel would spin on.