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DIY Fridge Magnets to Spice Up Your Kitchen

Fun, funky fridge magnets don’t have to be a thing of the past just because you’re an adult now! Neat shapes and bright colours make sticking your shopping list to the fridge a little more cheerful every day.

What’s better than buying cool fridge magnets? Making them yourself, as always! Check out these fun DIY fridge magnet ideas that you’ll love making and sticking!

1. Wooden polka dot magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYWooden polka dot magnets

(Source: Poppy Haus)

A nice, thick stick and a saw will work, or you can be these little wooden circles pre-cut at most craft stores! Paint the middle different colours, glue a piece of magnetic strip to the back, and voila!

2. Pom pom magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYPom pom magnets

(Source: Alyssa and Carla)

Cute little coloured pom poms are a bright, easy way to add some flair to your kitchen. Magnetic strips, glue, and pom poms from a pack (or tiny ones that you made with leftover yarn) are all you need!

3. Painted branch hook magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted branch hook magnets

(Source: Johanna Rundel)

Choose a brand with a well-sized knot or another branch protruding from the side. Cut it in half down the thickest middle part so it has a flat back that can sit against the fridge. Paint it however you like (or not at all), stick the magnet strip on, and you’ll have a new place to hang your apron!

4. Mini fruit magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYmini fruit magnets

(Source: Homey Oh My)

You can turn any small trinket or toy into a fridge magnet! These little piece of fruit are bright and totally theme-appropriate for the kitchen.

5. Dinosaur magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYDinosaur magnets

(Source: The Things She Makes)

You might feel a little weird cutting toy dinosaurs in half, but you’ll be amused every time you see either end of a T-Rex poking out of your fridge.

6. Black and white clay magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYBlack and white clay magnets

(Source: The Wonder Forest)

Mold the clay into whichever shape you like, paint it with a contrasting shade, and seal it with a clear sealer like Mod Podge. These simple black and white magnets are an awesome way to give subtle style to your notes and lists.

7. Painted canvas magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted canvas magnets

(Source: The Sweetest Occasion)

You’d be surprised at the tiny little sizes canvasses come in! They’re perfect for displaying miniature versions of your own art abilities all over your kitchen.

8. Arrow clip magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYArrow clip magnets

(Source: Lines Across)

Brightly coloured arrow magnets are a great way to draw attention to important notes for your family. Make sure your brother doesn’t forget to pick up milk like he promised!

9. Gem magnets


(Source: At Home in Love)

Adding a few gems (plastic ones or shiny ones, if you have them) are a great way to give your kitchen a glamorous edge.

10. Agate stone magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYAgate stone magnets

(Source: A bubbly Life)

Agate stones are absolutely gorgeous, full of colour and shine. Turning them into magnets lets you appreciate their beauty and power every time you open the fridge.

11. Clothes pin magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYClothes pin magnets

(Source: Colors and Beyond)

Making magnets out of clothes pins lets you give yourself easy reminders and clip small things where you know you’ll find them!

12. Fridge magnet poetry

VIEW IN GALLERYFridge magnet poetry

(Source: Elephant Shoe)

These little messages and bits of inspiration are good reminders to stay positive throughout your day.

13. Marble photo magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYMarble photo magnets

(Source: PetaPixel)

Flat sided marbles with tiny pictures printed out and glued to one side will enlarge the picture so you can see the image through. It’s a really neat effect for a DIY magnet!

14. Mini shadow box magnet

VIEW IN GALLERYMini shadow box magnet

(Source: Crafts Unleashed)

Create a tiny little seaside scene in a mini shadow box. It’ll give you a moment of escape on cold winter mornings!

15. Vintage brooch magnets


(Source: Meegan Makes)

It’s always a shame when a vintage brooch or pin breaks, but there are ways to repurpose them into gorgeous new things! Sparkly and floral brooches make great decorative fridge magnets.

Have you made other DIY fridge magnets that you don’t see here? Tell us about how you did it in the comments section!