Must Have: DIY Make-Up Bags You Desperately Need

You know the story: you’re busy, constantly on the go and always finding the need to reapply! The last thing you want is to be browsing through your giant purse for a little lipstick or a blush, finding only used up coupons, you spouse’s car keys (sorry babe!) and empty energy bar wrappers instead! With just one glance at this roundup, you never have to go through this again! Here are must have DIY make-up bags every busy bee so desperately needs!

Felt Roll Up

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Neat and simple, but organized at a whole new level! It’s easy to make and even easier to use; just fill it with your daily necessities, roll it up and off you go, conquering the world! Soophisticated has the details!

Spotted Pouch

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This beauty will be your faithful companion everywhere you go! It’s so cute and convenient, like a little incognito best friend that you can always count on! Find out how you can make your very own at Pottery Barn!

10-Minute Make-Up Bag

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Okay darling, we see you over there working so many hours a day you can barely grab a cup of coffee! Here’s a project you can do in 10 minutes that will result in a dashing make up bag! Head over to DIY Joy for the video tutorial!

The Full Cosmetic Bag

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If you’re a total organization junkie, you’ll want your brushes and cosmetics to be separate. In most make-up bags that’s not possible, but this is a full cosmetic bag that comes with an extra section dedicated to your lovely brushes! Yes, you really can have it all! Find the how-to at So Sew Easy!

Lips Pouch


This is such a fun and unique make-up pouch, you absolutely do not want to pass it up! We especially recommend it to all the lipstick lovers who will appreciate it on a deep, spiritual level. A Beautiful Mess will help you make it, then it’s up to you to fill it with you most precious lipsticks and a mascara or two!

Simple Make-Up Bag

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This make up bag is simple and tiny, but it can fit a great deal of products inside and it will surely fit into any purse! It’s time to go shopping for some light fabric and once you’ve got your perfect pick, check out the instructions at The Girl Inspired!

Vinyl Zipper Bag

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Polka dots and a golden zipper, how could we not fall in love with it?! We doubt anyone will suspect it’s a make-up bag at all, due to its extremely chic look! Get the instructions at Lia Griffith and start filling it up with your favorite products!

Illustrated Make-Up Bag

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Sometimes you just have to let your imagination run wild and see what happens! Take this flawless make-up bag by Made By Cay as an example! It’s perfect for the millennials who just don’t fit into any mold and want to take the road less traveled!

Block Zip Pouch

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If you’re looking for something that looks as if it was bought in a store, this is the project you want to go with! It’s a classic block make-up pouch, but you get to pick out the way you want it to look like and add a personal touch to it! You’ll find out more at Minki’s Work Table!

Fancy Make-Up Bag


Why hide your uniqueness when you can flaunt it?! Let everyone know how fancy you are and make all of the fashionistas green with jealousy as you pull out this make-up bag in the ladies’ room at a party! Polka Dot Chair will show you how to get your fancy on!

Hopefully you’ve found your new daily companion and we dare say you’ll never have a make-up disaster again!