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DIY Piñatas For Every Occasion

What’s a party without a piñata? We’d like to meet a person who doesn’t like hitting something until candy falls out of it! It makes us feel young again! The best thing about Piñatas (aside from the candy, of course) is the fact that you can customize them to fit absolutely any party! You don’t want to miss these epic DIY piñatas for every occasion that will make sure your next party is the bomb!

Cereal Box Mini Piñata

VIEW IN GALLERYcereal box pinata

Better start collecting those cereal boxes, because you will need them for this colorful piñata! Celebrate your next important milestone in style! This piñata is a great pick, so head over to A Pretty Cool Life and get to work!

30-Minute Piñata


No need to worry, this isn’t one of those projects that takes up your whole day. You’ll be done with this one in 30 minutes and the result will be a fabulously looking piñata you almost won’t want to break apart! Brought to you by Pretty Little Party Shop!

Birthday Piñata

VIEW IN GALLERYbirthday pinata

Why not surprise your loved one with a birthday piñata? Surely they’ll remember the birthday forever! Make sure to pick out their favorite candy, then head over to The Sweetest Occasion and see the tutorial!

Summer Piñata(s)

VIEW IN GALLERYsummer pinata

Celebrate the summer itself! Think. Make. Share shows you how to make a few summer themed piñatas that will bring a smile to your face as you’re smashing them open, really reminding you to take in the last weeks of summer!

Donkey Piñata

VIEW IN GALLERYdonkey pinata

Traditional donkey piñatas have almost been completely replaced, but if you keep tradition close to your heart, eHow will show you how to make this lively and fun piñata! Include your kids into the making-of process and they’ll love it even more!

Captain America Piñata

VIEW IN GALLERYCaptain America Piñata

Maybe you can’t have Captain America’s shield, but perhaps this piñata will do? You can test its strength by repeatedly striking at it and maybe, if you’re lucky, loads of candy will fall out! Maureen Wilkinson gives you the instructions!

Gold Fringe Piñata

VIEW IN GALLERYgold fringe

We all have that one friend who is a total diva, in the best sense of the word. It’s all glitters and glamour, silver and gold! They will die over this piñata, just you wait! Find the tutorial at Elli, then surprise your diva friend with this gold fringe piñata!

Ombre Heart Piñata


This piñata is so beautiful you almost won’t want to smash it apart. (Almost). The ombre colors give it a special touch, making it the winner of the unique piñata competition! If you follow the step-by-step at Lia Griffith, you can soon be a proud owner of an ombre piñata yourself!

Owl Piñata


Just looking at this plump owl you can tell that it’s full of candy bars, lollipops and perhaps even toys! The kids will go nuts over her and what’s a better sight than happy children? Visit Hobby Craft and pick up the details!

Geometric Piñata

VIEW IN GALLERYgeometric pinata

You can try out smaller piñatas, ones in creative geometric shapes! If you’re planning a more sophisticated party, this is a lovely way to incorporate some fun into it as well! Find the resources at Studio DIY!

Watermelon Piñata

VIEW IN GALLERYwatermelon pinata

Watermelons are basically a symbol of summer and let’s not forget that Beyoncé endorsed them in one of her songs, so they officially get a pass! Color Me Meg will show you how to make this fabulous watermelon piñata in just a few short steps!

Emoji Piñata

VIEW IN GALLERYemoji pinata

These days, there’s an emoji for everything! Gather up your social media crew and have an emoji themed celebration, because why not? Yolo! Check out Brite and Bubbly and make your very own emoji piñata – we heard that all the cool kids are doing it!