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12 DIY Dog Shampoos for Soft and Healthy Fur 

Dog owners only want the best for their furry babies! There is a vast selection of dog shampoos out on the market and sometimes it’s hard to decide which one is the best. If you want our advice on it, we love homemade products! You can always be sure of exactly what went into them and the process is a fun experience for those who love DIY projects! Check out these 12 DIY dog shampoos and make your best choice!

1. Natural Anti-Flea Shampoo


Fleas are every dog owner’s biggest nightmare! They are incredibly hard to get rid of once your dog catches them, so investing in prevention is crucial! A natural flea-repellent is a really good thing to keep on hand and we found the perfect one with Naturally Mindful‘s homemade anti-flea shampoo!

2. Moisturizing Dog Shampoo 


We always hear about the importance of moisturizing our skin and hair, but did you know your dog’s fur needs moisturizing too? If you still don’t have a big bottle of moisturizing dog shampoo in your dog supplies cabinet, First Home Love Life has a fantastic recipe for it!

3. Essential Oil Dog Shampoo 


Dogs are our best friends on four legs and it’s only fair that they smell lovely – especially if we share a couch or a bed with them! If finding a good smelling dog shampoo has been a struggle for you, consider adding some essential oils to a homemade dog shampoo and test the magic! Get the how-to at Overthrow Martha!

4. Coconut Oil Dog Shampoo 


Coconut oil has numerous benefits for both humans and dogs. It’s definitely a big part of many dog owner’s daily routine and one of the very smart ways to use it is making a dog shampoo with coconut oil as the key ingredient! Check out the full process at The Chenry Show!

5. Apple Cider Dog Shampoo 


Sometimes all you need for a really great dog shampoo is already hiding in your pantry! The unexpected ingredient in Homesteading‘s shampoo is apple cider! It will clean your dog’s fur of any possible dirt and rid it of bad odor! Clean puppies are the best puppies!

6. Oatmeal Dog Shampoo 


Oatmeal is a very gentle ingredient that dog’s fur responds really well to! You might be surprised by just how simple this recipe is and how quick you can make it! When rain catches you on your daily walk and your dog is in a desperate need of a good bath, this recipe will be your saving grace! Check it out at Petguide!

7. Simple Dog Shampoo 


Simplicity can be the ultimate winner. Not everybody can afford to spend a lot time cooking up a top-notch dog shampoo that could win international awards. It’s okay to make something super basic, simple and effective! Ramblings of a Marine Wife has just what we’re talking about!

8. Dry Dog Shampoo 


Is your pooch not a fan of taking baths and is always giving you the big puppy eyes whenever bath time comes around? Try the dry dog shampoo! Your dog doesn’t have to get wet at all, but the shampoo still works effectively! See the tutorial at The Krazy Coupon Lady!

9. Vanilla Dry Dog Shampoo 


If you want a dry dog shampoo with a really gentle and familiar scent, give your homemade dog shampoo a vanilla twist! It’s the greatest item to carry on-the-go or pack when traveling, so your dog can always be clean and vanilla scented! Find the recipe at She Knows!

10. Aloe Dog Shampoo 


Aloe is another product that is all-around amazing and should definitely be a part of your dog’s grooming routine. Using a gentle aloe dog shampoo will help your dog’s fur smell great and soothe his skin if it’s prone to irritation! Find the recipe for this perfect combination at Fab You Bliss!

11. 4-Ingredient Dog Shampoo 


Shampoos with a long list of ingredients are a thing of the past! Now it’s all about effectively using the select few ingredients that you personally swear by and always keep at hand! Don’t miss the incredible tutorial at Bark Post for a dog shampoo with only four ingredients!

12. Honey Dog Shampoo 


As you can clearly tell from this roundup, each dog shampoo has that one special ingredient that makes it unique! Freebie Finding Mom‘s secret ingredient is honey! It’s a great little trick that gives the shampoo a soothing smell and has many benefits for the fur! Your sweet pup will love it!