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Amateur Makeovers: Quick DIY Spray Paint Transformations 

Sooner or later, we all find this one item in our home that desperately needs a makeover, but for whatever reason, we either don’t have the time or the budget to turn it into a big DIY project that would take hours to complete. If only there was a simpler way, one that takes much less time! You already know where’re going with this – spray paints! They can save you so much time and money with their power to completely transform things within seconds. Here’s a list of our favorite DIY spray paint transformations! 

1. Mercury Glass Vase


You’ve been looking everywhere for a lovely mercury glass vase, but all you’ve got is a normal vase that doesn’t have that glistening metallic look. Amanda Katherine is going to prove that that’s no problem at all! All you need is a good spray paint and you’re all set!

2. Copper Chandelier 


A gorgeous chandelier has the power to make the whole room magical and fairytale-like. If you want to give it a noticeable and royal style, a copper color is a must! You’re going to need a big can of copper spray paint and a detailed tutorial by A Beautiful Mess!

3. Copper Desk Basket 


Sometimes the simplest items that don’t seem to serve a purpose anymore can become the most adorable and useful pieces in your life after you’ve spray painted them. Take this project by Burkatron as an example – from a purposeless basket to a gorgeous copper desk organizer, all thanks to spray paint!

4. Vintage Fan Restoration 


You’ve found a vintage fan in the back of your garage and even though it still works, it doesn’t look very appealing and it most definitely wouldn’t fit into your interior. It’s time for Extreme Makeover: Fan Edition! Check out how Picklee used spray paint to completely transform a vintage fan!

5. Glossy Basket 


Baskets are a lovely storage solution for your home. They can be placed into any room and totally blend in, always keeping your most important items at hand. If you’ve been feeling a bit bored with the classic basket look, give it a glossy makeover by utilizing spray paint! Two Delighted will show you how.

6. Spray Painted Ceramics 


When you first move into a new apartment you’re trying to stay as on-budget as you can, which can sometimes mean purchasing a lot of plain looking decor pieces. Thankfully, a can of metallic spray paint can quickly turn them into captivating and modern elements! See the whole process at Brit + Co!

7. Magnetic Letters 


Do you ever get a headache from the many colors of the magnetic letters that are on your fridge? Give the rainbow letters a refashion and paint them with a golden spray paint that is going to give them a unique and charming look! Inspired by Charm shares the how-to.

8. Jewelry Bowls 


If you have way too many breakfast bowls on your kitchen shelves, it’s time to find them a new job! Have you noticed the trend of beautiful jewelry bowls? Display your jewelry in style by giving one of your regular bowls a spray paint makeover and repurposing it as a jewelry bowl! Find out all the details at Le Zoe Musings.

9. Bar Stools 


Bar stools are such a lovely and innovative addition to your kitchen, especially if you have a little bar area going on! You can get some old bar stools from a thrift store and then use the guidance at Honeybear Lane for spray painting them with the desired colors!

10. Mirrored Gazing Garden Balls 


Decorating the exterior of your home is just as important as decorating the interior. If you have a garden that is looking a bit lifeless, it’s time to change that! The Garden Glove will show you how valuable spray paint is when it comes to the making of these decorative mirrored gazing garden balls!

11. Gold Rock Centerpiece 


A centerpiece is a crucial part of every well-set table and it doesn’t have to be complicated to look chic and stunning. In fact, the simpler the centerpiece, the more modern look it’s going to carry. We love the way Chica Circle spray painted some rocks and turned them into a candle centerpiece!

12. Chevron Rug 


One of the things you never expected to spray paint is probably your living room rug. Maybe you like it now as it is, but if you ever grow tired of it, we want you to know that spray paint is absolutely going to get you out of that pickle. Tasha Wiginton shares the incredible idea of a spray painted chevron rug!