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Sweet and Refreshing: Iced Tea Recipes that Bring Back Summer Nostalgia

Whether you’re lucky enough to be in the warmer parts of the world, or you’re just really missing the summer life, you have to treat yourself to some iced tea! The one you make yourself is always much tastier (and healthier!) than the ones you can buy in a store, so don’t shy away from rolling up your sleeves and making a big pitcher of sweet and refreshing iced tea!

Peach Iced Tea


For the love of peaches! We’re starting off with a classic iced tea flavor that everybody loves and adores. You cannot possibly go wrong with this one, as it will make even the pickiest souls happy! Get the recipe Passion for Savings!

Honey Mint Iced Tea

VIEW IN GALLERYHoney Mint Iced Tea

We promised you sweet and refreshing – we dare you to tell us what’s sweeter than honey and more refreshing than mint! This combination will triumph without a doubt! Head over to Will Cook for Smiles and snatch the recipe!

Mango Iced Tea


Anybody else obsessed with mangoes?! They are incredibly delicious when eaten on their own, but pair them with some tea and you will brew utter perfection! Frugal Farm Wise will show you how to make this excellent iced tea that you can sip on all throughout the day!

Sweet Lemon Iced Tea

VIEW IN GALLERYSweet Lemon Iced Tea

The combination of sweet and sour always creates the perfect balance. Peek into Erren’s Kitchen to see how you can make this lemon iced tea that will keep you company while you’re chilling by the pool or daydreaming about your summer adventures!

Iced Green Tea


Wake up in style with this green iced tea that will definitely get you the early morning kick that we all need so much! Start your day in a refreshing way, to keep the morning tiredness at bay! Get the recipe at Kitchn and rock those early mornings!

Raspberry Iced Tea

VIEW IN GALLERYRaspberry Iced Tea

Just imagine the taste of this yummy looking raspberry iced tea! Well, if you peek at Delightful E Made you won’t have to just imagine – you’ll be able to enjoy it in abundance! Raspberries have numerous benefits for your health, in case you needed another reason reason to try it!

Thai Iced Tea


People who love Asian cuisine will rejoice at this fantastic recipe! This is the one that will excite your taste buds and won’t leave you bored! It’s a Thai iced tea by Wok & Skillet and its unique taste will leave you wanting more! If you’re usually on the fence about trying out new things, it’s time to step out of the comfort zone!

Blackberry Mint Tea

VIEW IN GALLERYBlackberry Mint Tea

Another iced tea with mint, but this time it’s paired with some tasty, rich-in-flavor blackberries! (Have you noticed how berries are the queens of iced teas?). It’s the perfect refreshment for a hot day or daydreaming about an afternoon at the beach! Check out Joy Love Food’s simple recipe!

Strawberry Iced Tea

VIEW IN GALLERYStrawberry Iced Tea

There’s no way we’d skip a strawberry iced tea! It’s one of the classic iced teas that you’ll definitely want on your brunch table! Make a giant pitcher of it, because we’re telling you, this one will draw in a lot of people! Find out how you can make it at Frugal Coupon Living and stock up on some straws!

Almond Iced Tea


We’re not going to lie; our mind is blown. This recipe by Louisiana Bride is absolutely revolutionary! We’d never guess that almonds are the secret weapon to a mind-blowing iced tea, but here we are! Try something new today and we promise you won’t regret it – the results are unbelievable!

Raspberry Peach Iced Tea

VIEW IN GALLERYRaspberry Peach Iced Tea

Mix peaches and raspberries for a perfectly flavored iced tea! The sweetness of peaches and sourness of raspberries will create a fusion of flavors that won’t be easy to forget! Baker by Nature shares the recipe for this genius iced tea!

Sparkling Blueberry Iced Tea

VIEW IN GALLERYSparkling Blueberry Iced Tea

Have you tried a sparkling iced tea yet? This recipe by Marla Meridith is a great place to start! You can save this sparkling blueberry iced tea for a special occasion and serve your guests something that tastes like a treat and a celebration at the same time!