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Crafting with Clay: 10 Charming DIY Necklaces

Crafting with clay is incredibly simple and offers endless possibilities! For this roundup we’re specifically focusing on clay necklaces, because we know you can never have too many! If you tend to be picky about your jewelry, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to make a necklace that fits your taste and style down to a T. Check out these DIY clay necklaces and accessorize like you were born for it!

Word Pendant


We all need some words of encouragement every now and then. Pick out your own powerful, inspiring word and make this clay pendant that will always serve as a reminder of your inner strength, courage, love, you-name-it! Then She Made has a great tutorial, just in time to end the year on a positive note!

Leaf Imprinted Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYLeaf-imprinted-necklace

Leaves are so magical and serene! Accessories that hold a piece of Mother Nature are true keepers. We’re in love with this idea by Happy Hour Projects and once you see how easy and affordable it is to make, you will be in awe too!

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYEssential-oil-diffuser

If you have a slight obsession with essential oils you will rejoice at this necklace! It’s a clay necklace that serves as an essential oil diffuser! Now you can wear your favorite essential oil around your neck, everywhere you go! From calming scents to healing ones, this necklace by Happy Mothering will fit them all!

Half Circle Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYHalf-circle-necklace

This modern necklace is a great representative of your vibrant, youthful personality! Delighted Momma made one with gentler colors and it looks stunning – but if you feel like it, you can use more powerful colors as well. Whatever fits your character will work!

Faux Agate Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYFaux-agate-necklace

Just in case you were wondering why we love clay so much; it gives you the opportunity to explore your own creative potential – for example, make a faux agate necklace that looks just as mesmerizing as the real thing! Wondering how? Dawn Nicole Designs holds the key to success!

Clay Bead Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYclay-bead-necklace

Beads are always so much fun! Decide on your preferred shapes and colors, then make this beaded necklace for yourself or for someone that you care about. Unique and personal gifts are always those that last a lifetime! Visit Design Love Fest for more details!

Night Sky Pendant

VIEW IN GALLERYNightsky-pendants

This is a perfect set of necklaces to make for your best friend or significant other. The sun to your moon, the star to your sky! Matching themed necklaces are so heartwarming and this ones are no different. If you feel the connection to them, get the tutorial at Your DIY Family.

Geometric Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYGeometric-necklace

While some people love subtle jewelry, others adore eccentric pieces! Here’s an edgy and peculiar geometric clay necklace that is not going to leave you cold. How could it? Just one look at its dynamic design and you’re hooked! Find the how-to at Operation DIY.

Disc Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYDisc-necklace

Need an idea for a quick and simple clay necklace? How about this one: discs with a little touch of ombre – though you can choose your own colors, of course! We think it looks very special and it easily qualifies as a timeless piece! Get more information about it at Tuts+.

Tube Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYTube-necklace

Due to its subtleness and neutral colors, this tiny tube necklace will compliment any outfit you choose. It is a simple way to accessorize a classy and elegant look, especially if big necklaces tend to bother you, but you don’t want to leave your neck bare. The Lovely Drawer has a lovely tutorial!

That’s it, that’s all – happy clay crafting!