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Creativity with a Purpose: 10 Unbelievable Ways to Upcycle a Bicycle Wheel 

You know that old bike that’s been hiding at the back of your garage for years? Let’s face it – you’re never going to ride it again, because you’ve moved on to newer models. But there’s something about that bike that you just can’t let go of; maybe it’s the memories it awakens or the nostalgic feeling you get every time you look at it. What if there was a way to still hold onto the bike, but give it a new purpose? Take a look at these unbelievable ways to upcycle a bicycle wheel! 

1. Bicycle Wheel Wreath 


Wreaths are a decoration trend favored by many and perhaps the reason they are so popular lies in the fact that you can truly unleash your creativity when making them and create something totally one-of-a-kind! Check out how Create Craft Love made a wreath by repurposing a bicycle wheel!

2. Bicycle Wheel Clock 


If your home is missing a big clock that would help you make sure you always arrive everywhere on time, eHow has a fantastic take on how to upcycle an old bicycle wheel to build a wonderful clock. It’s going to be an amazing addition to your home!

3. Garden Owls 


Decorating your garden is a very important project. You want to honor the beauty of nature, but you also want to feature some extraordinary pieces that will make your garden absolutely unique. Better Homes and Gardens has a great tutorial for decorative garden owls that were made from bicycle wheels!

4. Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar 


Keeping your household organized and on top of all the important dates can prove to be quite the challenge when you have children running around the house and a full-time job to keep up with. Thistlewood Farms will show you how to use a bicycle wheel to create an incredible chalkboard calendar that you’ll cherish forever!

5. Bicycle Wheel Chandelier 


Chandeliers are absolutely marvelous, but they are also very expensive. Maybe you think you couldn’t possibly make a chandelier with a classic rustic look, but if you give the tutorial by Hometalk a chance, you’ll see how simple it is! You’ll only need to piece apart that old bike of yours and make use of the wheel and chain!

6. Bicycle Wheel Lamps 


Many modern homes can pride themselves on innovative lighting solutions. Nowadays it’s not just about providing the room with light anymore; it’s becoming increasingly important that the lamp contributes to the interior as well. Makjosher features a unique project that will totally breathe a new life (and light) into your old bicycle !

7. Bicycle Wheel Display 


Keeping pictures and accessories on display is something many of us are enamored with. What’s better than seeing your favorite memories and most precious jewelry pieces every single day! My Salvaged Treasures shares a lovely idea for how a simple bike wheel can become your most wonderful display.

8. Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Clock 


Here’s another innovative concept for how to DIY a proper clock from a bicycle wheel. Instead of spending much time on creating the numerals and attaching them to the clock, you can simply make use of a chalkboard! Visit Thistlewood Farms to learn all about it.

9. Bicycle Wheel Clothesline 


Even though the technology has completely taken over our lives, there are still many people who dry their clothes the old fashion way. If you’re on the lookout for a simple and functional clothesline, Borganic will show you how the wheel of your old bicycle can become a part of your laundry routine!

10. Bicycle Wheel Windmill 


Are you totally set on having the most exceptional garden in the neighborhood with the intent of being conscious of the renewable energy sources? You need a giant windmill to get you started! According to Instructables it’s ridiculously simple to make and you’ll be serving the environment in more ways than just one!