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Get Your Sugar High From These Fabulous Pink Cakes 

None of us can resist cake and we could probably eat it every day if only it was socially acceptable and wouldn’t mess up our health. Let’s face it, cakes have something in them (carbs?) that makes us incredibly happy! There are so many cake recipes out there it’s hard to figure out which one is “the one” for your next special occasion. Let us present you with some delicious pink cake recipes that are ideal for romantic desserts, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays and random days when you just want some sweet delicious pink cake!

Pink Champagne Cake 


We’re starting off with a classic champagne cake that is often the center of attention at celebrations! It may not be the cake for your kids, but it’s going to be a total hit among your friends who have come over for a relaxing dinner party! Liv for Cake has a delicious recipe!

Pink Almond Party Cake 


Life hack: if you put almonds in your cake you can promote it to your friends as a cake with “the good kind of fat.” On a serious note, this cake is plain and white on the outside, but once it’s cut, the gentle pink tones are a sweet element of surprise! Get the recipe at The Cake Merchant.

Pink Ombre Swirl Cake 


Sure, your cake should taste good, but looks are just as important! If you are feeling artistic and see dessert making as a form of art, Glorious Treats has a recipe that you must try! It’s a pink ombre swirl cake that looks like it came straight from the hands of a top chef! Psst, don’t tell anyone, but the making-of is easier than you think!

Pink Strawberry Cake 


Strawberries are the classic ingredients in pink cakes, making them taste both sweet and fresh, a fantastic combination for cake lovers who find chocolate cakes too sweet and lemon cakes too sour. Find the perfect flavor balance within this cake, following Cooking with Paula Deen‘s recipe!

Pink Cake with Sprinkles 


We knew we wanted this cake on the list before we even read the recipe. Anything with sprinkles is worth trying and this lovely cake looks like the yummiest pinksplosion we’ve ever encountered! If it tastes as good as it looks, it must be heavenly! Sweetapolita reveals the secrets of making it!

Pink Vertical Stripe Cake


You know the classic horizontal stripe cake in rainbow colors that has a huge following all over Pinterest? Food to Love is here to offer a different spin on it! If you are up to trying something new and unique, why not make a cake with vertical stripes and pink hues? Maybe this will be the next viral sensation!

Pink Lemonade Cake 


This tasty cake is perfect for hot summer days when we don’t feel like eating big meals but rather just want to chill by the pool, sip lemonade and snack on something sweet! You can cut it in smaller squares, making it the perfect finger food that can be shared with all of your friends!  Grandbaby Cakes has the recipe!

Pink Velvet Cake 


The swirlier, the better. Show off your cake making skills with none other than this pink velvet cake by Wicked Good Kitchen that will impress your loved ones and make you the ultimate baker-in-chief! Not to mention, making swirls with frosting is super fun!

Pink Sno Ball Cakes 


Are you familiar with Sno Balls? If you love them, and how could you not, you can now make a super-sized version of them with a little help from A Cozy Kitchen! Just like that, your favorite sweet snack can become a part of important celebrations and you can take all the credits for making it come to life!

Pink Fluffy Vanilla Cake 


Big and fluffy cakes are loved universally! This pink vanilla cake has a simple look to it and is the perfect choice if you’re worried about your special event possibly including some picky eaters. Get the recipe at Life, Love & Sugar and make a cake that will be adored by even the fussiest eaters!

Pink Cake With Macaroons 


The french have blessed us with many great things; berets, kissing and macaroons! If there ever was a cake worthy of the adjective exquisite, this cake by Raspberri Cupcakes must be it! It has macaroons, sprinkles and it’s pink – all of our favorite things!

Pink Pocky Cake 


We love recipes that make you think outside of the box! This pink Pocky cake by Sprinkle Bakes is decorated with Pocky sticks, giving the round dessert some color consistency and a glamorous look! It’s almost a shame you have to cut it and eat it, but hey, you can always make some more!