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DIY Pallet Swing Beds Bring Relaxation to Your Home

Repurposing wooden pallets into cool furniture for both indoors and outdoors has been a hyped trend for the last few years. From coffee tables, living room furniture, to garden sofas, flower stands or vegetables planters, you can easily build them all yourself. But have you thought about creating a swing bed that you can relax every once in a while in your backyard, or even in your own bedroom? Here’s what we propose.

VIEW IN GALLERYSwing bed made from pallets

Your swing pallet bed can be made in exactly a few millions ways. The easiest way, and actually the fastest, is to just use pallets (stitch them together) and some rope. In case you want to build one that will fit a twin size mattress so that you can relax with your significant other, then you’ll have to check Manda from The Merry Thought, and follow her very detailed tutorial.

A few things to consider:

  1. Consider the mattress first: measure and decide how many pallets you need.
  2. Add additional boards to the middle of your “bed”. It will reinforce and allow more weight
  3. Make sure you drill big enough holes for the rope to fit through. And the most important thing, make sure you make a safe knot.
  4. Make sure the mattress is enclosed in a vinyl cover.

And a few more ideas to pick from.

VIEW IN GALLERYPallet swing bed

VIEW IN GALLERYPallet hanging bed

VIEW IN GALLERYBedroom pallet hanging bed

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