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Wonderful DIY Elegant Updo For Medium Long Hair

VIEW IN GALLERYElegant updo for medium long hair1 VIEW IN GALLERYElegant updo for medium long hair2This hairstyle is suitable for medium length hair and the 16 inch hair extensions are suggested. Use a comb to divide your hair into three sections and make sure there is one strand left on each side of your head. Secure them with hairpin and tie the hair at the back of your head into a high ponytail. Pull the rubber band a little backward so that the ponytail can be looser. Use your hand to make a hole in the area of the back side of your head. Put the ponytail into the hole gently so that all the hair can be hidden perfectly. The ponytail should not be so long that it cannot be hidden well. That is why we suggest you make this hairstyle with medium long hair extensions. Then it is time to twist the left two sections. Divide the strand in one side into two parts and for the up section, divide it into two even parts and twist them. While you are twisting, remember to add more hair into one side just like the French braid. After you finish the one side, keep twisting as before in the other side. Secure your updo with bobby pins and if you like, you can choose to add a flower or other beautiful accessories.VIEW IN GALLERYElegant updo for medium long hair FSource: https://bit.ly/1kUz3JJ