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9 DIY Floral Wreaths To Fall In Love With

Wreath making could easily be crowned as a form of meditation! It’s like a ritual that signifies the beginning of something new – a season, a month, a holiday of choice. A handmade wreath is full of love and personality, so if you’re looking for something to make your home even warmer, here’s a great place to start.

Check out these 9 DIY floral wreaths that will steal your heart in, well, a heartbeat!

1. Eucalyptus Wreath


This beauty looks so full of life! Its fullness and messiness both bring a dynamic energy into the living space. Hang it on a bright background to make those beautiful greens stand out! Find more details at Maison de Pax.

2. Pussy Willow Wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYpussy willow

What’s not to love about pussy willow?! It has the softest buds, it announces spring and it lasts a really long time! Use it to make a wreath and we promise you, it will become your new spring tradition! If you like the sound of that find instructions at Better Homes and Gardens.

3. Tulip Wreath


This wreath is incredibly gentle. It will fill any doorway with hospitality and love. We know you don’t need a special reason to buy yourself a bouquet of beautiful tulips, but maybe this idea will inspire those who think they do! Once you’re holding that bouquet in your hands, head over to Sugar Bee for tutorial!

4. Succulent Wreath


Yes, even wreaths can be unusual and unique! This lively succulent wreath from The Darice Craft Blog proves our point! Just look at all that green! It doesn’t get more natural than that and we absolutely love it!

5. Hydrangea Wreath 


Hydrangeas, with its breathtaking colors, are a gift from above. Utilize this gift to create a wreath! The final result looks so alive! Plus, the making-of process is absolutely therapeutic; how many times do you get the chance to be surrounded by such beautiful flowers? You will find the how-to at A Night Owl.

6. Assorted Fall Florals

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Monogram Fall Wreath at TidyMom.net

Sometimes we can’t decide on one type of flowers, because let’s face it, they’re all so beautiful and special! When that happens, just pick up a few different ones! Tidy Mom will tell you how to make a wreath out of assorted florals of your choice!

7. Forsythia Wreath


Warm colors, warm days! Choose forsythias for your wreath and watch how it positively affects your mood with its warm yellowness! You can make it out of fresh flowers or, to make the wreath last longer, pick faux ones – just like The Happy Housie did!

8. Baby Breath Wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYbaby breath

You know it found you at the right time, when there’s a rhyme! This baby breath wreath looks so fresh and young! Maybe you can even make it as a gift and surprise a loved one with it! You will find the step-by-step tutorial at Two Delighted.

9. Wildflower Wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYwild flowers

Our dearest free spirits and wild children, this one is for you. This project by Fancy Fork is as stunning as it is fun! Pick out your favorite wild flowers and make them into a wreath that will always remind you of your inner wilderness!

Here you go, these were some of our favorite floral wreaths we fell in love with! Let us know which one is your favorite!!