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Cozy DIY Knitted Pillows Keep Away Winter Blues

Who doesn’t love snuggling up to a pillow? Personally, I love pillows so much that I don’t have anywhere to sit on my sofa, because they take up all the space. That, however, doesn’t stop me from keeping an eye out for another pillow to add to my ever growing collection. And knitting my own pillows definitely allows me to custom-craft a pillow with any pattern, hue and style of my choice!

Crafting your own pillows is incredibly satisfying particularly when you have finished your project and can look back proudly on what you’ve accomplished. And for those keen on creating their own pillow patterns, the fabulous and curated collection of DIY knitted pillows we have on display today should offer ample inspiration. Enjoy!

1. Simple Knit Pillow Cushion

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For those who are just learning to knit this simple design will be the perfect pattern to follow. It will give you the confidence to branch out further with your knitting skills once you’ve completed this design. Even if you don’t particularly like knitting and often shy away from it, you’ll soon find out that there wasn’t anything to worry about. To make your own pillow cushion check out Veggie Mama and follow her simple step-by-step guide to make this lovely pillow cushion.

2. Bobble Sheep Pillow


VIEW IN GALLERYBobble Sheep Pillow

A pillow doesn’t have to be the typical square shape that we often see. If you’re knitting your own it can be any shape that you desire. This next pattern does just that in the shape of a sheep. What’s not to like about a sheep pillow. Add some character to your home and make your own by checking out Purl Soho.

3. Star Pillow


VIEW IN GALLERYStylish Knit Stripe Cushion

What better way to start the New Year off then to knit your own pillow cushion for your home? Add some charm to your interior by making your own handmade stuff. With so many patterns available it can be hard to limit your choices, but this star pattern is such a cute design that we had to include it in our list. If you’re not interested in knitting stars you can also adapt the knit pattern to make a stripe cushion cover. Why not check out Craft Passion to download the free pattern to start making your own.

4. Simple Basket-Weave Pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple Basketweave Knit Pillow

Despite the fact that the basketweave knit looks difficult to do, it isn’t. So if you want to improve on your knitting skills this is one knitting pillow design to consider. Not only that, but you’ll feel an immense sense of pride once you finish your project. Now all you’ll have to do is think about where it will go. To make your own, go to Just Crafty Enough for your step-by-step guide.

5. Knitted Pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYKnitted Grey Pillow

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To add a bit of flair to your home there’s nothing better than adding your own personality to it. After all, when people step through your front door they want to see what kind of person you are. So what better way then to show them your creative side with all your homemade items? A homemade pillow is becoming a popular choice because it doesn’t take too long to make, so why not make your own. Check out this simple knitted pillow design at Turt and Elephant.

6. Sweater Pillow

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What better way to make use of some old clothing than to use them to make a pillow? In this case there are no knitting skills required, but it’s such a great idea to reuse unwanted clothes that it had to be part of the list. Plus they look like they’ve been knitted. These pillows are sure to make any room more welcoming and will be great to cosy up to on those chilly nights. To make your own pretty design check out Brassy Apple.

7. One Hour Knit Pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYOne Hour Knit Pillow

If you’re tight on time or have an hour to spare why not take up your knitting needles and make your own pillow case for one of your cushions. What’s great about this design is that it uses a chunky yarn, so it won’t take too long to complete this design. To make your own quick design check out Simply Maggie.

8. Twisted Taffy Pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYTwisted Taffy Pillow

This design is quick to make as it uses three strands of yarn that are held together. Perfect if you want to get a project completed quickly. You can also make a matching throw as well for when those nights get a bit too cold. To make your own check out Red Heart.