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Colorful Dip Dye Ombre Curtains for Every Room

Curtains can be the subtle, barely noticeable element in the room, or they can be the eye-catching element that strongly defines the rest of the interior. Since you’re reading this article, we’re guessing you want your curtains to look their best! If the time has come to upgrade them into a livelier, more colorful version, here are some amazing ideas for dip dye ombre curtains!

Light Blue Ombre Curtains 


A bright dining room can always benefit from some color. A soft and light shade of blue is a fantastic choice, especially if the room already holds some blue elements. Remodelaholic will teach you how to dip dye your plain white curtains and instantly turn them into a chic blue perfection!

Dark Dip Dye Curtains 


Dyeing your curtains doesn’t have to mean you only opt for vibrant and cheerful colors. You can absolutely go for a very dark tone to bring a moody element into the living space and give the room an ambiance of mystery! 4 Men 1 Lady shows you how it’s done!

Marbled Dip Dye Curtains 


Marble is a big inspiration at the moment, not just for the choice of material generally used in kitchens and bathrooms, but also as inspiration for textile patterns! You can create a marble-like pattern on your curtains only by using the dip dye technique! Don’t believe us? See how Rachel Hollis did it!

Three-Shade Dip Dye Blue Curtains 


If your love of blue knows no limits, you’ll definitely want to copy these three-shade blue curtains and hang them in your home! You can easily upgrade your plain and boring curtains into these charming blue curtains with some dip dye magic, brought to you by Homepolish!

Dark Purple Dip Dye Curtains 


A neutral living room calls for a colorful element that will give it some character and make it more cheerful! Dark purple is a very unpredictable and modern choice, so get yourself some purple dye, a big bucket and follow the instructions at Creative Homebody for your epic dip dye project!

Pink Ombre Dip Dye Curtains 


These stunning pink ombre curtains will be the center of attention, no matter where you hang them! Handimania offers you the insight into how great they look like on the patio and the most amazing thing is how easy you can make them! Are you swooning over dip dye yet?

Baby Blue Dip Dye Curtains 


The shade of baby blue has a very calming and serene energy, brining a lot of peacefulness into the room. It’s ideal for nurseries and children’s rooms! A great way to make your own baby blue curtains is to upgrade the curtains you already have  with Decorator’s Notebook‘s incredible dip dye tutorial!

Green Dip Dye Curtains 


Being crafty and artistic often means that we don’t care about fitting into a mold – we like doing things our own way! Dip dyeing is perfect for people who just want to have fun while making something new for their home! Dip dye your curtains to a shade of green and don’t worry about straight color borders! Find the dynamic tutorial at Shore Society!

Rosy Dip Dye Curtains 


From curtains that blend into the interior and are completely unnoticeable, to curtains that instantly catch your eye and bring an element of tenderness into the room! If you want to achieve this transformation in your home, eHow will be your guide!

Vibrant Pink Dip Dye Curtains 


If tender pink is too soft for you, go with something bold and vibrant! The room will feel dynamic, energetic and cheerful! Head over to Little Pink Monster and prepare to spend an afternoon immersed in dip dyeing! Truth be told, there’s no place else we’d rather be!

Dip dye is fast, affordable and chic. What’s not to love?!