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Beating the Cold with Bespoke Style: 15 Crafts Made with Faux Fur

When it comes to crafting in cold weather, we find we do a lot of crafts centre around warm textures and projects that will keep us feeling cozy. We work with yarn and wool often and we sew warm things that we can wear around the house when we’re feeling chilly! Lately, however, we’ve been feeling quite enamoured with just how many different ways there are to work with soft, warm faux fur. We can’t think of just about anything that suits a winter “crafternoon” more!

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of crafting with faux fur as we are, if not more, here are the best ideas we have come across when we started combing the net for a bit of inspiration.

1. DIY fur letters


Just because you can wear faux fur doesn’t mean that’s all you should do with it. It actually makes for really great winter time decor pieces as well! These fantastic jumbo furry decor letters outlined step by step on Place of My Taste are the perfect example of what we mean. They’ve chosen to spell out “JOY”, but you could do anything you’ve got the space and fur for!

2. Faux fur exercise ball cover


Our family loves exercise balls. They’re fun to play with and great to sit on for kids who get fidgety when they concentrate but have homework to do or adults who get sore sitting in an office chair for too long. Not everyone likes the feeling of the cold rubber of the ball beneath them, however, so we though Alida Makes‘ idea for making a soft faux fur cover for theirs was an absolutely stellar idea!

3. Homemade faux fur pillow


Most people who want to add a bit of furry comfort to their couch in the winter would go for the concept of making a faux fur blanket, since it already comes in blanket-like stretches, but there are other ways to keep cozy with it too! We’re actually completely in love with these faux fur throw pillows by Brown Sugar Toast because they’re nice to lay on or snuggle while you watch a movie.

4. Faux fur ottoman


Were you actually a really big fan of the idea of having some kind of faux fur piece in your house that you could sit on but you don’t regularly use or perhaps even own an inflatable exercise ball? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer to make something like this faux fur ottoman instead! Whether you sit on it or use it to put your feet up on a calm winter’s evening, Classy Clutter has you covered with the instructions.

5. Faux fur office chair makeover


We had no idea there were so many options to make faux fur seating solutions of our very own but, now that we know, we’re completely obsessed! We simply adore the way A Beautiful Mess covered their plain old office chair in cozy for fur to make their home desk a little comfier but we’re also totally enamoured with the fact that they used colourful fur in stead of just white. Imagine the possibilities!

6. Faux fur and fleece throw


Did your ears perk up the second we started talking about faux fur blankets earlier on the list because you can’t help thinking that would be the perfect thing to go with the faux fur cushions you can’t wait to make now? Then we think you simply must take a look at the way Lia Griffith made this wonderfully warm faux fur throw that you could easily sew to match your new pillows.

7. Faux fur handbag


Are you actually such a big fan of the faux fur trend that you wish you could wear it on you at all times in ways that are perhaps a little more unconventional than just a coat? In that case, we have a sneaking suspicion you’ll find this little clasping faux fur handbag design from How Did You Make This very interesting indeed!

8. Faux fur rug


One of the places that faux fur feels the absolute best on is your feet, so why not treat them in the winter, since they’ve been spending so much time bundled up in socks, slippers, and boots? We can’t get over how simple but decoratively effective this faux fur floor rug design outlined step by step on View Along the Way.

9. Faux fur bench


Just in case you love the base concept but you haven’t seen the style that quite works for you yet, here’s another faux fur seating solution that we just about went wild for when we first saw it! Dwellings by DeVore guides you step by step through the process of making an awesome faux fur stool by upcycled an older soft topped bench that could use a new lease on life.

10. Faux fur pom pom throw


Did you love the idea of making a throw that involves faux fur in some way but you actually live in a place that stays quite moderate out all year round, so you’re just not sure a huge furry blanket will get used in your home? Then maybe you’d rather just add some furry character to a lighter throw instead! We love the way Earnest Home Co. used faux fur to make homemade pom poms and attached them like a trim all the way around the edges of their couch blanket.

11. Faux fur stool


Perhaps you were actually a huge fan of the faux fur bench idea but you’re just not sure you have the space for a piece that big? Then maybe you’d get along better with this smaller stool version of the same idea instead! We love the way it looks like a sort of home decor style flashback to the 1970s. Get the full details for making one of your own on A Beautiful Mess.

12. Faux fur doggie bed


You’re not the only one who might get chilly in your house on cold winter days or look for a cozy, warm place to curl up! Family pets love soft surfaces for napping as well, which is why we loved this knotted technique faux fur doggie bed idea outlined step by step on DIY Dog Mom so much. How big or small you make yours is up to you!

13. Faux fur wall hangings


Are you actually feeling rather creative and intent on designing something yourself so you’ve been looking for a faux fur project that might let you get a little more artistic or creative? Then maybe you’d be the perfect person to try your hand at making one of these awesome faux fur wall hangings featured on A Joyful Riot! They look like something you might have seen once up on a time in a viking castle (but without using actual animal pelts like historical Norsemen would have done).

14. Faux fur chair covers


Since we’ve covered just about every other kind of faux fur seating option you can possibly imagine, we’re not about to go leaving out your regular kitchen chairs, especially since they’re such a hub in nearly everyone’s household! Check out how A Beautiful Mess winterized theirs by making these fantastic slide and tie faux fur chair covers that can be taken off when the weather warms up.

15. DIY faux fur pom pom beanies


Blankets aren’t the only things you can give some extra personality to by making faux fur pom poms! We’re crazy about how adorable these pom pom beanies featured on Little Inspiration turned out, and we really appreciate that their tutorial for making the poms from faux fur is straight forward and covers several different sizes, so you can make them for kids or adults.