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Soak Away Your Woes: Homemade Bubble Bath Recipes

We’ve always been huge on bath products. There’s just something relaxing and soothing about smoothing water salts, fragrant skin oils, and hydrating bath bombs that we can’t get enough of. Beyond all of those products, however, there’s one that really stands out to us as the most enjoyable experience: bubble bath! Because we have a few skin sensitivities, however, we hesitate to buy generic and even brand name bubble baths from stores. It makes us sad, however, to sacrifice our valued relaxing bath time experience over the risk of itchy skin and rashes. That’s why we learned how to make bubble bath ourselves! That way, we have full control over what goes into the mixture and we can spot test each soap before we put it in our bath water.

Just in case you’re also a bubble bath lover with sensitive skin, here are 15 of the best DIY bubble bath recipes we’ve found so far, made at home, tried out, and loved!

1. Simple essential oil bubble bath


Are you actually not very picky about what’s in your bubble bath as long as it smells great? There’s nothing wrong with learning how to make your own bath soap so you can get the custom fragrances you want. We’re pretty big fans of lavender smelling products because the scent of lavender is actually proven to have anti-anxiety effects, making the already relaxing experience of taking a bath even better. Find out how to make this recipe on We Tell You How!

2. Homemade honey bubble bath


Do you love the idea of making an all-natural bubble bath that smells great but you’re actually quite sensitive to smells as well as certain ingredients so you’re wary of which smells you’re willing to work with? Then perhaps you’d rather something a little milder than lavender; something that barely has a smell but more of a sweet aroma? In that case, honey might be the best new ingredient to try your hand at! It’s mild, antibacterial, and pleasant in a way that’s thoroughly natural. Check out how Live Laugh Rowe made this particular soap.

3. Sudsy lavender bubble bath


Are you still caught on the idea of making lavender bubble bath but you’d like a but of a stronger smell and the maximum amount of soap bubbles possible? In that case, you’re going to love these awesomely sudsy lavender bubbles from Coffee Cups and Crayons! Every formula you’ll find has different characteristics, but this one absolutely concentrates the most on bubbles.

4. Calming bubble bath for kids


Adults aren’t the only people who love a good bubble bath! Sometimes a bit of relaxing time in the bath is the perfect thing for calming your kids down and helping them let go of their day before bedtime so that they get the best possible sleep they can and feel well rested the next day at school. Dwelling in Happiness shows you how to make a lightly scented bath bubble soap that gives your kids all the benefits of a lavender soak but in a gentler way that’s more friendly to your little ones’ senses.

5. Bubble bath from dish soap and dried lavender


Not every bubble bath you make has to be made with essential oils! Using dried lavender in the place of lavender oil can provide that pleasant floral smell without letting anything get overwhelming. In addition to using dried lavender, Free People shows you how unscented dish soap can make a great bubble bath base. Bathing in dish soap might sound strange, but if it works for baby animals who have exposed to oil spills in the wild, it will be just as soothing and gentle on your skin.

6. Purple lavender bubble bath


Are you actually thinking of making your own homemade bubble bath because you’d like to give it to someone you love as a gift? In that case, you might care a little bit about how it looks as well as how it feels and smells. That’s why we like this pretty purple lavender bubble bath recipe so much! Bottle it in a clear container when you give the gift so the colour becomes part of the presentation. Get the full ingredients list on Paula Parrish.

7. Aloe vera bubble bath


When we talked about having sensitive skin, did your ears immediately perk up because you have to be very cautious with the kinds of things you expose your skin to? In that case, we might have found the perfect recipe for you! Don’t Mess With Mama shows you how to create a slightly scented sudsy soak that soothes and hydrates skin, especially in the summer when there are many plants, bug bites, and allergens happening. That’s where the helpful characteristics of aloe vera come into play! It’ll even help with sunburns.

8. Orange creamsicle bubble bath


Were you intrigued by the idea of giving family and friends a wonderfully coloured bubble bath gift but you’re not sure the person you have in mind is really a big purple fan? Maybe they’d prefer a bright, sunny orange instead! Besides the fun colour, this homemade bubble bath recipe from Moments With Mandi is great because it smells like the delicious creamsicles you enjoy in the sun each summer!

9. Calming sleepy time bubble bath


Are you looking specifically for a bubble bath that you can use to relax and reach a full, pleasant state of calm before bed? Well, before you go reached for the extra gentle kid friendly bubble bath that you made for your little ones, consider making a version for yourself as well! Because you’ll have a better idea what your skin can handle and how much of a smell you like something to have, you’ll be able to make it a little more lavender scented than you might have with the one you made your family. Even so, here’s a tutorial from Hello Glow for some guidance.

10. Epsom salts and tea bubbly bath soak


If you’re a really big bath product enthusiast, then you know as well as we do that most bath salts are actually completely different then bubble bath. They will dissolve in the water, giving it a stunning aroma and lots of hydrating properties so that your skin feels smooth when you’re all finished. This epsom salt and tea recipe from Savvy Naturalista, however, is a little bit different because it’s made with crystallized soap that’s actually supposed to get sudsy and bubbly, making it like a hybrid product that will give you the best of both worlds.

11. Natural coconut bubble bath


Perhaps you’ve been scrolling through this list considering all the different options and scents but you’re a really big fan of tropical fruity aromas and you just haven’t seen what you’re looking for yet? In that case, consider your scrolling over! Adorned From Above guides you through the process of making a delicious home bubble bath that not only foams well and keeps you clean but also smells like fantastic tropical coconuts.

12. DIY rose oil bubble bath


We’ve talked a lot about floral scents, but we’ve mostly shown you how to make lavender recipes because that’s such a popular option, whether you’re making your own or buying the soak at a store. What if you like floral scents, though, but lavender just isn’t really your favourite? Well, there are plenty of other types of flowers you can make a wonderful smelling bubble bath with! This fragrant rose oil bubble bath from She Knows is the perfect example!

13. Bubble bath from shampoo and table salt


When you started thinking about making your own bubble bath, did you actually have something more along the lines of a kids’ project that you could do with your little ones in mind? Well, having them work with essential oils might not be the best idea and they’re probably not too picky about the smell either. That’s why we thought you might like this simple recipe instead, since it’s more like a little chemistry experiment to create lots of bubbles than it is a relaxing spa treatment. Check out how Sleepless in Sandy made bubbles using simple shampoo and salt!

14. Love Spell solid sparkly bubble bath


Have you been browsing our list looking for something a little bit more unique than the average soapy bubble bath, with extra bonus points if it’s totally cool looking? The you’re going to absolutely love these awesome bubble bath cakes from Homemade Bath Products! Besides the fact that they smell great and make great suds, they make great gifts since they’re solid and they’re both brightly colored and sparkly, making them a total blast even before you’ve dropped them in the water.