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9 Delightful and Unique Pots for a Gorgeous Garden

Spring is nearly here, so why not put your creative thinking cap on and make something pretty for your garden? If you look around, there are plenty of things that you can use to make unique pots for your favorite flowers which bring some life back into your garden. Think outside the box with your DIY projects as you can transform anything into a garden pot with a hint of creativity and the inspiration on display below!

1. Framed Garden Pot

VIEW IN GALLERYFramed Garden Pot

This puts a different spin on your garden pots. Use a frame to create a different perspective in your garden this spring. To make your own, check out Organized Clutter for more information.

2. Potted Shell

VIEW IN GALLERYTiny Potted shell

VIEW IN GALLERYMake your own cool potted shell

Rad Megan shows that if you look around you there are plenty of containers that you can use as plant pots and that’s certainly the case with empty snail shells.

3. Floppy Disk

VIEW IN GALLERYFloppy disk plant pots

Who remembers using floppy disks? Well if you have a stash hidden away why don’t you use them as small plant pots in your garden? Who knew these disks would come in handy again? Check out Brit for more information.

4. Herb Cup

VIEW IN GALLERYCups and saucers turned into herb pots

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful and creative herb cup

If you have a set of cups and saucers hanging around the house that you no longer use, you could transform them into mini plant pots for your herbs. This is what Intimate Weddings did and the finished product looks lovely. Try it out with yours.

5. Tin Can Fence

VIEW IN GALLERYTin cans pot plants

VIEW IN GALLERYTin can potted fence

Who knew tin cans could be so versatile? Now, you can make mini plant pots out of them, which can then be easily attached to a garden fence, giving it a striking appearance. Check out the creation at Ciera Design to get some inspiration to make your own.

6. Rock Bucket


Transform a bucket into something beautiful by adding small rocks to it to make a pretty garden pot for your flowers. Check out Centsational Girl for more information on how to make your own rock bucket.

7. Chair Pot


Transform an old chair into a chair pot by simply cutting out the seat section, so that you have a hole big enough for a plant pot to slot into. Once the flowers bloom it will look like the chair is your plant pot. For more information, check out Garden Therapy to make your own.

8. Standing Pallet Herb Garden

VIEW IN GALLERYStanding pallet herb garden

What better way to make use of a pallet then by turning it into your own herb garden? That’s exactly what DIY Show Off has done and they have created an eye-catching feature in the garden that easily holds plenty of your favourite herbs.

9. Cement Planters


Cement planters are easy and fun to make for your garden and will last a long time, making them the perfect addition that need little maintenance even while prodly displaying your favorite flowers. To make your own, check out Remodelaholic for more information on how to create your own with the steps provided.