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15 DIY Ideas That Make Perfect Bridal Showers Favours

Bridal showers might not have been that common decades ago, but we’re certainly happy that they’re popular now! This is for several reasons. Besides being social people who will take just about any excuse to see our friends and host a fun event, we’re also massive DIY enthusiasts (as you may have noticed by now), so bridal showers are just one more opportunity to get creative in so many ways! They’re a chance for fun decor, beautiful gifts, and delicious recipes, but perhaps our favourite element of a bridal shower to put a DIY spin on is the party favours.

Favours are an awesome way to thank your friends and family members for coming to celebrate something special with you. Make them feel even more appreciated by making your favours yourself instead of just buying them premade trinkets! Just in case you need a little bit of inspiration, here’s a list of 15 adorable DIY bridal shower gifts that everyone will love.

1. Instant sweet tea mason jars


Novelty food and drinks are always a hit a showers of any kind. That’s why pre-made sack and beverage kits are so popular in the bridal and wedding industry right now! Personally, we tend to serve food in mass quantity an don’t think our guests will really need any any additional snacks, but drinks are totally still in play! Check out how Jenny Collier made everyone an adorable DIY tea kit by putting all of the ingredients to delicious sweet tea inside a repurposed mason jat with a cute patterned straw stuck to the side of each with fun, decorative washi tape.

2. “Mani thanks” polishes in the wedding colour scheme


If there are two things we love in this world (besides DIY and crafting, of course), those are a good manicures and good puns. Luckily for us, Print Smitten has an awesome DIY bridal shower favour idea that combines both! Give each of your guests a different pretty nail polish colour with a custom homemade tag that says “Mani thanks”. Get it? We giggled.

3. Sweet honey jars


Perhaps you’re a big proponent of buying natural treats that are made or grown locally and you’d really like to share that love with the people who mean a lot to you? Then use your bridal shower as a chance to introduce them to one of your favourite local products! We love Nashville Wraps‘ idea of potting deliciously sweet local honey into pretty little jars and making everyone a custom tag of your own.

4. Spiced nuts in a custom window bag


Do your DIY skills actually mostly lie in making snacks? Then you’re about to be a very popular friend indeed! Rather than giving your friends a homemade trinket that you’re not entirely sure they’ll use, making them a delicious batch of perfectly spiced nuts and put them in a window bag. Next, customize the bag to be commemorative of the shower, just like Evermine Weddings did with these adorable peeking bags!

5. Mini meringues in cute boxes


Perhaps you really like the idea of a homemade snack in a customized box that you decorated yourself but you know that one of your guests has nut allergies and you don’t want them to feel left out? Try making them adorable miniature meringues instead! These are mostly allergy friendly except in some cases and they’re also perfect for a a pretty pastel decor aesthetic. See how both the meringues and the cute boxes were made on Decor8.

6. Natural scented soaps


Have you always been a huge advocate for making your own beauty projects, both because the natural ingredients involved are kind to your skin but also because, let’s be honest, it’s just a lot of fun? Then you probably already know what you’re making your bridal shower guests as DIY favours! Just in case you’re looking for a new kind or scent to make, however, here’s a lovely lavender oatmeal soap recipe from 100 Layer Cake. 

7. Cute paper candy bags


Maybe you’re actually hoping to keep things quite simple because you’re trying to be budget friendly but you also just want the atmosphere to be casual and friendly, more like a fun kids’ birthday party than an overly glamourous affair? The consider simply make your friends a little candy bag! We love the playful way that Fox and Hound Paperie decorated their bag with cursive writing, a pretty sticker, a lace edging, and some twine.

8. Miniature specialty hot chocolate mixes


Were you intrigued at the very beginning of this post about the idea of DIY drink kids, especially when we talked about novelty sizing? Then we have a feeling you’re going to absolutely love this next suggestion from Green Wedding Shoes! They made their bridal shower guests tiny vials of delicious homemade hot chocolate mix to make now or take home and enjoy later.

9. Pine scented candles for winter weddings


Perhaps you’re actually having a winter wedding and you’re just a very prepared bride who’s researching ideas now because you like to finish things early? There’s no harm in that! We like the idea of favours that give light and warmth in the cold of winter, so consider giving your bridal shower guests a lovely candle that you made yourself! Sugar and Charm teaches you how to make one that smells like pine needles, just to really get everyone into the spirit of the season.

10. Test tube teas


Perhaps you’re still not quite over the tea favour idea but you’re pretty sure your guests will be too busy socializing to make their teas now so you’d rather skip the jar and the sugar cubes? Then try giving them something that has a lot of novelty appeal but is also just plain convenient! Customfavours put their aromatic custom tea blend into a small test tube wrapped with a ribbon and a DIY label and we think it’s a perfect idea in its simplicity.

11. Miniature custom popcorn bags


We’ve covered a number of drink based favours on our list, but what if your friends are way more into their snacks than they are their novelty beverages? Well, sometimes it’s nice to stick to a classic crowd pleaser that everyone already associates with fun activities and special occasions, which is why we love Evermine‘s DIY popcorn package idea so much! Customize your own stickers or labels for a little extra fun.

12. DIY popcorn seasonings


Are you absolutely in love with the popcorn idea but you’d rather give your guests a snack favour that they can take home and share with their families? Then a little bag of already-popped popcorn won’t quite do. Try giving them an entire customized bag of kernels instead that they can pop at their convenience and share with their kids for movie night! Even better than that, Evermine suggests blending a series of delicious popcorn seasonings in cute shaker packages and handing them out to each guest, letting them swap flavours as they please.

13. Wedding quote match boxes


Perhaps you’re trying to keep things small, convenient, simple, and affordable because your guest list is very big and you know your family just wants a small keepsake anyways? Well, according to Julep, there’s really no harm in sticking to an old classic like a simple box of matchsticks to commemorate the occasion! Customize your own labels and have them printed or simply hand make your own if you’re feeling very creative.

14. Tiny succulent votives


Have you been browsing this list and thinking about how you’d rather give your bridal shower guests a gift that will last them a little longer than a snack or a drink, reminding them of you each time they see it without cluttering their space? Then these tiny, absolutely adorable succulent votives are the perfect thing! Elizabeth Anne Designs has all the details for this idea.

15. Novelty S’more kits


Perhaps the vrowd at your bridal shower is one that loves fun, family, and getting hands-on with things, as well as a good snack any time they can get one? Well, they sound like our kind of people! They also sound like people who will absolutely love you if you give them delicious little DIY S’more kits that they can tear into, build, and enjoy right away. Check out how The Flair Exchange put these awesome little kits together and decorated the outsides!