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15 Cute and Fancy Hair Bow Designs

We’re not sure why, but there’s always been something about spring weather that makes us feel like dressing up, accessorizing, and looking a little more cute and cheerful than usual. Maybe it’s the shining sun or all the colorful flowers blooming around us! We also start to feel a bit more crafting motivation than usual since the boost in vitamin D puts us in such a good mood, so the combination of those two things usually results in a huge accessory making session. This year, we’ve been really obsessed with making fun, flirty hair bows in all kinds of spring colors.

Just in case you’re just as obsessed with hair bows as we are this spring, if not more, here are 15 adorable ideas, designs, and tutorials that will help you make them in all different sizes and styles!

1. Triple layered ribbon bow


If we’re going to go to the trouble of making ourselves a whole hair bow from scratch, you’d best believe that we’re going to be just a little bit extra in our style and add some flare to the finished aesthetic! That’s why this adorable triple layered bow caught our eye. Daisyclub23 shows you not only how to make an absolutely perfectly shaped bow from ribbon, but also how to make three in descending size, layer them on top of each other, fasten them into one awesome piece, and transform them into a hair clip!

2. Suede bow, ribbon, and pearl hair barrette


Perhaps your personal style is a little more subtle and vintage inspired than what we showed you above, so you’re looking for a hair bow with a little more classic detail? In that case, we absolutely think you should take a look at this cute bow shaped clip tutorial outlined on Love This Pic! Their pictorial guides you through the process of pinching a piece of punched and ruffled suede in the middle to make a bow and adding ribbon, a pearl button, and a clip on the back to complete the look.

3. Pinched centre fabric bows


Perhaps you’re feeling intrigued by the idea of the pinching technique we showed you above but you’d rather something with a little more patterning and visual appeal than plain suede? Then maybe you’d prefer this idea from Me Goosta that uses a simple piece of fabric in whatever colour and pattern you please! They show you how to punch the middle and fasten it with another small strip of fabric, sticking a clip on the back for easy wear.

4. Petite yarn bow with a button


Perhaps your favourite kinds of crafts and DIY projects are usually those made from yarn because you’re an avid knitter and crochet enthusiast, so most of your crafting supplies are actually yarn rather than fabric or ribbon? Well, don’t stress about that yet because you can actually make hair bows out of yarn! We love the way Craft Snob created this adorable little gathered yarn bow with a button in the centre to give it the right shape.

5. Multi-ribbon bow with feathers and mini bows


Did we really catch your attention earlier when we started talking about bows with a little extra style and wild detail to them but the ones we’ve shown you so far haven’t been quite wild enough for you? Then we think we might have found one that’s a little more up your alley! Check out how Sheryl and Bob made this hilariously fun little hair bow involving several different kinds of ribbon, some fluffy white feather, and an awesome rhinestone or two!

6. Tulle and gem hair bow


If you’re going to make a funny, embellished hair bow that has a little extra style, would you prefer to make it look a little more like something a ballerina would wear? Perhaps you just like the volume the bow above has but you’ve never been a fan of the way those fuzzy feathers shed. In that case, we think you might prefer this stunning little tulle version instead! Find out how the tulle is cut, layered, wrapped, and fastened with a bead in the middle on Satsoma.

7. Adorable stacked Minnie Mouse bows


If you’re going to go to the trouble of making yourself a cute, custom made hair bow, would you rather make one that’s themed after something you really love? Perhaps you’re looking for cute kids’ hair bow designs that you can place proudly in your kids hair with a cute high ponytail on your next family trip. Either way, we can’t get over how adorable this little Minnie Mouse hair bow idea from Elegance On a Budget is! They show you how to make it happen at a totally affordable cost and in surprisingly few steps.

8. Teeny tiny felt hair bows


All of these stunningly large hair bows are all well and good because they’re absolutely impressive looking, but what if you have very short hair or your child’s hair is wispy and thin so you’re concerned they’ll be too heavy and won’t stay in? Then we think perhaps you’ll be better off making a smaller, simpler version that’s nice and light and has a lower chance of slipping out of the hair throughout the day! We can’t get over how adorable these little felt bows by Create Studio are (and we also appreciate how easy they are to make).

9. Kanzashi bow hairband


Are you actually quite experienced in making different kinds of DIY and hand crafted bows and hair bows, so now you’re looking for something a little bit different to challenge yourself with? In that case, we absolutely think you should try your hand at making this awesomely textured and very neatly shaped kanzashi style bow outlined on The Flower Art. Their tutorial shows you how to make each little loop shape out of ribbon, as well as how to add a rhinestone in the middle and affix the whole thing to an elastic hairband.

10. DIY burlap hair bow


Have you actually been looking for a bow idea that has a bit more of a rustic feel to it but none of the ones we’ve shown you so far have quite been what you’re looking for? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at how Spoonful of Imagination made awesome layered ribbons using strips of burlap! We love their combination of that, different colours of feathers, and vintage looking buttons in the centre.

11. No-sew clip bow


Are you a huge fan of the idea of making ribbons out of fabric or similars soft material but you’re very new to the world of DIY and crafting and you don’t sew? Then we have a feeling you’ll get on very well with this hair bow tutorial from Why Don’t You Make Me that’s actually specifically designed for people who don’t want to sew at all! You’d be surprised what you can achieve with a little bit of careful glue.

12. Adorable duct tape hair bow


If your kids are anything like ours, then the most popular crafts in your household are probably also the ones that are made of materials that are a little bit unconventional for what you’re making. That’s why we liked this patterned duct tape hair bow idea outlined on Your Home Based Mom so darn much! We actually made these at home and we found the tutorial simple and a lot of fun to follow… so we made about eight of them each, in all different colours.

13. Sheer jumbo hair bow


The bows we’ve shown you so far have all been well and good, but what if you had something much, much larger in mind when you first set out on your search? Then we have a feeling this giant hair bow featured on DIY Halloween Crafts will be right up your alley! Their tutorial shows you how to make it happen with any stiffer sparkly fabric you please so that it has some structure and will stick up at just the right jaunty angle.

14. Giant kawaii hair bow


Do hair bows always remind you of the big, lovely layered kind that kawaii fashion has always used, perching them on top surrounded by clips, buns, and braids? Well, there are plenty of beautiful kawaii shops and boutiques out there that sell precisely what we’re talking about, but we always appreciate being able to make our own because then we can create custom colour combinations to match certain outfits! Luckily for all of us, that’s exactly what Look Book teaches you to do here.

15. Giant no-sew fabric bow


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about no-sew hair bow patterns but the one we showed you earlier was a little too small and flimsy for what you really had in mind? Then we have a feeling you’ll appreciate that we stumbled across this giant version of the same idea right at the end of our search! DIY Candy shows you step by step how to make a nice, big bow in just a few easy steps, but with more satisfying proportions.