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A Comfortable Walk: Best DIY Sandals for Spring and Summer

Now that warm weather has finally arrived, we’re obsessed with the idea of swapping our wardrobes over to get out all the cute spring and summer clothes we love wearing when the sun shines. Lately, however, we can’t shake the idea that we’d have even more fun wearing these things if we’d made them ourselves, particularly in the shoe department since they’re our favourite part of every outfit! That’s why we’ve had our eyes peeled for all kinds of suggestions for crafty ways that we can make ourselves some new summer sandals or embellish the ones we already have!

Just in case you love the idea of making your very own spring and summer sandals just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration.

1. Leather fringe sandal DIY


Perhaps you have a pair of leather sandals that you absolutely adore wearing but that you’ve already worn for one season and you can’t help feeling like they could use some changing up? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at the way Sincerely, Kinsey added a simple soft leather fringe to their store bought leather sandals in just a few simple steps (without ruining the original sandals underneath)!

2. Jewelled sandals


Are you quite intrigued indeed by the idea of embellishing a pair of sandals you’ve already worn in to your feet but your sense of personal style is a little more glitz and glam than the leather design we’ve shown you above? In that case, we have a feeling you might get along a little better with something like these flashy DIY chunky rhinestoned sandals featured on Papery and Cakery.

3. DIY barefoot sandals


Okay, we know that technically most people would probably classify this next idea as being more jewelry and less footwear, but it was so stunning that we simply couldn’t help making sure we put it on our list! This fantastic tutorial from This Fairytale Life teaches you how to make a simple but lovely pair of barefoot sandals that are perfect for any summertime occasion where you don’t need shoes.

4. DIY flip flop refashion with braided straps


Do you have a brand new pair of flip flops that you love the colour of but you’ve never liked the way the plastic thong feels between your toes? Perhaps you have a really comfortable old pair that you simply adore wearing but the straps broke. In either case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Make It, Love It created these fantastic sandals from an old pair of flip flops using strips of old fabric to create braided straps!

5. Super comfy DIY sling sandals


Were you a pretty big fan of the idea we just showed you above but you’re also the kind of person who does a lot of walking in a day and you’re simply not sure that the singular braided strap will really do the trick when it comes to keeping the sandals on your feet properly? In that case, we’d absolutely encourage you to take a look at the way Down Home Inspiration created these ultra comfortable and easy to walk in DIY sling sandals that are way easier to make than they look.

6. Couture recreation wrap sandals


If we’re being fully honest, some of our very favourite DIY tutorials to come across on the Internet are those that mimic or recreate designer label things that we really like but know we can’t afford the originals of. That’s why we were so pleased to come across this stunning wrap sandal tutorial on Miss Bizi B! Countless brands we love have made sandals like this in recent years and now we can make our own customized version for a much smaller price.

7. DIY high gladiator sandals


Speaking of sandal styles that have trended in and out in recent years, here’s another DIY version of a kind of sandal we just couldn’t get enough of but never made it out to buy in stores! We’re completely in love with the way Sweet Teal created not just strappy gladiator sandals, but the mega-stylish kind that wrap all the way up to the knee, just like the real historical thing.

8. DIY sandals cut from Toms shoes


Are you actually just looking for a pair of sandals that you can throw on in the morning when you run to get the newspaper at the end of the driveway or go outside in the early summer mornings to enjoy your coffee on the porch? Perhaps you actually just enjoy the idea of upcycling something old in order to make yourself something “new” better than any other idea you’ve seen so far. In either case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Pin Advised cut up an old pair of Toms shoes to create these adorable and shockingly comfortable canvas sandals.

9. DIY crochet sandals


As a DIY enthusiast, can you most often be found putting your yarn skills to good use, since that’s what you’re the most experienced in? Well, you might not think of picking up your crochet hook at first when you set out to make a pair of shoes, but Crafts By Amanda is actually hear to show you precisely how that can be done. We’re completely in love with their crocheted sandals pattern!

10. DIY summer espadrilles


Just in case you’re the kind of person who loves getting a little bit dressed up on a regular basis so you’ve been scrolling through our list looking for something with a bit more formal style to it, here’s a tutorial that will actually teach you how to make a sandal with a bit of a wedge! We love the way The Crafterpreneur outlines the process of making these summer espadrilles step by step.

11. Pom pom trim summer sandals


Is your personal sense of style actually a little more bright and quirky than a lot of what you’ve seen so far on our list? Then we think you just might be the perfect person to give these cheerful looking sandals from Made With Happy a try! We love the way their tutorial outlines the steps for adding cute fringe and pom pom trim.

12. Macrame gladiator sandals


Were you very intrigued indeed by the basic concept of the gladiator sandals we showed you earlier but you’ve always been more of colour loving person, rather than choosing neutral things like leather? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at the way My White Idea DIY made this knotted macrame version using colourful strips of scrap fabric.

13. DIY raffia pom pom flip flops


Sure, these little embellishments might be called raffia pom poms, but they look like little flowers if you ask us! That’s why we thought they’d make the perfect DIY sandals for spring. Just in case you love the idea of using the pom poms to give your shoes a bit of a simple floral makeover too, here’s a fantastic tutorial from Hello Glow.

14. DIY rhinestoned sliders


Were you quite intrigued indeed with the way we showed you a rhinestoned sandal option higher up on our list but you’re just not sure that those ones had quite enough rhinestones on them for your liking? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer to take a look at the way Club Crafted made these rhinestoned sliders on which the gems are fit together much more snuggly for a fully stoned look.

15. Pretty DIY bow sandals


Have you actually been scrolling through our list and thinking about how your sense of personal style is really a little more girly and delicate, so you’ve been holding out on choosing an idea? Well, we’re pleased to inform you that your patience has paid off! We’re completely in love with the way Swell Mayde embellished their favourite sandals with a little bow made of silk ribbon.