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Weaving Together your Style: DIY Beaded Crochet Patterns

If you’re anything like us, you’re already completely obsessed with crocheting things for yourself and everyone around you no matter how simple or intricate the pattern you’re working on is. We find even the most basic designs satisfying to make but we will admit to developing a craving for something new and extra creative now that we’ve advanced in our crochet skills. That’s how we came about our latest yarn crafting obsession: beaded crochet!

Check out these patterns and tutorials that will guide you through the process of adding beads to your crochet projects for an absolutely stunning and very unique look no matter what you’re making.

1. Lily and Laura bracelets


Just because you’re doing crochet and working with a crochet hook doesn’t mean you absolutely must work with yarn! If you’re looking for a project that’s a little more challenging, why not try creating crocheted beaded bangles instead? The alternating colours and delicacy of the string might seem intimidating at first, but don’t worry; Indulgy has your back for this one!

2. Bead and chain crochet bracelet


If you’ve never done any kind of jewelry making that puts both your affinity for decorative chains and your yarn skills to work, you are missing out! We just can’t get over the interesting style contrast this beaded crochet chain bracelet creates even within itself. Learn how to make one of your own on Trinkets in Bloom!

3. Fine weight bead cord crocheted necklace


Speaking of crocheting jewelry using very find cord, here’s another stunning beaded option that’s much simpler to make than you might think! We love this stunningly long beaded “chain” necklace from Design Sponge because the beads make it beautiful whether you wear it looped only once and hanging down your torso very far or looped more than once to create a stylish layering effect.

4. Simple crocheted embroidery thread bracelets


If you ever learned how to knot and weave friendship bracelets out of coloured embroidery floss when you were a kid, then you probably feel like you’ve seen this bracelet idea before but in reality, these are made with a crochet hook rather than by using your weaving techniques. What’s the best part of this design, you ask? The part where Blog a La Carte teaches you how to add beads to the design along the way, of course!

5. Triple colour beaded crochet necklace pendant


Are you only just learning how to crochet with beads and things like jewelry wire and floss for the first time, so you’re hoping to make something that’s quite small but still has a nice visual impact? Then we definitely suggest checking out this adorable tri-colour beaded necklace pendant from El Cuarderno de Ideas.

6. Buttoned Brecken bracelet


A brecken bracelet is a super fun thing to make because you’re in full control for as long as you have string and beads available and are willing to hold your crochet hook for! As you’ll see in this tutorial from True Blue Me and You, this style of bracelet is essential a crocheted rope embellished with periodic beads. You wear it be wrapping it around your wrist several times to create a layered effect.

7. Crocheted silk scarf with beaded tassels


Have you been combing this list hoping to come across an actual crochet pattern for an entire crocheted piece that you might add beads to later once you’re done the basic steps? In that case, check out the pattern for this absolutely stunning silk crocheted shawl on Patterns Tried and True! We love the way they kept the body of the shawl quite classic and simple but added beads in corresponding colours all throughout the fringed tassel on each end of the piece!

8. Deco style Czech bead necklace and spiral earrings


Are you actually quite experienced when it comes to miniature detailed crochet for the sake of jewelry making but right now you’re looking for an awesome looking piece that’s a little bit of a challenge, even if that’s just for how detailed it is? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love all of the bead colour changes and so on in this bib necklace tutorial from Clearly Helena.

9. Beaded crochet cuff bracelet


Are you intent on making a crocheted bracelet but you’re not keen on these super miniature designs even though you still want to make sure beads are involved? In that case, check out these thicket cuff bracelets! We’re very thankful for this tutorial from  Guidecentral English because they show you not only how to make the cuff itself, but also how to strategically place the beads and fasten them in place during your crochet process.

10. Big hemp and turquoise crocheted hoop earrings


If you’ve never tried hemp crochet, we’re sorry to inform you that you’ve been completely missing out! One of our favourite things about crocheting with hemp string is that it primarily comes in very neutral colours, making it a great opportunity to get really bright with your bead colours. After all, the string won’t clash with basically anything, right? Check out how these huge, stunning hemp and turquoise bead hoop earrings were made on 1001 Art Beads.

11. Beaded crochet rope


Are you looking at some of the other beaded jewelry designs we’ve shown you on here and realizing that you simply need to learn how to crochet beaded rope as soon as possible? Then luckily for you we have just the thing to learn from! We highly recommend this tutorial from Sara Spoltore because it’s one of the resources that taught us how to crochet beaded rope too.

12. Crocheted lace beaded necklace


Did you already crochet yourself a stunningly neutral coloured pair of hoop earrings and now you fee like you just really need a few pieces to match? In that case, check out this crocheted and beaded necklace that is simultaneously super intricate looking and easier to make than it actually appears upon first sight. Get the full pattern for making your own version of this necklace from Outstanding Crochet.

13. Beaded crochet Lisa shawl


Did you love the idea of combining beaded crochet with a classic crocheted yarn project like the shawl we showed you earlier, but you’d prefer to see more stones throughout the design rather than just on the tassels at the end? In that case, this stunning crocheted shawl full of well placed eyelets and plenty of pretty little beads might be just your thing. Get the pattern for the entire process from The Blue Brick!