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15 Delicious Recipes for Pineapple Lovers

The sweet, tropical taste of pineapple is one of our very favorite things. We also love its versatility when it comes to cooking or baking dishes of all different kinds. Pineapples taste amazing in sweet desserts but they’re also mouthwatering in savory dinners. Sometimes it’s fun to get really creative with your favorite ingredient, even if it’s something that tastes absolutely delicious on its own.

Check out these 15 irresistible recipes that pineapple lovers will find absolutely irresistible!

1. Salt and sticky maple pineapple

VIEW IN GALLERYSalt and sticky maple pineapple

Woman and Home

shows you how to keep it simple while still shaking it up. We love eating pineapple on its own, but sometimes its nice to get a little extra taste so if you like sweet and salty flavours together, this is definitely the recipe for you. Make it extra delicious by serving it with a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

2. Chili and mustard pineapple side dish

VIEW IN GALLERYChili and mustard pineapple side dish


has another great idea for a dish that combines great flavours in a totally unique and intriguing way. This side dish is packed full of chili, mustard, and pineapple flavours that blend perfectly together to create a savory citrus side dish.

3. Pineapple jam

VIEW IN GALLERYPineapple jam

Are you getting bored of your regular strawberry, blackberry, and grape jam choices? Honest Cooking teaches you how to shake things up a little by making your very own pineapple jam! That same delicious fruit taste can be part of your easy breakfast in the mornings now too.

4. Barbecue pineapple

VIEW IN GALLERYBarbecue pineapple

Woman and Home

You’ve probably heard of cooking pineapple in main dishes using your stove or oven, but have you ever considered barbecuing a pineapple? Grilling whole slices or sections of pineapple on the barbecue gives them a unique, summery flavour that you’ll never find anywhere else.

5. Lemongrass parfait with pineapple salsa

VIEW IN GALLERYLemongrass parfait with pineapple salsa

Good Food

reminds you that sweetness can come from other places than just sugar! Topping a delicious lemongrass parfait with mango salsa rather than with whipped cream or chocolate sauce gives you that sweet taste, but with an extra fruity kick that takes the entire dish to the next level.

6. Shrimp pineapple kebabs

VIEW IN GALLERYShrimp pineapple kebabs

Nothing compliments delicious grilled shrimp quite as well as pineapple. Pair the two with vegetables, like onions and green or red peppers, and fire up the grill! Palm Beach Illustrated has the perfect recipe for these tropical shrimp skewers.

7. Pineapple ice blocks

VIEW IN GALLERYPineapple ice blocks

Do you like the idea of making your own pineapple treats, but you’re not sure about mixing it with other foods and flavours? These refreshing iced pineapple popsicles by King of Fruit are the perfect treat for you this summer!

8. Pineapple cheesecake

VIEW IN GALLERYPineapple cheesecake

Some people prefer plain or sweet cheesecakes, but we’re pretty huge fans of cheesecakes involving fruit. If you’re like us, then this pineapple cheesecake recipe by The Answer is Cake is the solution to all of your dessert needs!

9. Honey pineapple chicken stir fry

VIEW IN GALLERYHoney pinepple chicken stir fry

McCormick shows you how to incorporate pineapple super easily into a main dish by stir frying it along with chicken, peppers, onions, and broccoli. Pair it with a side of rice and voila!

10. Pineapple pudding

VIEW IN GALLERYPineapple pudding

Sometimes pineapple flavour is the key to your favourite dish, rather than actual pineapple rings or chunks. Erecipe‘s pineapple pudding, for example, let’s you enjoy the delicious flavour of your favourite fruit a little differently than just cutting a pineapple up and eating pieces.

11. Chicken and pineapple quesadilla

VIEW IN GALLERYChicken and pineapple quesedilla

Classic dishes with interesting ingredients are some of our very favourite things! If you’ve never tried putting pineapple inside a chicken quesadilla, then we’re sorry to inform you that you’ve been missing out. Get the recipe on Best Friends for Frosting.

12. Ham and pineapple melt

VIEW IN GALLERYHam and pineapple melt

Open-faced sandwiches are great because they give you unlimited room for ingredients without having to fit them under a top layer. Melts are great for people who love warm sandwiches and cheese. This recipe by BBC Good Food takes those great things and mashes them up with a pineapple ring to make the ultimate pineapple-lover’s sandwich.

13. Pineapple and dill granita

VIEW IN GALLERYPineapple and dill granita

Granita is a sweet, frozen Italian treat that’s perfect for summer! This unique recipe by Archana’s Kitchen combines your beloved pineapple flavour with dill as an accent and we’re absolutely in love with how the two contrast!

14. Pineapple, tomato, and brie galette with polenta crust

VIEW IN GALLERYpineapple, tomato, and brie galette with polenta crust

Are you a big fan of more gourmet dishes? A fluffy crust and some brie cheese take this delicious pineapple dish to the next level. King of Fruit has a quality recipe for you to try out!

15. Pineapple dream dessert

VIEW IN GALLERYPineapple dream dessert

Trust us; it’s called “pineapple dream” for a reason! Check out how Amanda’s Cookin’ creates this delectable dessert using graham crackers, cream cheese, Cool Whip, and, of course, pineapples!