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15 Fun Lizard Themed DIY Projects

Since our kids began grade school, we’ve noticed a funny trend. They’ve always been smart kids but we also raised them in a very crafty household, so it’s always interesting to see how they combine the two things. We think it’s a great way to help them learn more and stay interested in their school work but still get a break for things that are a little more artistic! So, what’s the latest crafting obsession our kids have brought home from school, you ask? They recently start asking us to help them make lizard themed crafts!

Just in case your kids love lizards as much as ours do, here are 15 super fun lizard themed crafts and DIY projects we’ve collected to try with ours and think you should take a look at too.

1. Slinky paper lizards


In our household, the most successful crafts are always the ones that do something. By this, we mean that, even though our kids love regular art projects like drawing and painting, they’re always more enthralled in the crafting process (and in the finished product after) when there’s some kind of neat extra feature. That’s why they loved making these funny construction paper slinky lizards by Art, Paper, Scissors so much! Our little ones loved making them have some bounce.

2. Paper plate and Bingo dobber turtles


Okay, we know; a turtle isn’t technically the same thing as a lizard. When our kids decide they want to make something, however, changing their mind isn’t exactly an easy task! We just made sure to look up some fun turtle facts and talk about them while we crafted. Check out how Fun Crafts 4 Kids made cute little paper turtles with marker features and paper plate shells decorated with brightly coloured bingo dobbers.

3. Twisted pipe cleaner lizards


Are your kids actually a little bit older and avid crafters so you’re looking for something that will hold their attention a little bit better than just construction paper and some scissors? Our older kids really love crafts that let them actually form shapes and make things, but there isn’t always time for messier crafting tools like modeling clay when the kids decide they’ve got the creative bug. That’s why we were excited to stumble across this pipe cleaner lizard idea from Lines Across. Their tutorial shows you how to make a chameleon that actually stands up on it’s own and even has a fun, curling tongue!

4. Embossed paper lizards


Were you intrigued by the idea of a craft that has a little something more to it but you know your kids would rather deal with colour and pattern than structure and bounce? Then maybe they’d prefer to make these awesome looking embossed lizards from Art Blast! They guide you step by step through the process of making raised patterns, adding colour, and sketching in some detail to make a totally rad looking little lizard in whatever colours they please.

5. Water colour lizard collages


Perhaps your kids are small enough that they are always quite satisfied with an afternoon of cut and paste crafts as long as they get to make a creative scene with the pieces they’re arranging? That’s great because it makes for almost unlimited idea options, but we still like to teach our kids new techniques to go along with their cutting and pasting every once in a while too! That’s why we recently made these super fun water colour lizard scenes just like Colours Of My Day. Paint the lizards in all kinds of blending colours and then use cut and paste methods to make the lizards a leafy branch to stand on!

6. 3D paper lizards


Were you intrigued by the idea of making paper lizards that had some structure and bounce to them but you have a feeling your kids would rather create something a little more realistic looking rather than the triangular creatures we showed you earlier on our list? In that case, maybe they’d prefer to make their own versions of these neat little bouncy construction paper lizards from Art Explorez! They show you not only how to cut and embellish the proper shape for the lizard’s body, but also how to create a fold along the back so the lizard stands up off a flat surface.

7. Crayon and water colour lizards


Have your kids always loved the kinds of crafts that let them do more than one kind of crafting in a single project? Those ideas always make for very popular crafting afternoons in our households too! That’s why our kids loved this water colour and crayon lizard idea from Outside The Linz so much. Their tutorial shows you how to draw the outlined shapes of a lizard first with wax crayon first and then paint all around and over the drawing so the water colours move around the wax, letting it show through.

8. Rainbow reptile manicure


When your kids decide they love something they’ve learned about so much that they want to both know more and get creative with the idea, do you find they also start wanting to incorporate that thing into their personal style too? Our kids once learned about polar bears and suddenly all they wanted were polar bear t-shirts. Now they want to wear things that feature lizards! That’s why we were pretty pleased to find this clear tutorial from Robin Moses Nail Art for making funny little lizard manicures. Our finished product was rather impressive looking for how simple the techniques were!

9. Rice filled felt and bead lizard


If your kids are already in a learning mood, why not take that concept and whatever it is they’re obsessed with currently and run with it? We recently had our kids learning how to sew and practicing their hand stitching techniques by making these adorably easy plush lizards by Cut Out and Keep. Between getting to make and stuff their own toy and then also getting to embellish their design, our kids went crazy for these and happily worked on them for hours on end!

10. Sparkly lizard scale nails


Were you very taken with the idea of giving our kids, and maybe even yourself, lizard inspired nails but you’re not sure it’s quite within your skill set to paint entire lizards on such a small surface? Then maybe a design that’s a little more abstract in its inspiration would be the better choice for you! We’re crazy for this adorable lizard scales manicure design from She Wants a Tutu because we love the way it combines circles, dots, and sparkles for some really interesting visual texture.

11. “Mixed up” chameleon


Do you always find that your kids stay more interested in their crafts when there’s a little bit of an activity to go along with the DIY session? Then we have a feeling your kids will love this colour matching collage lizard just as much as ours did! The Way of Art shows you how to make a chameleon’s base shape and then cut up coloured tissue paper squares in rainbow colours. Next, have your kids glue them in the right section, colour by colour, like a mix and match game so it looks like the lizard has stripes and scales.

12. Perler bead lizard and background


Are your kids old enough to look for a challenge in their crafting, so they sometimes like to create things that are a little more visually appealing and use unconventional materials, just to keep things interesting? In that case, you might be the perfect group to try your hand at making this absolutely awesome perler bead lizard art! Cut Out and Keep shows you how to arrange a lizard shape and and artistic looking background until you have what looks like a plastic canvas, as well as how to heat the beads so they meld together and your art stays in place.

13. Easy felt lizard sewing project


Were you intrigued by the DIY plush lizard sewing project we showed you earlier on our list but your kids have actually already had some practice with sewing so you’d like to help them along with a project that will challenge them an little more and help them improve their skills… while still remaining on theme with the lizards? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at this awesome lizard toy sewing pattern from


14. Spool knit lizard VIEW IN GALLERY

Are you a yarn crafts enthusiast and you’ve been looking for ways to pass that love and artistry down to your kids? Then spool knitting and corking at great places to start! They might not see the creative potential of just creating a knitted rope at first, but we have a feeling they’ll change their minds once you show them how Cut Out and Keep turned their green lengths of spool knitting into adorable little lizards using pom poms and pipe cleaners.

15. Toy lizard clothing pins


Have your kids actually been big fans of lizards for a long time, so you’re always finding plastic toy lizards lying around your home when they’re done playing? Then why not help them turn a few of those little plastic trinkets into not just a crafting project, but also something they can wear to show their amphibian appreciation? Jacolyn Murphy guides you step by step through the simple process of making funny little lizard brooches using toys, glue, and some simple pin backs from the nearest crafting or dollar store.