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Tropical and Healthy: Delicious Snacks and Meals for Coconut Lovers!

We might not be the best cooks or bakers in the world, but we get a lot of satisfaction out of trying new recipes and our family has certainly never minded our attempts at all kinds of new things. They don’t even mind when we get fixated on a certain flavour and go on a total kick, creating dish after dish or treat after treat to celebrate a taste we really love, since that means they get to try new, delicious snacks too! What have we been obsessed with lately, then, you ask? Well, we can’t stop making things that involve or taste like coconut!

Just in case you adore coconut just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best (and most scrumptious tasting) recipes and ideas that we’ve come across in our coconut flavoured kitchen ventures so far.

1. Crispy coconut pecan butter cookies


Now, before we ever came across this particular cookie recipe featured step by step on Handmade in The Heartland, we had actually already tried both butter cookies and pecan cookies and discovered that we simply adored both of things things. We’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to you, then, that we were practically on our feet to start gathering the supplies for this crispy coconut pecan butter cookie version of that same idea before we’d even finished reading the entire page!

2. Paleo, no-bake coconut crunch bites


Believe it or not, just because you’re hankering for a coconut flavoured treat doesn’t actually mean you have to make something very sweet, very unhealthy, or even just baked. That’s where delicious paleo recipes like these no-bake coconut crunch bites from Rx Primal come in to save the day! These are a great thing to have on hand without upping the level of junk food your family eats too much.

3. Triple coconut granola


In our house, granola is an essential. Some people pour it on their yogurt, some people bake with it, and others simply pour it in a bowl and douse it with milk to eat it like cereal. Just because something is a big hit, however, doesn’t mean you can’t change that thing up or put a fun spin on the things your family likes to eat most! We made this fantastic homemade triple coconut granola, for example, and our family members tastebuds just about exploded because they loved it so darn much. Get the full details for how it’s done on Cookie & Kate!

4. Coconut banana muffins


Were you pretty intrigued by the idea of using coconut to give your favourite recipes a slight tasty twist but granola isn’t actually something your family usually eats? Well, perhaps you’d have better luck making a deliciously different version of their favourite banana muffins instead! Dinner With Julie shows you how to make coconut banana muffins that make for a fantastic experience in perfectly blended and yet somehow contrasted flavours. We don’t even want to admit how quickly we ate the first batch of these we ever made. We’re pretty sure we set a new world record.

5. Lemon coconut cheesecake cupcakes


Did we almost have your attention when we started talking about delicious coconut muffins but you’ll actually be the first to admit that you have a sweet tooth, so you might prefer a version that’s a little more of a baked treat than a breakfast snack? In that case, we have a feeling you’d get along a little better with some kind of coconut cupcake instead! This particular recipe from Taste, however, takes things even beyond that for a mouth watering flavour blend; they show you how to make lemon coconut cheesecake cupcakes with an irresistible filling in the centre!

6. Salted caramel coconut thumbprint cookies


If you’re going to make something sweet and coconut based, would you rather make sure the coconut flavours involved really take centre stage? Then we have a feeling you’re going to get along very well indeed with these fantastic coconut thumbprint cookies featured on Inspired By Charm! We love that they give you actual coconut but also, thanks to the thumbprint aspect, give you a bit of contrast with each bite by filling the middle indent with delicious caramel.

7. Coconut sunrise moonshine


Despite our clear love for baked goods, food isn’t actually the only way that you can enjoy awesome coconut tastes! There are plenty of mouth watering coconut based drinks out there that you can try your hand (and tastebuds) at as well, particularly if you enjoy making yourself a cocktail at the end of a hard, busy work week. This flavourful coconut sunrise moonshine recipe outlined in detail on Lip Gloss and Crayons is the perfect example of what we mean!

8. Coconut pecan sweet potato halves


Now, we’ve talked a lot about different coconut recipes by this point in our list, but you might have noticed that most of them have been sweet dishes or desserts so far. In fact, even the coconut based drink we mentioned was sweet! Believe it or not, however, coconut is an ingredient that cam be used in entrees and savoury dishes as well, adding a subtle flavour that complements just about anything. These fantastic coconut pecan sweet potato halves outlined in detail on Fav Family Recipes are the perfect example of what we mean. If you do want to turn it into a sweeter dish than it might be otherwise, add the cinnamon marshmallow topping that they guide you through the process of making as well!

9. Coconut rice with fragrant seeds and spices


Just in case we’ve really caught your attention now with our talk of savoury coconut based meal options, here’s one that’s so fragrant your entire household will know that dinner’s ready before you’ve even called them to wash their hands. Check out how Food and Spice made this mouth watering coconut rice with seeds and spices that works well as a main course or a side, depending on what else you’ve made.

10. Sweet potato coconut casserole


Just in case we almost caught and kept your attention when we started talking about delicious coconut sweet potato recipes but you’ve actually been feeling in the mood for some kind of yummy, warm casserole now that fall has come, here’s a recipe that we think will be right up your alley! Martha Stewart shows you how to make it happen (with the option of roasted marshmallow toppings that really rounds the flavour off and complements the coconut well indeed).

11. Thai coconut cashew rice


Were you pretty enamoured indeed with the idea of making a coconut based rice dish, but something about the particular herb combination in the idea we showed you a little earlier on our list just didn’t quite speak to you, since you were imagining something a little more along the lines of the side dish you love most at your local Thai restaurant? Then we have a feeling you’ll find this flavourful Thai coconut cashew rice outlined step by step on The Chunky Chef. We love that the cashews add flavour and crunch!

12. Coconut French beans


Have you actually been scrolling through our list and holding out on making a decision because you’re hoping to stumble upon a side dish that’s vegetarian, or perhaps that’s just delicious enough to get your kids eating their green veggies at dinner? In either case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Tarla Dalal made these coconut French beans that are packed full of both flavour and nutrition.

13. Smokey coconut bacon


Now, before we mislead you into thinking that this is actually authentic pork bacon that has been seasoned with coconut, as we originally thought, we’d just like to make sure you understand that it’s not! What it is, however, is an equally delicious snack that had our family licking their fingers and asking for more almost right away. Check out this recipe on The Hungry Herbivores to see how coconut shavings can be smoked, just like bacon, to taste even more delicious than they already do.

14. Spicy coconut lime chicken drumsticks


Just in case you’re still not over the idea of including coconut in new, unconventional ways in your actual entree, here’s a delicious idea for the meat lovers out there! Sets and Recipes guides you step by step through the process of battering your dinnertime chicken using coconut, lime, and spices for a flavour experience that’s unique and mouth watering all at once. We actually keep this one bookmarked because we loved it so much the first time we tried it that now we make it quite frequently.

15. Caribbean style coconut curry mussels


Are you actually a little bit of a whiz in the kitchen, if you do say so yourself, so you’re looking for something a little more unique or challenging, or something you might find in a nice restaurant if you went out for dinner? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Caribbean Pot made these fantastic Caribbean style coconut curry mussels that are full of flavour! These mussels are so darn good that even our kids, who are sometimes wary or trying new things and had never had mussels before, came back for seconds.