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12 DIY Ideas for Neatly Wrapped Gifts

We hardly ever do as much gift wrapping as we do in December. It can get overwhelming! We want to put our own personal touch on it, of course, but there are so many gifts that ideas have a tendency to run dry; especially when we’re under time pressure. As always, we’re here to help! If you want to wrap your gifts with style and personality, here are some amazing DIY ideas for wrapping your presents!

1. Christmas Tree Toppers

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree toppers

These Christmas tree toppers are just what you need if you wish for something simple and sweet to top your gift packages! You can make each one a little different to add that special personal touch for each person you are about to gift! We know you have no time to waste, so Fellow Fellow has a quick tutorial!

2. Tissue Paper Flower

VIEW IN GALLERYTissue paper flower

Wrapping a gift for a truly chic person whose style never falters? Wrap the gift in a big tissue paper flower! It makes the package very noticeable and will make your special person feel extraordinary! And you’re going to have loads of fun making the paper flower! Get the instructions at none other than Hallmark!

3. Paper Straw Snowflake

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper straw snowflake

Putting a snowflake on your wrapped gift always makes for a nice final touch! It’s like a cherry on top for people who love winter and snowy days. Sometimes sticking to classic themes works the best. It also goes great together with twine, so don’t hold back! See how Centsational Girl cracked it!

4. Wreath Tags


Nothing says Christmas like a neat wreath! This idea by Design Sponge is ideal if you want quick and effective wrapping! Your gift packages will all have the same theme, but the name tags on the little wreaths will set them apart! This year’s gift wrapping will give you no stress!

5. Cloth Wraps


If standard gift wrapping paper doesn’t appeal to you, you’re free to seek inspiration with other materials! We recommend you start with a canvas drop cloth – an idea we found at The Idea Room. The end result looks very cozy and joyful, fitting the spirit of the holidays!

6. The Glitter Wrap

VIEW IN GALLERYThe glitter wrap

Wrap your gifts in flashy glitter for your most flamboyant friends! This wrapping style will literally only take you 5 minutes – confirmed by Hello Happy Studio, where you will find two more ways to creatively wrap your gifts! Don’t say we didn’t give you any Christmas gifts of our own!

7. Yarn Tassels


Prettify your gift packages with some gentle tassels! They are a marvelous addition to any gift wrapping paper, as they have the power to make anything look charming and adorable! You can add one, two, three or even more if you so wish! The Casual Craftlete will give you the details!

8. The Perfect Bow


This is a really classic way to wrap a gift and therefore a sure safe bet! Have you always admired the bow-wrapped gifts and quietly wondered how the bow can look so perfect? You don’t need a professional to make the perfect bow – you just need this tutorial by Eddie Ross.

9. The Polka Dot

VIEW IN GALLERYPolka dot gift wrapping paper

Polka dots make everything cuter! This is a simple way to decorate your wrapped package and add a little element of cuteness to it! Subtle and beautiful, we absolutely adore this idea, as will the minimalist in your family! Brooklyn Bride will show you the step-by-step!

10. Dry Brush Gift Wrap

VIEW IN GALLERYDry brush gift wrap

Talk about an artistic and unique way of wrapping your gift! Just look at this special, rustic package, very wintery and perfect for the spirit of a white Christmas! Almost Makes Perfect will tell you how to make this gift wrap, along with three others! Gift wrapping ideas in abundance!

11. Stitched Up Gift Wrap

VIEW IN GALLERYStitched up gift wrap

And the award for the most innovative gift wrap of the year goes to? A Pair & A Spare! Your loved ones will be in awe of this one; a little surprise for them before they even see what’s within the package! It’s an amazing way to bring the element of surprise to your celebrations, so we encourage you to give it a try!

12. Chalkboard Wrap

VIEW IN GALLERYChalkboard wrap

Wrap your gifts chalkboard style! It gives you the freedom to doodle on the packages and make them extra personal! Creating with a purpose to make our loved ones happy is the best kind of creativity! We found this great idea at Going Home to Roost!

May the gift wrapping begin!