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DIY Terra Cotta Pots: 15 Amazing Painted Projects

Winter might still be in full swing outside, but we’re already feeling enthusiastic about the greenery of spring. Doing indoor planting and greenery cultivating has been very trendy as of late and we were originally on board for purely aesthetic and decor based reasons, but then we started looking into the actual health benefits of keeping even the most low maintenance plants around and we were very impressed indeed!

We’ve amassed a pretty nice collection of little green beauties in all sizes of terra cotta pots lately, but we’re such lovers of cohesive themes and standout pieces that we can help thinking about how much we want to decorate all the pots to suit or contrast the rooms the plants are sitting in. We’ve also been on a rather large hand painting DIY kick lately, which is why we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for a bit of guidance when it comes to painting terra cotta pots!

Are you feeling just as intrigued as we were, if not more, by the idea of painting your very own terra cotta pots for your indoor plants? Check out these 15 fantastic ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance.

1. White paint and metallic effect pots


If you’re never worked with gold or silver leafing techniques before then we’re very sorry to tell you that you’ve beeb missing out on something rather stellar indeed! We’re quite in love with the way The 36th Avenue outlines how simply leafing really can be, as well as with their idea for contrasting those metallic against a pure white background for a look that’s somehow both purposely weathered and rather glamorous all at once.

2. Painted herringbone pots


If you’re going to do something visual and eye catching, would you rather get more creative with visual textures through pattern rather than through shiny finishes? Then perhaps you’d get along a little better with something like these hand painted herringbone terra cotta pots featured step by step on Cathy Diep! We love their display of different bright and neutral colour combinations.

3. Marbled pots


Perhaps we really caught your attention when we started talking about visual effects and patterns but hand painting detailed lines isn’t necessarily the kind of project that appeals to you? In that case, maybe you’d get along a little better with a slightly alternative and more fluid looking technique that still involves paint, but without you actually hand painting specific details! Check out HGTV to see how these absolutely stunning marbled pots were done.

4. Dip dye pots


In addition to being a huge fan of the way greenery in the home has been trending in the decor world, are you also still feeling quite enamoured with the way colour gradients and ombre effects have been trending alongside that for a while now? Then we think you’ll have a high level of appreciation for the way I Spy DIY made these wonderfully colourful little pots using a dip technique that looks a little like tie dye in the end.

5. Neon polka dotted pots


Are you actually feeling quite torn between the idea of involving some visual texture, pattern, or shape in your DIY terra cotta pot design but also in the idea of making statements with bright colours, but you’re having trouble choosing? Well, who ever said that you have to choose? Instead, check out the simple way Sarah Hearts made these neon painted polka dot pots!

6. Hand painted Ikat pots


Besides just tracking what kinds of patterns and techniques are trendy in the DIY world, are you also a huge fan of tracking which prints are currently big in fashion and design? We like to do that too so we can recreate the visuals we find when we can’t afford a piece we really like. That’s probably why this stunning painted Ikat pot tutorial from Salt and Ritual caught our eye so well!

7. Fabric decoupage pots


Now, we know we said that this post would be primarily about painting terra cotta pots, but this next idea was just so much fun looking that we couldn’t resist including it despite the fact that it’s done entirely with fabric and glue rather than any paint at all! Take a better look at this tutorial from Emmaline Bride to see how they added colour and pattern to their pots by doing a bit of fabric decoupage.

8. Lace decoupage flower pots


Have we actually really piqued your interest with this whole concept of fabric decoupage but you’ve built more of a neutral, vintage inspired decor scheme that bright, loud prints won’t quite suit? Well, especially if you’d prefer a look that’s a little more delicate, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at this lace decoupage pot tutorial from A Beautiful Mess instead!

9. Gold glitter and foiled letter pots


If you’re going to put in all the time and effort it takes to customize your terra cotta pots with things like paint and foil, would you much rather make a whole set so that things match and look complete? Well, particularly if you love glitter just as much as you love metallics, then we think you’ll get even more of a kick out of this glitter dipping and foil lettering tutorial from Nest of Posies than you got out of the silver and gold leaf idea we showed you above!

10. Kawaii face painted pots


Have you been scrolling through our list thinking about how hand painting a few cut details onto your pots is actually precisely what you’ve like to do but you’re a bit of a beginner so you’re looking for a cute idea that’s quite simple? Well, if you’ve ever been even a slight fan of kawaii styles, then we think you just might be the perfect person to give this little pattern and face planter tutorial from O Mundo de Jess a try!

11. Graphic pattern pots


Did we almost catch your attention when we started talking about little hand painted repeating patterns and details in the kawaii option but you were hoping for more guidance in pattern ideas and less emphasis on kawaii faces? Then we’re convinced that you might find a very pattern detail based hand painting tutorial like this one from Homey Oh My to be a more useful resource!

12. DIY scalloped pots


What if your personal style falls somewhere between minimalist and visual, with a little bit of shape and some colour, but still a pretty prominent emphasis on muted shades and contrasts? Then we’re willing to bet that these simple but cheerful looking two-toned scalloped pots outlined in neat detail on A Pair and A Spare might be the best choice for you!

13. French ink transfer pots


Did we almost have you feeling convinced when we started talking about vintage inspired terra cotta pot styles but you’re just not sure that lace trim is quite the kind of tool you were hoping to work with? Then perhaps you’d have a little more luck trying your hand at something like weathered painting and ink transfer! Take a better look at the tutorial featured on By Dreams Factory to see how simply these vintage French label pots were made.

14. Block colour gold dipped pots


Just in case you’re still thinking about how much you still like the metallic gold idea but you’ve been holding out because you’re a big lover of bright colours too, here’s a great tutorial that will help you combine the two in one place! Take a good look at how Homey Oh My did some painting and gold dipping to make these lovely two toned pots in all different shades.

15. Colourful greeting pots


Whether you’re a careful hand lettering enthusiast or just proficient with vinyl cutting and application, we think you’ll be a big fan of this greeting pot suggestion featured in detail on DIY Candy! They have several suggestions for making the style and design happen but, either way you go about it, we can’t get enough of how bright and welcoming these little plants look.

Have you painted other kinds of stunningly designs terra cotta plant pots before that you adored the aesthetic of and still hae on display but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you did and how or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!