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15 Awesome Crafts Involving Old Light Bulbs

If you’re anything like us, throwing out light bulbs when they burst and no longer works makes you feel a little bit stressed. Besides the fact that putting glass things in your garbage or recycle risk having them break and cut someone on garbage day, it also feels so wasteful! Have you ever considered upcycling your old light bulbs into awesome DIY projects instead?

If your answer is no then don’t worry, we’ve done a little bit of research for you! Here are 15 awesome DIY projects that you could make with those light bulbs instead of throwing them away.

1. Air plant terrarium

VIEW IN GALLERYAir plant terrarium

Air plants are all the rage now, and for good reason! Besides being small and adorable, they’re extremely low maintenance and easy to care for, making them perfect for apartments and people who are very busy. It also means that you can plant them in all kinds of unique places, like light bulbs for instance! We love these little upside down light bulb terrariums by Next Door Neighbour Co!

2. Hanging light bulb flower pots

VIEW IN GALLERYHanging light bulb flower pots

Do you like the idea of hanging light bulbs serving as planters, but you’d rather have flowers than green air plants? According to Becoration, that works too! They show you how to fill the bulb with water and hang them before popping in your favourite blossom.

3. Hot air balloon mobile

VIEW IN GALLERYHot air balloon mobile

Sunshine and Vodka guides you through the process of making this adorable hot air balloon mobile that would look whimsical and lovely in a baby’s room or nursery. Believe it or not, there are light bulbs underneath the pretty patterned fabric!

4. Light bulb oil lamp

VIEW IN GALLERYLight bulb oil lamp

If you’re open to a project that’s a little bit more challenging, then take a look at this awesome light bulb oil lamp from Looks Like a Good Design! This lamp takes the concept of upcycling to a modern level that we think is quite artistic.

5. Red spider garden decor

VIEW IN GALLERYRed spider garden decor

Do you have some coloured light bulbs left over from a themed party you threw once and you know you’ll never use them again? Do you enjoy spooky things that other people might find creepy? Then grab some pliers and some thick crafting wire and get bending! This spider garden decor by The Dusty Raven is perfect for you.

6. Tiny ecosystem

VIEW IN GALLERYTiny ecosystem

Do you absolutely love the concept of “green” art? Take your environmentalism one step further than simply upcycling a light bulb by creating one of these adorable, healthy miniature ecosystems inside, just like Becoration did here.

7. Hanging water terrariums

VIEW IN GALLERYHanging water terrariums

Do you really like how the hanging, water filled flower vases from earlier on the list looked, but you’re allergic to flowers? You can still make and enjoy something similar without the sneezing! Check out how Little Bud Shop made these gorgeous light bulb water terrariums!

8. Spice containers

VIEW IN GALLERYSpice containers

This amazingly unique spice rack from Tarlen Handayani repurposes light bulbs in an amazing way! It’s also muc more decorative than your classic spice rack, adding some modern character to your kitchen.

9. Sparkly snow man ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYSparkly snow man ornaments

Light bulbs make for awesome seasonal crafting tools as well! If you have white, black, and orange paint, white glitter, glue, and a few sticks, then you’re all set to make these cute little snowman ornaments by Kelsey Bang.

10. Steampunk light bulb jewelry

VIEW IN GALLERYSteampunk light bulb jewelry

Perhaps you have some light bulbs that you want to upcycle, but they’re smaller or differently shaped than your standard sized lamp bulbs? Then you have an awesome opportunity to make yourself some alternative “steampunk” style jewelry! We absolutely adore these wire wrapped necklace and earring designs featured on Tanith.

11. Mini standing vase

VIEW IN GALLERYMini standing vase

Becoration understands that not everyone has the space in their apartment to make the hanging light bulb flower vases that we listed earlier, so they’ve also suggests these cute standing alternatives. You can customize the design by putting the light bulb on just about any type of DIY base you please!

12. Mini snow globes

VIEW IN GALLERYMini snow globes

Do you have some little cone shaped blubs left from a set of Christmas lights that stopped working? Repurpose them into these cute little snow globes by No Biggie to keep them in the holiday box but gives them new lease on life! These make great stocking stuffers or office decor.

13. Candy filled favours

VIEW IN GALLERYCandy filled favours

Are you hosting a party or throwing a wedding reception and you’re looking for unique favour ideas? Upcycling light bulbs into candy holders gives you a fun opportunity to get a little but “punny” about keep the world a brighter place, just like Uncommon Designs Online did here!

14. Penguin tree ornaments

VIEW IN GALLERYPenguin tree ornaments

Do you like the idea of transforming old light bulbs into Christmas ornaments, but you’ve already got some sparkly snow men like the ones from earlier on the list on your tree? There are still plenty of DIY ornament options for you! Check out these cute little penguins that The Dandy Daffodil made from painted repurposed light bulbs!

15. Light bulb bumblebees

VIEW IN GALLERYLIght bulb bumblebees

She Knows has a great light bulb craft suggestion for spring and summer! These cute little bumble bees are made using glass-friendly paint, pipe cleaners, thin strips of paper or card stock, and some googly eyes!

Have you created other DIY projects using repurposed light bulbs but you don’t see that type of project on our list? Tell us all about it or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!