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15 Best Instant Pot Recipes We’ve Tried

Now that the holidays are long over and we’ve gotten back into our regular routine for the new year, settling into the approach of spring, we’ve found ourselves struck with a new wave of inspiration in the kitchen.

We’re the kinds of cooks who like to keep things simple but still really enjoy experimenting with flavour and technique at the same time, so we’re sure you can imagine just how excited we are to finally get around to trying the new instant pot we got for Christmas!

We’re hoping it’ll help us try our hand at making all kinds of things at home that we might previously only have ordered out for, since we have such busy work schedules. We’ve long been keeping our eyes peeled for mouthwatering instant pot recipes that come highly recommended, bookmarking things until we’d amassed quite an impressive list indeed.

Best Instant Pot Recipes We Found

Are you feeling just as excited as we are, if not more, about finding new dishes to make in your instant pot? Check out these 15 scrumptious ideas, recipes, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Instant pot BBQ pork ribs


If you ask us, any time of year is the time for barbecue ribs, but we don’t always have the time (or the right weather) to make them happen on our actual barbecue. That’s why we were so thrilled to come across this extra easy alternative recipe from Instant Pot that teaches you step by step how to make them happen in… well… your instant pot!

2. Instant pot chili


Is the last of the cold weather still hanging on for dear life where you live, so you’re still looking for a few more hearty, winter-appropriate meals that will really warm your family up from the inside out until spring finally decides to show up? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Delish made this aromatic instant pot chili that’s very satisfying indeed.

3. Instant pot BBQ pulled pork


Are you still feeling your mouth water a little bit at the mention of BBQ pork but enjoying that scrumptious meat right off the ribs has never really been your number one favourite way of preparing or eating it? Then maybe you’d have better luck making this fragrant instant pot pulled pork outlined on Food Network instead! We love their serving suggestion for pulled pork sandwiches topped with homemade coleslaw.

4. Instant pot orange chipotle chicken


Just in case you love the idea of using your instant pot to increase the frequency with which you make yourself delicious meats as someone who’s not otherwise big on cooking but you’re not actually someone who regularly eats pork, here’s a recipe for the chicken lovers out there instead! Take a better look at Taste of Home to see how this instant pot orange chipotle chicken is made.

5. Instant pot pork gyros


If you’re going to start getting a little more creative than usual with your instant pot cooking, would you rather start trying your hand at international recipes, just to keep things interesting? In that case, we think you’ll appreciate this recipe and tutorial from Life Made Simple that teaches you step by step how to make perfect pork gyros with all the right Greek toppings!

6. Instant pot creamy lentil tortilla soup


Did we almost have you feeling convinced with all our talk about making instant pot chili to warm your tummy through but you’re also the kind of person who has always preferred actual soups to thicker recipes like chilis and stews? Then perhaps you’d get along a little better with something like this mouthwatering instant pot creamy lentil tortilla soup featured in great detail on Peas and Crayons!

7. Instant pot whole chicken


Did we actually really pique your interest when we started talking about chicken because that’s your favourite meat and a lot of your diet revolves around it, but you’re just not sure that the orange chipotle recipe we showed you earlier is quite the kind of thing you’d make a lot? Then we think you simply must check out how Kristine’s Kitchen figured out the perfect technique for making an entire chicken in their instant pot that will feed your whole family and can be seasoned however you like best!

8. Instant pot pork loin with bourbon apple sauce


Just in case you’re still totally in the mood for pork but you just haven’t felt entirely convinced by any of the options we’ve shown you yet, here’s another idea that we hope might perk your tastebuds up a little more! This recipe and tutorial from The Creative Bite shows you step by step how to make instant pot pork loin with delicious bourbon applesauce to pour on top.

9. Instant pot tomato basil spaghetti squash


In addition to trying to use your instant pot more for your own convenience within your busy schedule, are you also trying to collect recipes that will help you watch your calorie intake a little and eat slightly healthier as the year goes on? Well, instant pots are actually a great tool for that! We’d suggest starting out with this irresistible recipe from The Gunny Sack for tomato basil spaghetti squash.

10. Instant pot salmon


Rather than being a huge meat eater, have you actually always been more of a seafood lover above anything else? Then we’re absolutely convinced that you’ll adore this next recipe from Savory Tooth just as much as we did. We actually tried their instant pot salmon in real life and we’re pleased to report that it was absolutely divine.

11. Instant pot mac and cheese


If you ask us, mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food and no matter how many different ways we prepare it and how often we eat it, we still enjoy it heavily each and every time. That’s why we were so pleased to learn that having an instant pot is just yet another opportunity to try making mac and cheese in a new way! Get the recipe for this decadently cheesy instant pot mac and cheese on Pinch of Yum.

12. Instant pot chicken adobo


Are you still browsing through our options but really thinking about how much you liked he idea of finding new chicken recipes to try out in your pot because chicken meals really are always your favourite, so you’re hoping to bookmark as many different kinds as you can? Then here’s another one for your list! Food Network is here to teach you, in simple detail, how they made this delicious instant pot chicken adobo.

13. Instant pot risotto


Rather than being the kind of creamy pasta dish person who loves mac and cheese the most, are you actually a bigger fan of rice based dishes instead? Well, those can still be irresistibly creamy too, and they can also still be made nice and easily in your instant pot! Delish has just the kind of thing we’re describing in the form of their flavourful instant pot risotto.

14. Instant pot pot roast


Have you practically been able to hear your own stomach rumble as we’ve talked about all these delicious meat entrees that you can prepare in your instant pot but your favourite kind of meat has always been beef and you’re holding out in hopes that we’ll show you how to make a pot roast? Then we’re very pleased indeed to report that your patience has finally paid off! Get a delicious recipe for just that courtesy of Instant Pot.

15. Instant pot salted caramel cheesecake


Even though you do frequently cook yourself delicious, wholesome meals because you know the main course is the truly important part, are you really just a huge desserts fan underneath it all? Well, luckily for all of us, instant pots are just as useful for making sweet things as they are for making savoury ones! The best dessert recipe we’ve tried in ours so far was this one from Cookies & Cups that teaches you how to make instant pot salted caramel cheesecake.

Do you know another foodie and DIY enthusiast who just got a brand new instant pot and who has also said that they could use some recommendations, guidance, and suggestions for using it to make all kinds of delicious meals? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of awesome choices and options to choose from!