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Using Painter’s Tape to Decorate Your Home

We moved into a new house recently and, in painting and decorating all our new rooms from scratch, we have unexpectedly learned that some of the most basic and uninteresting seeming supplies are sometimes the ones that come in the most handy! Painter’s tape is the perfect example of what we mean; we cannot believe how many things we used it for in our rather DIY process of sprucing up the house before we get all settled in.

The most useful thing we found it great for, however, was making creative paint designs here and there. It was an extremely useful tool in letting us create more cheerful and personality filled spaces thanks to patterned details and accent walls! Since we still have a few rooms left to design and finish, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for new designs and decorative uses for it that we hadn’t considered yet.

Just in case you’re feeling as interested as we were, if not more, in the idea of creating an accent wall or detail that puts your painter’s tape to good use, here’s an awesome list of the 15 best designs and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance!

1. DIY painted and patterned doors using painter’s tape


Are you a little bit hesitant to create a whole painted accent wall on the actual wall of your room because that’s a rather permanent project to take on but you still can’t help feeling like your space could use a little bit if personality and eye catching pattern, especially if it means getting to practice your painter’s tape skills? Then perhaps you’d have a better time following this tutorial from Rain on A Tin Roof, which suggests creating a pattern on your closet doors instead, and even gives you some useful tips and tricks!

2. Painter’s tape painted diamond accent wall


Are you actually feeling very open indeed to the idea of making an accent wall using your painter’s tape but you’re a total beginner to that idea, having never done it before, and you’d like to keep things quite simple? Then perhaps this lovely, even, and straightforward diamond wall outlined on The Frugal Homemaker is a good place for you to start!

3. Painter’s tape hexagon patterned wall


Are you actually feeling a little more in the mood for something extra fun, both in terms of pattern and colour, and you’re not afraid to put your painter’s tape to good use in a busier looking way? Then maybe this multi-coloured painted hexagon wall outlined in clear detail- complete with colour scheme suggestions- thanks to Hometalk might be a little more up your alley.

4. Painter’s tape argyle patterned wall


Did we almost catch your attention well with the basic diamond idea we showed you because you quite like that simple shape but you’re also experienced with painter’s tape patterning and you have knowledge of shade changes because you’re an avid painter anyways, so you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge? Then we think you just might be the perfect person to give this amazing argyle patterned accent wall featured nice and clearly on Sincerely, Sarah D. a good try!

5. How to paint a pretty trellis wall with painter’s tape


Are you the kind of fine details enthusiast who really adores both stencilling and freehand painting and might be interested in finding a way to marry the two techniques in one place? Then we’re absolutely convinced that this next tutorial from From House 2 Home is just the kind of thing you’re looking for. They show you how to use painter’s tape to make the basic trellis shape in the background and then paint vines, branches, or flowers overtop in whatever way you please to create the illusion of a beautifully creeping garden.

6. Easy striped feature wall done with painter’s tape


Are you still feeling intent at this point on the idea of making some kind of painted accent wall using your painter’s tape but you’re also still hesitating on choosing a design because you’ve truly never tried anything like this before and you know you need something even easier than what we’ve shown you so far? In that case, we’d definitely suggest keeping things easy but satisfying and trying your hand at something like this simple striped wall outlined with full, detailed instructions on A House Full of Sunshine!

7. Painter’s tape plaid patterned tabletop


Have you actually been thinking a lot about the fact that, if painter’s tape works this well to make custom geometric stencils on walls, it only makes sense that it works the same on other surfaces too? Well, if you’re interested in adding an accent piece in the form of some furniture rather than on a whole wall itself, then maybe you’d get along better with making something like this painted plaid patterned tabletop that Rain on A Tin Roof features in full detail for you to try out!

8. Painter’s tape herringbone accent wall


Are you feeling totally sold on the idea of using painter’s tape as a guide to create some kind of DIY accent wall but you just haven’t come across the pattern that quite speaks to you yet? Then here’s another one for your consideration, just in case it hits the spot! Check out how Thrifty & Chic use their tape and painting skills to create this awesome herringbone pattern that would look great in any colour.

9. Custom painted stair risers


Are you feeling quite interested in creating some kind of striped pattern somewhere but you’re just not sure that transforming a wall is really what will make you feel satisfied, since you’re aiming for a slightly more unique look? Then maybe you’d get a kick out of the way DIY Network outlines the process for using painter’s tape and a stencil set to transform a set of wooden stairs, right across the top and even down each one’s riser!

10. Easy painted concrete patio rug


Are you still thinking about how you’re slightly too much of a beginner to jump right into painting with tape patterns on your wall, even though you’re keen to try the technique? Perhaps you’re just feeling intent on transforming your outdoor space right now since you’re already happy with your rooms inside. Either way, check out how charming and fun this painted stripes patio “rug” that Hometalk shows you how to make with painter’s tape is.

11. Custom painted curtains


Did you know that hard surfaces aren’t actually the only ones you can put your painter’s tape and brushes to good use on when it comes to adding personality and design to something? If you’re careful and use the right paint, you can use the tape for things like simple striping on fabric as well. These cute custom painted kitchen curtains featured in detail on Miss Mustard Seed are the perfect example of what we mean.

12. Glamorous filing cabinet


Did we actually really pique your interest when we started talking about the idea of using painter’s tape to make stripes and patterns on furniture but the plaid tabletop we showed you just didn’t call your name? Then maybe you’d have a better time making something like this slightly more subtle and glamorously coloured filing cabinet instead! Hometalk has all kinds of tips and tricks for you when it comes to making sure the pattern on each drawer is evenly sized and placed.

13. Customized painted rug


Do we actually still have you thinking about how much you liked the idea of using painter’s tape and paint on something soft and material based rather than just flat, hard surfaces but a set of curtains just isn’t what you need right now? In that case, maybe it’s time to turn your attention to your blank floors! No, we don’t mean painting the floors themselves (although you could totally use painter’s tape as a guide for that as well); we’re talking about mapping out a painted pattern on an area rug, just like Designer Trapped did!

14. Graphic painted pillows using painter’s tape


If you’re going to try your hand at some kind of large and much more permanent paint and painter’s tape project in the future, are you convinced that you’d feel a lot better about doing so if you could have some kind of smaller practice round first? Then we’re pleased to report that Crafting Chicks has just the kind of thing you’ve been hoping for! Their tutorial teaches you how to make an adorable graphic pained throw pillow covered in stripes using tape and painter’s tape, letting you try the technique out in a more manageable way before you go tackling an entire wall in your house.

15. Pretty painted planter


Have we really got you feeling excited now that we’re talking a little more about smaller scale projects because you do want to earn more about using painter’s tape to map our your painting projects but you live in a little apartment where you’re not allowed to paint the space itself? Well, if you’re a greenery fan who likes to keep potted plants around for your happiness, then maybe you’d get along quite well indeed with this project from Makeful that shows you how to use your paints and tape to make different patterns on your plant pots!

Have you made other fantastic things using the guidance and shape of painter’s tape before that you were very happy with indeed but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you made and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!