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11 Useful DIY Wine Cork Crafts

Wine corks are perfect for a variety of chic DIY projects. They’re rustic, sustainable and the end result never disappoints. If you are a wine enthusiast you won’t have a problem collecting the corks (who ever said that drinking wine can’t be useful?). If you’re not a wine enthusiast, call a friend who is and invite them to a crafty afternoon! Here’s a roundup of 11 useful DIY wine cork crafts for your household!

1. Bath Mat

VIEW IN GALLERYBath Mat from Wine corks

Bath mats can be super functional, but they can also be a big nuisance if made from the wrong materials. You want your bath mat to be sustainable and non-slippery, so give this project a try! Crafty Nest shares with you a detailed how-to, as well as an update on how the mat is holding up even after weeks of constant use!

2. Coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYStylish Coasters from Wine Corks

Picture this: a beautiful wine cork coaster holding your wine glass filled with your favorite wine. And they said that being an adult is hard! Where there’s wine, there’s always a way! Visit Pink When to learn how to make these beautiful coasters!

3. Candles

VIEW IN GALLERYWine cork candles

This project by A Subtle Revelry only has two steps, which makes it a perfect fit for all the busy bees out there! If you’re not into conventional candles, you’ll love these wine cork ones! This project is truly simple, fast and unique!

4. Place cards

VIEW IN GALLERYWine cork place cards

What an amazing idea! These wine cork place cards will surely spice up any event and totally surprise your guests! And, according to Here Comes The Sun, they can totally be reused! Before you know it they’ll be the trademark of your household!

5. Trivet


When we said this roundup is full of useful projects, we meant it! Just look at this innovative way to protect your table from the heat of a hot pot! You’re free to paint it with your favorite colors – see how Everyday Dishes made it happen!

6. Framed Wine Cork Board

VIEW IN GALLERYFramed Wine Cork Board

Do you love the idea of cork boards but the regular ones bore you? Here’s a fun spin on it! Use wine corks and place them into a big fancy frame (hello Ikea!), creating an outstanding, one-of-a-kind cork board! Suze Geeks Out will show you how!

7. Mini Magnet Planters

VIEW IN GALLERYMini Magnet Planters

Miniature things are as popular as ever! Every household benefits from having plants and these miniature wine cork magnet planters will fit absolutely everywhere! Make some room on your fridge or a magnet board, then visit It All Started With Paint and read the details!

8. Napkin Rings

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade napkin rings from wine corks

Napkin rings are an absolute must for an orderly placed table! When made out of wine corks they float on water, so if a kid accidently throws them into a bowl of punch at a family event, they’re easily retrievable! Joking aside, these are really stunning and the tutorial is found at Socks And Mittens!

9. Backsplash

VIEW IN GALLERYAppealing Diy Wine Cork Backsplash with How To Make A Backsplash In Your Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen? You’ll be head over heels for this idea! It’s a backsplash made entirely out of wine corks and it looks stunning! Create Craft Love tells us it took 800 corks to pull this off, so … don’t try to collect all of them by yourself!

10. Picnic Basket

VIEW IN GALLERYPicnic Basket basket from wine corks

Give the boring old picnic basket a little makeover – dress it up into wine corks! Then, put in some great food, a bottle of fine wine (obviously) and take your family out for a picnic! You can find the instructions for the basket at Chica and Jo!

11. Photo Display

VIEW IN GALLERYWine cork photo display

Dye some corks and make a really simple, minimalistic photo display for your favorite photographs! You can move the display around, which always comes in handy to those who constantly need a change in décor! A Charming Project shares the tutorial.

For the love of wine, it’s time to put those corks to a good use!