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Trendy Marble Crafts to Add a Touch of Class to your Home

Marble and marble surfaces are incredibly trendy and continue to be popular design features for the home. If you have been thinking about making your own marble-styled decor, we have compiled a list of some of the best idea that you can easily try out. From party cups to gorgeous planters, even a hint of marble promises to make a big difference. Enjoy!

1. Marbled Party Cups

VIEW IN GALLERYMarble Party Cups

Do you have a party coming up and want to create some unique accessories that will steal the spotlight? Then why not make your own marbled party cups like these from Delineate Your Dwelling?.

2. Marble Flower Pot

VIEW IN GALLERYMarble Flower Pot

Did you know that nail polish is the perfect material for those looking to create a marbled effect? Well, that’s exactly what Gina Michele used when creating this fantastic marbled flower pot. IF you are looking for a DIY project that is quick and easy, then this is the one for you.

3. Marble Jewel Dish

VIEW IN GALLERYMarbled Jewel Dish

Give your jewellery a special place to call home with their own marble jewel dish that is super-easy to craft. This will make a lovely addition to your dressing space and to get started on it today, head over to One Artsy Mama.

4. Marble Clay Coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYMarble Coasters

Make funky marble coasters for your home with this creative design from The Surznick Common Room. This is an incredibly easy project that is perfect for beginners.

5. Marble Art Piece


Who says that art has to be expensive and hard to relate to? Why not make your own piece of artwork that will be a an absolute visual treat? This amazing looking marble art piece from A Beautiful Mess will be fun to make and would sure add color to your living space or bedroom.

6. Marble Ring Cones

VIEW IN GALLERYMarble Ring Cones

Make your own unique cone ring holders out of marble with this lovely design from Handmade Banana. Give your rings a holder you can be proud of!

7. Marble Glass Vases

VIEW IN GALLERYMarble Glass Vases

Have you ever wanted to make your own marble glass vases, but didn’t know where to start? Well now you can make them easily with some help from Craft and Creativity. These lovely looking marble glass vases will be a delightful addition to your home.

8. Marble Clock


This creation from Twine and Table is easy to recreate, giving a lovely subtle marble effect to the clock even while presenting an air of understated elegance.

9. Marbled Cups


Do you have some cups that you would like to change? Then why not turn them into marble cups? This design from Anna Maria is easy to follow, but more importantly, it’s fun to craft as well.