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Warm and Cozy: DIY Sweaters to Keep You Warm This Winter 

We absolutely cannot survive the winter without cozy sweaters! Not only do they keep us warm, they also make us super comfortable during the coldest days. A good sweater is one that you can wear at home while you’re drinking hot chocolate on the couch but you can quickly go to brunch without having to change! It’s a versatile and multi-functional piece that looks chic and gives you cozy feels. We’ve found some really amazing DIY sweaters that you can make just in time for winter!

1. Oversized Knitted Sweater


Tight sweaters seem like a distant memory in the world of fashion. They have totally been replaced by chunky oversized sweaters! Wearing a giant sweater makes you feel so safe and comfy. If you’re dying to make your very own fabulous oversized sweater, Eat Me Blog has the knitting pattern!

2. Cropped Sweater 


The colder months can sometimes be very unpredictable; temperatures are always rising and falling, leaving you confused about the wardrobe you should choose for the day. A cropped sweater is a great option when it’s not too cold but you still need long sleeves! A Pair & A Spare will show you how to make it.

3. Gem Neckline Sweater 


Maybe you already have a sweater that you love wearing, except it doesn’t really go with your style because it’s too plain. It may be winter but that doesn’t mean you need to give up your gorgeous personal style. Update the sweater with a gem neckline, as seen at I Spy DIY!

4. Modern Embroidered Sweater 


Big sweaters do tend to have an old-fashioned look, especially when they are knitted and lack decoration. If you swear by modern fashion, you’re going to want something a little more colorful and dynamic. How about this embroidered sweater by Sugar & Cloth?

5. Dip Dye Sweater


Dip dyeing your clothes is a super fun and simple way to give them some color and make them unique! If you are tired of wearing sweaters that all look the same, give them a dip dye makeover! You can see the whole process at The House That Lars Built.

6. Pom Pom Sweater 


Winter can be very gray and gloomy, so it really pays off to have your closet stocked with fun and lively pieces, such as this pom pom sweater by I Spy DIY. It radiates playfulness and will undoubtedly make the cold and gray days much happier!

7. Beaded Sweater 


If you eat, sleep and breathe DIY projects you surely have a big box of beads hiding somewhere in your special crafting drawer. It’s time to put them to a good use! Make yourself a beaded sweater that will carry a unique message of your choice! TiB will show you how to make it.

8. Big Bulky Sweater 


Maybe you don’t even care about how fashionable your sweater is or about the fact that you have six of them that look the same – so long as they are warm and comfortable you’ll stick with them forever! Check in with The Nook to learn how you can make your very own simplistic bulky sweater.

9. Ribbon Bow Sweater 


People put a lot of attention on the front of their clothes, but what about the back? We would argue that it’s equally as important as the front and with that in mind, we found you a beautiful sweater with a ribbon bow on its back. You can get the details at Love Maegan.

10. Dress Sweater 


You want to wear a dress but the weather doesn’t agree with it. Now what? It’s Always Autumn came up with a lovely idea for a dress sweater that brings together the best of both pieces. It’s warm and cozy but it also compliments your shape and makes you look elegant!

11. Pearl Studded Sweater 


If you are invited to a business meeting or an important event you definitely can’t show up in the chunky sweater you’ve been wearing at home for the past three days. You need something elegant, chic and warm. Our money is on this pearl studded sweater by Honestly WTF!

12. Weasley Sweater 


Harry Potter fans, rejoice! You can now sport your very own classic Weasley sweater and feel like you are a part of their family. Lauren Fairweather will share the tips and tricks and then it’s up to you to continue the tradition and make it for your loved ones!