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15 Mouth Watering Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes

We’re the kind of ice cream lovers who will eat chilled treats essentially all year round, but there’s just something extra exciting about getting to eat them in warm weather, even though we know they’ll melt faster. So, what’s our absolute favourite kind of ice cream treat, you ask? Well, nothing will ever fully beats classic, creamy chocolate ice cream but if we’re being totally honest, we’ve been completely obsessed with ice cream sandwiches for years.

Just in case you love ice cream sandwiches just as much as we do, if not more, and you’re also an avid kitchen enthusiast, here are 15 awesome DIY ice cream sandwich recipes for you to try out this spring and on into the summer.

1. Classic vanilla ice cream sandwich with homemade chocolate cookie


Are you practically drooling thinking about those simple, classic ice cream sandwiches we just talked about, but you’re also enough of a DIY foodie that you’d love to learn how to make them yourself rather than just stocking your freezer with bulk packs from the local grocer? Then we definitely think you should take a look at how Foodshack made these exact replicas at home! They guide you through the process of making your own chocolate cookie layers, filling them with ice cream, and cutting them to the perfect hand held size (even though we’ll fully admit to having made ours a little bigger).

2. Vanilla bean ice cream sandwiches


Perhaps you’ve always been in love with the chocolate cookie outside of the classic ice cream sandwiches we keep mentioning but you’re actually not a huge fan of the ice cream in the centre because you prefer a creamy, true vanilla taste of the watered down, mass produced stuff? Well, like we said, we’ll take any kind of ice cream sandwich at all, but we sure can’t say we blame you for having great taste! That’s why we’d suggest taking a look at these homemade cookie sandwiches by Rodelle Kitchen that are filled with vanilla bean ice cream! Use your favourite local brand or make your own if you’re feeling up to the challenge.

3. S’mores ice cream sandwiches


If you’re going to go to the whole effort of making your own ice cream sandwiches, would you rather make an ultimate version that’s packing with delicious flavour and high on the decadence scale? Then you’re going to love these ice cream sandwich S’more treats outlined on Popsugar. As if the idea of ice cream and cookies wasn’t already good enough, they show you how to mix marshmallow and chocolate chunks into your filling and sandwich it between two flavourful graham crackers to get that authentic S’more flavour.

4. Chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches


When we say the word “cookie”, does your mind automatically flip to warm chocolate chip cookies because those are your absolute favourite treat? Are you the kind of sweets lover who will snack on handfuls of chocolate chips when you need a little sugary snack? Then we definitely think you’ll be crazy about these ice cream sandwiches that are not only made with delicious chocolate chip cookies on the outside, but are also stuffed with vanilla chocolate chip ice cream in the middle. Get the recipe for these dessert dreams from Martha Stewart.

5. Candy bar ice cream and banana chocolate cookie sandwiches


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about decadently stacked gourmet versions of the classic ice cream sandwich idea but S’mores have just never really been your thing? In that case, we have a more chocolate packed alternative that we think might do you one better! Check out the way Family Circle made ice cream filled with Skor bar chunks and slathered that between two banana chocolate cookies to make their sandwich!

6. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream sandwiches


We know we already talked about a chocolate chip cookie sandwich with chocolate chips on the inside, but to some hardcore cookie enthusiasts, that recipe might have tasted like it was missing one thing- the cookie dough! If that’s how you felt when you read the description then we’d definitely suggest having a look at the way Got Chocolate created a version that’s packed with cookie dough chunks in the centre as well, just to really make sure you’re treating yourself thoroughly.

7. Valentine ice cream sandwiches


Okay, we know Valentine’s Day has long passed, but that doesn’t mean we won’t hoard adorable heart shaped recipe ideas for next year! In fact, we’re the kind of cheesy kitchen enthusiasts who simply love showing our families we loved them through food, so we’d actually make these lovely Valentine ice cream sandwiches any time of year. Take a look at the recipe from Martha Stewart to find out how the chocolate heart cookies are made, and then fill them with strawberry, cherry, or raspberry ice cream to get that lovely pink centre!

8. Giant peanut butter ice cream sandwich cake


Yes, you read that correctly; this amazing, mouth watering looking cake is actually just one gaint ice cream sandwich! We’re pretty sure that if we served this to any of our kids on their birthday, they’d actually scream out loud (so, naturally, we fully intend to do so now that we’ve got this recipe in our hands). Find out how to make a cookie that huge and fill it that neatly with ice cream in this tutorial featured on Taste of Home.

9. Flavoured ice cream sandwich bars


Are you pretty intent on the idea of having chocolate chip cookies as your outer sandwich layer but, beyond that, you’re actually not too picky what they’re filled with so long as you get to eat some ice cream? Then this flavoured sandwich idea is absolutely the one for you! Just a Pinch suggests making several cookies the size of a smaller pan and then filling them all with differently flavoured ice cream so that your family and friends have more than one mouth watering option to choose from.

10. Blueberry ice cream sandwiches


Are you rather intrigued by the idea of combining cookies, ice cream sandwiches, and cakes all in one place? Then we think perhaps we’ve actually found the ultimate recipe for you. This idea from Popsugar makes a cookie bottom and top that resembles the graham cracker bottom layer you’d find in a cheesecake, and then fills the middle with blueberry cheesecake ice cream. Talk about gourmet combinations worth trying at least once!

11. Confetti ice cream sandwiches


Do your kids have summer birthdays so they often request ice cream cakes, but you’ve been thinking about looking for handheld, bite sized alternatives so that each guest at the party can just grab one and go between turns in the sprinkler, rather than sitting still with a plate and a fork trying to eat a huge piece of ice cream cake before it melts? Then you simply must check out this awesome confetti cake ice cream sandwich idea from HGTV! Beyond the delicious taste and the convenience, we love the way the sprinkles mixed into the ice cream make them look perfectly celebratory for a birthday party.

12. Sugar cookie and berry ice cream sandwiches


Did we almost catch your attention when we mentioned blueberry ice cream sandwiches, but you’d actually prefer a real cookie layer to the crushed graham cracker idea, and you might even like mixed berry ice cream better? Well, we’ve basically just described these berry sugar cookie ice cream sandwiches from Little Rock, so we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how those are made!

13. Oatmeal cookie and sprinkles sandwiches


Did you really like the idea of making birthday ice cream sandwiches, but you’d prefer to make them a little bigger and from a regular batch of cookies, rather than cutting them into handheld sized bars? Then check out how Dishmaps made these very simple oatmeal cookie and vanilla ice cream sandwiches, adding a birthday flare in the form of rainbow sprinkles all around the outside! The technique is very simple; pour the sprinkles into a bowl and dip each sandwich all the way around until you have a full, cheerful brightly coloured layer.

14. Gingerbread ice cream sandwiches


Do you often find that, even though you adore the summer season and cold treats, a lot of your favourite flavours when it comes to baked goods like cookies are actually winter ones, more along the lines of things you’d usually find people making at Christmas time? Then we just know you’re going to go crazy for these adorable gingerbread men ice cream sandwiches featured on Taste of Home! They’ve got that slightly spicy ginger and cinnamon flavour you enjoy along with each vanilla ice cream bite.

15. Peach ice cream sandwiches


If you’re going to make a summertime treat from your favourite cold food, would you prefer to make one that actually tastes like summer? Then why not pick your favourite summer season fruit and blend that into the ice cream for extra taste along with your cookie layer? We literally can’t get enough of these amazingly scrumptious summer peach ice cream sandwiches, for example, so we’re very thankful to Huffington Post for featuring the recipe (which, in all seriousness, we’ve already made twist this year).