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Classic Crochet Ribbon-Tie Shoes for Bonnie Babies

Just when you think you’ve seen the single cutest pair of baby shoes in your life, along come these gorgeous little creations! And what’s more, the fact that they’re homemade by you says so much more than store-bought shoes ever could!

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You’re guaranteed to leave them cooing and squeaking for days after they lay eyes on these! We just love a good crochet baby shoe pattern and these ribbon-tie cuties are just adorable on a whole new level. Perfect for baby showers, a great gift for new moms and the perfect project for any little treasure in your life – they’re so much easier to make than you’d think and wholly superior to anything you can buy in a store.

Gorgeous Gifts for Life

The really great news is that you won’t need too many supplies to get started and nor will you have to be a pro with a crochet hook. Just pick up the basics with a few simple stitches and arm yourself with the following:

  • Quality crochet hooks
  • Colored yard of your choosing
  • Bows for decoration
  • Colored ribbons
  • Beads for decoration
  • Sewing supplies

As soon as you get the basic idea of how to put them together, you’ll be able to dream up a million and one unique designs of your own to try out! Keep it simple or go crazy with the embellishments – every pair you make will be a guaranteed keepsake they’ll want to hold onto for life!

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We’re absolutely in love with cute and quirky crochet craft projects for kids and babies – be sure to check out the rest of our collection! From bags to bonnets to bootees and so much more, we’ve got all bases covered with the simplest patterns you’ll ever come across!

You might just find you never need to buy a pair of baby shoes again – why would you when you can make these beauties at home?

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