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15 Fun Christmas Finger Foods for Everyone

In our family, proper Christmas dinner is always a sit down meal with nice place settings and true family time conversation. That doesn’t mean, however, that every meal you have around the holidays will be quite so formal! In fact, if you like to entertain as much as we do around Christmas, you won’t even have time to make such elaborate meals for each holiday celebration of Christmas party you have. On top of that, the holidays are a time full of things like workplace potlucks, where everyone brings something that’s easy to share. All of this combined means that having a good arsenal of Christmassy finger foods in your cook book is always a smart idea!

Check out these 15 delicious, easy to eat Christmas-time finger foods that will be perfect for your next holiday party.

1. Wrap sandwich Christmas tree

VIEW IN GALLERYWrap sandwich Christmas tree

As if cream cheese and ham filled wraps aren’t already a good enough snack on a regular day when they’re cut into simple sections, DIY Masters makes them even better by suggesting that you make them out of green spinach pitas and showing you how to stack them in layers so they look like a Christmas tree! We love the way they’ve cut pieces of bell pepper into star shapes to look like ornaments.

2. Cheese ball Christmas ornament

VIEW IN GALLERYCheeseball Christmas ornament

In our family, the star of the appetizer and finger foods table was always the cheese ball. No matter what kind of crackers are served, people just love the idea of a good cheese ball containing all kinds of ingredients and garnishes. You could follow this whole cheese ball recipe from Intoxikate or make your own family’s version, but we absolutely adore the way they’ve cut peppers to look like the details of a rounded Christmas ornament.

3. Coconut snowmen with wafers

VIEW IN GALLERYCoconut snowmen with wafers

Do you like the idea of the cheese ball and crackers but you know the guests you’re having are more sweet fans than savory ones? Then perhaps they’d prefer coconut marshmallows on sweet wafers instead! Dishmaps shows you how to transform the simple marshmallows into a little snowman by covering them in delicious coconut shavings, adding chocolate chip buttons, and topping it off with a chocolate wafer hat!

4. Powdered donut kebab snowmen

VIEW IN GALLERYPowdered donut kebabe snowmen

Have you always thought about how much little powdered donuts look like snowballs each time you’ve eaten them? Maybe it was just us, but that thought popped into our heads all through our childhood (and we ate these things a lot)! Maybe that’s why The Sister’s Cafe decided to transform them into these cute little snowman kebabs! We like the idea of putting them on a stick because it makes them novelty and both easy and fun for little kids to eat.

5. String cheese snowmen

VIEW IN GALLERYString cheese snowmen

This winter themed finger good is so darn easy that you could even have your kids help you make them before their grade’s end of term Christmas party! Draw the faces and buttons onto the plastic packaging of the cheese strings using permanent markers and then use sticky foam to make hats and ribbons to make scarves! Check them out in more detail on No Biggie.

6. Big snowman cheese ball

VIEW IN GALLERYbig snowman cheese ball

Did you love the idea of dressing up your favourite cheese ball for Christmas dinner’s appetizer spread but you’re not a huge fan of bell peppers so you’re not sure about the previous ornament idea? Then check out this alternative design from Babble! They’ve turned their cheese ball into a hilarious little snowman using asparagus, green onions, dried cranberries, and a sprig of rosemary.

7. Mini cheese ball snowmen

VIEW IN GALLERYMini cheese ball snowmen

Maybe you love the cheese ball snowman idea but you’d rather give your guests a little more convenience in their snacking that doesn’t involve them all taking turns with cheese knives to get their share of the big crowd pleasing snack on the table like they’d have to with a big cheese ball? Then follow in Hungry Happenings‘s footsteps and create smaller individual snowmen instead so that everyone can have their own!

8. Holiday pine cone cheese ball

VIEW IN GALLERYHoliday pine cone cheese ball

Okay, we know, we’re probably talking about cheese balls too much, but if you’ve ever tried one, then you already know why! If you’d rather a version that has a little more of a unique flavour, and even a little more crunch, then check out this acorn design made of almonds by Food Wishes! It might be a little more time consuming than the other cheese ball designs we’ve shown you, but the final product is certainly worth the effort. Lay down a sprig of rosemary so the acorn looks like it’s hanging from a fir branch.

9. Edible Christmas wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYEdible Christmas wreath

Are you the kind of cook who can’t get enough of novelty food artisan and you’re always up for a challenge when it comes to edible decor? Then this fresh vegetable Christmas wreath is a must-have piece for your holiday kitchen! The Good Food Guide shows you how to make it from all kinds of leafy greens, red and orange grape tomatoes, red chili peppers, and herbs for leaf texture. Talk about a fun salad!

10. Christmas candle cucumber sweet potato rolls

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas candle cucumber rolls

Are you a big fan of unique food combinations that wouldn’t necessarily go together normally, but that create a delicious flavour combination that you just can’t get enough of once you’ve seen the idea? Then you’ll fully understand how these cute little “Christmas candles” by  Vegetarian Society made it onto our list! They’re made from slices of sweet potato stuck in the middle of a roll containing finely diced veggies wrapped in a thin layer of cucumber.

11. Santa hat grape kebabs

VIEW IN GALLERYSanta hat grape kebabs

Have you always loved fruit salad but you’re really trying to keep things fun, novelty, and on theme this holiday season? Then a regular fruit salad in a bowl won’t necessarily do the trick for you. Instead, try making these adorable little “Santa” fruit kebabs just like Breakfast With Audrey! Slide on a whole grape, a slice of banana, the peaked end of a strawberry with the wide, rounded top cut off, and a little circle of your favourite type of white cheese for the pom pom!

12. Santa olive penguins

VIEW IN GALLERYSanta olive penguins

Have you always loved the salty addition that olives bring to a finger foods buffet but you’ve been searching for ages for a way to make them more holiday themed than just piling them into a bowl? Then we’ve found the exact food design you need! Check out how The Diet Free Zone turned simple black olives into little penguins using delicious soft cheese, some carrots, and cherry or grape tomatoes cut in half.

13. Mini Christmas pizzas

VIEW IN GALLERYMini Christmas pizzas

Are you looking for a novelty Christmas finger food that your kids will love, but that they’ll also enjoy helping out with when it comes to actually making and heating them? Then these awesome little Christmas tree shaped pizzas are exactly what you need! Good to Know guides you through the process of cutting the dough into a Christmas tree shape decorating it as though the toppings are ornaments, and baking it to perfection.

14. Open faced Christmas tree sandwiches

VIEW IN GALLERYOpen faced Christmas tree sandwiches

Do you love the idea of making Christmas tree shaped foods but you’re not sure your guests will really be keen on having pizza as part of their holiday meal? Then try something a little more gourmet but still totally simple! These open faced sandwiches are made with green chutney and cheese spread and topped with veggies like green onions, shaved or diced carrots, and peppers. See the whole idea in more detail on Just Indian Food!

15. Christmas tree pull apart bread

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas tree pull apart bread

Have you always been the biggest fan of warm breads and other doughy recipes around the holidays? We don’t blame you! After all, cold winter days are a time for comfort foods, mouthwatering tastes, and dishes that you can share with your loved ones. That’s why we loved this Christmas tree shaped pull-apart bread recipe from Eclectic Every Day! Each person can grab a ball like they’d grab a dinner roll. Don’t forget the delicious marinara sauce for dipping!