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Cute Homemade Treats: Adorable Winter Cupcake Ideas

We love baking all year round but there’s just something extra special about making sweet treats around the holidays! Our absolute favourite type of Holiday Season baking is, of course, cupcakes, just like it is throughout the year. Besides being completely delicious and versatile when it comes to flavour options, cupcakes are a great opportunity to get creative with your kids.

Check out these adorable and super scrumptious cupcakes that will keep your kids busy and their tummies happy at the same time!

1. Reindeer cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYReindeer cupcakes

Have you always been a big fan of sweet and salty flavours together? Then adding pretzels to a chocolate cupcake is definitely the way to go. Snapping the pretzel in half so you have two arching pieces and dipping them in chocolate like Half Baked Harvest did here makes for an absolutely delicious snack.

2. Marshmallow snowman cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYMarshmallow snowman cupcakes

Are you the kind of person who enjoys a lot of sweetness and thinks there can never be enough icing and sugar to go around? We don’t blame you! Cupcakes are always a sweet treat but you can take that to the next level and also make them a fun little craft by building a snowman made of marshmallows on top. Cooking Classy shows you how it’s done.

3. Hot chocolate cupcakes with toasted marshmallows

VIEW IN GALLERYHot chocolate cupcakes with toasted marshmallows

If you’re a big fan of regular chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing then we’re about to show you how to take that idea to the next level of flavour in a way that will totally blow your mind. Instead of plain chocolate, this cupcake recipe by Bakerita is made with hot chocolate mix. Instead of just plain vanilla icing, the recipe shows you how to toast marshmallow fluff on top!

4. Muddy buddies cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYMuddy buddies cupcakes

Are you a huge fan of puppy chow and all the different flavours of it that you can make? Then you’ll love the topper on this delicious coffee cupcake! Besides getting that dark, rich java flavour, you’ll also get a sweetly sugared crunch from the homemade puppy chow pieces resting in the icing. Find out how it’s done on Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

5. Nutter butter cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYNutter butter cupcakes

What’s better than making yourself one delicious treat? Making yourself a something that has two treats in one, of course! These hilarious little character cupcakes by Five Heart Home are made by dressing Nutter Butter cookies up like reindeer, snowmen, or Santa using icing, candies, and coconut shavings or sprinkles! We love the extra flavour it adds to an already awesome sweet snack.

6. Gingerbread cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYGingerbread cupcakes

Do you love the flavour of gingerbread cookies but you actually prefer the consistency of baked goods like cupcakes to things like cookies and biscuits? Then Sally’s Baking Addiction‘s is here to save your day! These moist, spongy cupcakes are spiced perfectly to taste just like your favourite Christmas gingerbread flavour, with a cute little novelty cinnamon cake topper shaped like a gingerbread man.

7. Eggnog cupcakes with spiced rum frosting

VIEW IN GALLERYEggnog cupcakes with spiced rum frosting

Are you looking for a flavour of cupcake that’s a little more adult and a little less super sweet like the ones your kids love best? Then we definitely suggest checking out these eggnog cupcakes by Baker’s Royale! As if that’s not enough, the icing recipe they give you is for spiced rum frosting and it balances the flavour of the cake perfectly.

8. Sweet snowman cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYSweet snowman cupcakes

Bakerella guides you through the process of making not just a cupcake, but a cupcake that is literally a tiny “snow” man. Their baking tutorial shows you how to mold the body and head out of icing, powdered sugar, and cake balls, topping the whole thing off with some gumdrop buttons and a wafer hat!

9. Peppermint mocha cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYPeppermint mocha cupcakes

As if chocolate mint cupcakes weren’t already a great enough idea, Sally’s Baking Addiction has taken things to the next level once more. Their version is chocolate mint mocha for a bit of extra flavour! Besides the delicious coffee taste in the cake mix, their baking tutorial shows you how to add mint to a delicious vanilla icing and top everything off with crushed candy cane.

10. Polar bear paw cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYPolar bear paw cupcakes

Is your absolute favourite kind of cupcake a coconut recipe, even though it’s not a classically “winter” flavour? Well, lucky for us all, One Little Project has found a way to make even summery tasting coconut shreds fit into a holiday theme! Make whatever kind of cupcake you like best, top it with your favourite white icing, and cover the icing with coconut. Use a chocolate biscuit to made the pad of a polar bear paw and chocolate covered coffee beans or raisins to look like toes!

11. Cranberry vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate frosting

VIEW IN GALLERYCranberry vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate frosting

The Recipe Rebel

Sometimes the fun is in the flavour rather than the way the cupcake looks. If you’d rather make classic, simply iced cupcakes rather than something wacky, check out this holiday cranberry vanilla recipe! Between the cranberry jam filling and the white chocolate icing, these are completely decadent, if you ask us.

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