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Delicious Treats: Tasty and Unique Fall Breakfast Recipes

When it comes to cold fall days, particularly on weekends, our very favourite thing to do is sleep in a little bit and then make and enjoy a big, warm breakfast. The best part about the seasons changing, however, is that you can make yourself meals that you might not think about during the other months of the year; making them even more special and fun each year!

Check out these 15 delicious fall breakfast ideas to make and share with your family when you want to keep warm on a cold winter’s morning!

1. Pumpkin carrot pecan muffins

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin carrot pecan muffins

Maybe you’re not actually a huge breakfast type person but you still want something that tastes like fall to start your day? Then muffins are the perfect option for you! This pumpkin carrot pecan recipe not only tastes like autumn with every bite, but baking them will also make your whole house smell good! Check the details out on A Beautiful Plate.

2. Pumpkin cinnamon twist knots

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin cinnamon twist knots

What could possibly be better than a cinnamon bun or a cinnamon twist for breakfast? A pumpkin cinnamon twist on a fall morning, of course! The drizzle is similar to and just as delicious as the classic recipe, but the dough and spices in the filling are where you’ll find the autumn flavoured magic. Learn more on A Kitchen Addiction.

3. Breakfast baked acorn squash with Greek yogurt, honey, and pecans

VIEW IN GALLERYBreakfast baked acorn squash with greek yogurt, honey, and pecans

There are few things we love more than baked acorn squash with Thanksgiving dinner on a fall evening. Do you love it so much, though, that you often eat the leftovers for dinner? We’re guilty of that too, so imagine how excited we were when we discovered this acorn squash recipe that’s actually meant to be eaten for breakfast! Ambitious Kitchen suggests filling the squash with Greek yogurt, honey, and pecans.

4. Apple cinnamon crepes

VIEW IN GALLERYApple cinnamon crepes

Crepes are a breakfast classic that we love to make any time of year, but it’s the filling that makes them special or seasonal! If you’re looking for a crepe filling that fits a cold fall morning particularly well, then we definitely suggest this delicious apple cinnamon version from Julia’s Album!

5. Pumpkin apple muffins

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin apple muffins

Did you like the idea of a deliciously fall tasting breakfast muffin like the first recipe we listed but you’re not sure the inclusion of carrots and pecans is for you? Don’t worry, your fall muffin options don’t end there! Cookies and Cups offers you another version of a pumpkin breakfast muffin that involves apples instead.

6. Pumpkin brown sugar pecan pancakes

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin brown sugar pecan pancakes

Perhaps you liked the idea of the crepes but you actually prefer pancakes because they’re a little more substantial? You can make those deliciously fall themed too! We’re particularly in love with this pumpkin brown sugar pecan recipe because it’s got nuts, pumkin, and sweetness. What more could we ask for? See the full list of ingredients on The Belle Vie Blog.

7. Triple layered apple sandwich

VIEW IN GALLERYTriple layered apple sandwich

Are you always on the lookout for awesome snack alternatives that don’t involve gluten the way a simple sandwich would? Then we think you’ll love this triple layered snack that replaces slices of bread with thin slices of apple stacked with ingredients between. Try things like honey, raisins, or almond butter, like Tales of a Kitchen did here.

8. Eggs in a mini pumpkin with roasted squash and bacon hash


VIEW IN GALLERYEggs in a mini pumpkin with roasted squash and bacon hash

You’ve undoubtedly seen those adorable, tiny little pumpkins in stores around Halloween time and in the fall, but did you know you can actually eat those? We didn’t, but now we can’t wait to try them! Everyday Southwest suggests cutting the top off, filling the inside with an egg, and baking them, then serving them with a side of roasted squash and bacon hash.

9. Autumn fruit salad with cinnamon Greek yogurt dressing

VIEW IN GALLERYAutumn fruit salad with cinnamon Greek yogurt dressing

Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean you have to eat heavy hot meals every single day. Sometimes it’s nice to keep things fresh and light, especially since you’ll need all the extra nutritious vitamin content you can get in the winter! This cinnamon fruit salad made with apples, grapes, and pecans, is topped with a deliciously healthy Greek yogurt and cinnamon dressing and you can find it on Kitchen Treaty.

10. Pumpkin scones

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin scones

In your mind, is there nothing better than a delicious pumpkin baked good? We’ve already talked about pumpkin muffin recipes, but each of those had other ingredients too, and we know that some people really just want to enjoy pure pumpkin flavour. These pumpkin scones featuring a light pumpkin spice drizzle might be a little more your style. Learn how to make them from Cooking Classy.

11. Butternut squash hash with apples, sausage, and kale

VIEW IN GALLERYButternut sqaush hash with apples, sausage, and kale

Do you like the idea of a butternut squash breakfast but the Greek yogurt filled bake isn’t really what you were picturing? Try making a delicious breakfast hash instead! It’s like having breakfast potato hash, but healthier and more filled with awesome fall flavour. The Roasted Root suggests adding sausage, apples, and kale and topping a generous helping of the hash with a fried egg.

12. Brown butter pear crepes

VIEW IN GALLERYBrown butter pear crepes

Apple crepes, like the ones we talked about above, are certainly a delicious idea, but perhaps you’re overloaded on apple flavoured things already since it’s such a popular ingredient in the fall? If you’re looking for something that’s still seasonal but tastes a little different, try this pear and brown butter recipes instead! the seasoned brown butter particularly drives the “fall” aspect of the recipe home for us. Take a look on Tutti Dolci.

13. Apple carrot zucchini muffins

VIEW IN GALLERYApple carrot zucchini muffins

Are you still into the idea of fall breakfast muffins, but also still not sure that the ones we’ve listed so far are quite for you? Well, just in case, here’s another alternative recipe for you! This version, by Wine and Glue, involves apple, carrot, and zucchini. Perhaps these aren’t the first ingredients you’d immediately think of to combine in a baked good, but we’ve actually tried these ones and we promised they’re worth making at least once!

14. Sweet potato breakfast skillet with bacon

VIEW IN GALLERYSweet potato breakfast skillet with bacon

We’ve talked a little bit about acorn squash and a little bit about breakfast hash, but this version from Allergy Free Alaska is a little more hearty and might serve as a whole meal in itself rather than just a side! Grab your skillet and fry up some sweet diced and boiled sweet potato, some zucchini, some vegetables of your choice, and, as long as you’re not vegan or vegetarian, some eggs and bacon! We’re practically drooling just thinking about it.

15. Egg in the hole, squash style

VIEW IN GALLERYEgg in the hole, squash style

Have you ever heard of or perhaps even tried egg-in-the-hole? It’s an old breakfast recipe from wartime days in the United kingdom where bread is toasted in a frying pan with a circle cut out in the centre for an egg to fry in. Sometimes groups of people, like military members, will make it in the middle of the night as a casual snack after a formal social gathering. Are you avoiding bread, however, because you have celiac disease, you’re eating guten free, or you’re dieting in some other way? Try making yourself this version using thinly sliced squash instead of bread! The Healthy Foodie shows you how it’s done.