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Delicious and Healthy: 14 Best Recipes that Involve Honey!

When it comes to our favourite foods, some of the things that we think taste the best aren’t actually foods in themselves, but more like sauces or sweeteners that we’d put on something else. Our favourite, and one of the best tasting examples we can think of period, is honey! There’s just something so sweet and delicious about honey that we don’t find anywhere else. It even makes a healthier sweetener option than most other sugars, making it a really useful ingredient in all kinds of recipes.

Just in case you love honey as much as we do, check out this list of 15 of the best honey recipes we’ve either tried in real life or put on our list to make for ourselves as soon as possible!

1. Medovnik honey cake


We live in North America, but we’re by no means the only area of the world that knows just how absolutely delicious honey tastes when it’s baked into all kinds of things. That’s why we’re always really excited to find new recipes that use it in delicious ways! This mouth watering Medovnik honey cake from the Czech Republic, made with a topping of walnuts and a filling of honey and sweetened condensed milk, is the perfect example of what we mean. Get the full recipes on Easy Baked!

2. Delicious homemade honey mustard dipping sauce


Were your interests piqued by the fact that we called honey something you’d put on or dip other foods in? Then we think you’ll be pleased to hear that plain, straight up honey isn’t the only thing you can do this with! Sweet foods also aren’t the only things that are well suited to a honey based sauce. Check out this delicious homemade honey mustard sauce featured on Wonky Wonderful to see what we mean.

3. Slow cooker honey glazed ham


While the thought of a honey sauce does sound appealing to you, do you actually find the taste of most honey mustard and related dipping sauces a little too sweet and overwhelming, and you think you’d prefer something a little lighter in flavour? Then perhaps a glaze would be more satisfying for you! One of our favourite ways to enjoy a honey glaze is on a baked ham, just like in this recipe from The Ktchn.

4. Pizza with fresh figs, ricotta, thyme, and honey


If you’re going to go through the trouble of cooking yourself something homemade and from scratch in order to highlight your favourite flavours, would you prefer that it be something a little more unique and perhaps even almost gourmet? Then check out this twist on pizza that’s nothing short of fancy! Real Food shows you how to make it with fresh figs, ricotta, thyme, and, of course, honey.

5. Honey roasted sweet potato bagels


Are you the kind of kitchen enthusiast who prefers putting a unique twist on classic thing that mostly everyone has tried the more traditional version of, so they’re always extra excited when you show them your new flavour? In that case, these deliciously hand crafted and uniquely flavoured bagels are an awesome option for you! The Moonblush Baker guides you through the process of making sweet potato based bagels that are honey roasted for a little extra flavour.

6. Rustic camembert Scotch eggs with mustard and honey dip


Were you pretty intrigued by the idea of trying honey based recipes from all different kinds of places, but you think the idea of a slightly honey sweetened entrée has more appeal than another overly sweet dessert, since you’re not really a big cake lover? Then we definitely think you should take a look at these scotch eggs! I Wasn’t Expecting That shows you how to make them with camembert and a mouth watering mustard and honey dip.

7. Honey and dried berry oat granola bars


When you think of things made with honey that are not dips, does your money usually wander to all the different yummy granola bars you’ve bought in stores? Many granola brands use honey as a base for sticking their ingredients together into a bar but the particularly delicious, healthy, and organic ones can be expensive. That’s why we were so pleased to come across this honey, granola, oat, and dried berries bar from Journal Sentinel! Now we can make our own at home whenever we please.

8. Grilled salmon skewers with honey mustard


We know we’ve already showed you quite a number of honey mustard dip recipes, but sometimes the real beauty of a recipe is not the dip itself and rather what you’re going to make to put in the dip! Chicken fingers are a classic, but real seafood lovers might not find that quite as satisfying as a good fish dish. Believe it or not, seafood suits the slightly sweetened taste of honey mustard just as well as chicken or ham, if not better! Check out how these scrumptious salmon skewers are made on So Fab Food.

9. Smoked duck and summer truffle salad with truffle-honey vinaigrette


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about making nice dishes that are a little more gourmet, but your idea of what’s gourmet is a little fancier than just a uniquely topped pizza? Then perhaps this fully rounded and perfectly seasoned duck entrée will be a little more up your alley! We love the way Eat, Love, Savour accompanied succulent smoked duck with a summer truffle salad, topped perfectly with a truffle-honey vinaigrette full of your favourite slightly sweetened flavours.

10. Slow cooker honey soy chicken wings


Are you actually employed full time and always at work during the day, so you have trouble finding the time to make yourself delicious home cooked meals most weeks, even though the idea of a homemade entrée using honey sounds like absolute heaven to you? In that case, we think your slow cooker is about to become your very best friend, especially once you’ve seen these honey soy chicken wings from Sweet C’s!

11. Honey walnut brownies


Did we pique your interest pretty high when we showed you the cake recipe that was sweetened with honey but you’ve actually always like denser consistencies in your baked goods a little more than spongey or flaky ones? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll have trouble keeping yourself from drooling over these honey walnut brownies! The Coupining Couple shows you how to make the fudgy treats with a perfect balance of flavours.

12. Old fashioned Russian tea


We’ve always been big tea fans, but every time we try something light and flowery from one of the boutique tea rooms in town, we’re reminded that we occasionally prefer the strong, almost bitter tasting teas we remember our grandmothers drinking when we were kids. These were teas designed to boost your immune system and give you a kick start! They were also, however, almost always sweetened with honey, which is probably why we grew to like them so much. Just in case your taste in tea is more along the lines of our Russian grandmothers’ too, here’s a recipe from the old country, outlined on Genius Kitchen! Make it with boiled cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, honey, water, orange juice, lemon juice, and loose black tea, garnished with a seedless orange.

13. Spinach, artichoke, and brie crepes with sweet honey sauce


We’ve been big fans of pancakes and crepes basically since birth, but we didn’t actually discover the wonders of savoury crepes until we were quite a bit older. Since then, we’ve made ourselves all kinds of delicious flavour combinations but, even when savoury is our goal, we still think that sweetening a crepe with at least a little bit of honey is the most delicious thing we could do. That’s why we’ve made this spinach, artichoke, and brie crepe recipe topped with a smattering of honey sauce so many times. Check out the full ingredients and instructions on Recipe Hearth!

14. Chocolate drizzled, honey and walnut filled Greek baklava


Are you still thinking about how much fun the idea of exploring international recipes and flavours is when it comes to your favourite ingredients? Well, if you’re going to look to other countries for honey treats, then it only makes sense that you’ll need to try baklava! This recipe from Big Oven, which guides you through the process of making a deliciously flaky baklava with a honey and walnut filling and a chocolate drizzle, is one of our very favourites.