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Colorful and Creative Crafts Using Marbles

We’ve loved playing with marbles since we were little kids. Whether you’re building PVC tubing tracks for the marbles to roll through, sending them flying at each other across the floor to knock a friend’s score out, or just arranging pretty patterns in different colours with them, marbles are undoubtedly a great way to amuse yourself at just about any age. If you think about how many pretty colours and designs marbles come in, though, it probably comes as no surprise that marbles are also great unconventional tools for crafting too.

Check out these 15 super fun marble crafts that are a blast to make and stunning to look at when they’re finished!

1. Pretty cracked glass marbles


Have you ever laid decorative flat backed marbles out on the side table or in a tablescape display and liked what you see but wished they just had a little something extra to really draw the eye? Then try transforming them into smashed glass marbles instead! Think Crafts guides you through the process of baking the marbles and then immediately cooling them so they stay while but crack on the inside so they look like beautiful smashed glass but keep their smooth texture. 

2. Cracked marble necklaces


Do you love the look of the smashed marble craft above but you’d like to actually make it for something worthwhile so you can show off your hard work? Then you simply must check out this awesome smashed marble necklace craft from Crafts Unleashed! It’s a great way to actually carry your DIY with you so everyone can admire your work. 

3. Flat marble magnets


The beauty of regular flat back marbles is that many of them are crystal clear, meaning you can see through them a little bit. When you look through them, though, you’ll notice that everything appears slightly bigger, almost like you’re looking through a magnifying glass! That’s why we thought this simple magnet craft from Floral Showers was just a cool idea! Their tutorial shows you how you place the marbles over sections of patterned paper, seal them, and pop the magnets on the back  in just a few easy steps. 

4. Marble and CD candle holder


Are you super interested in the idea of making a craft that harnesses just how transparent your flat marbles are but you don’t really need any more magnets or jewelry? Do you have some old CDs or DVDs lying around that you know you just won’t use? Then this awesome piled marble candle holder might be the project for you! We can’t get over how cool the light shining through the marbles looks when you’re all finished. See how it’s made on DIY Crafts Mom

5. Glass marble garden ball


Are you the kind of homeowner who can appreciate good interior decor but who actually prefers to concentrate on how your garden looks instead because it’s your pride and joy? Then we have a feeling you’ll enjoy the look of this stunning decorative garden sphere by Smoothfoam! Their tutorial shows you how to cover a big foam sphere from the crafting store in an even layer of flat back marbles to get an other worldly looking piece that will keep your garden looking modern and very cool. 

6. Painting with marbles


Sure, there are plenty of things you can actually make out of marbles, but what if you’re trying to craft with your kids and they’re just a little to young to find a lot of what we’ve shown you so far fun? In that case, try using the marbles as a tool for crafting instead! We love the way Art For Kids Hub replaced paint brushes with marbles dipped in paint and rolled them across a paper of canvas to get a very cool splattering effect. 

7. Marbled monogram


Monograms might make for a very simple craft that you’ve done lots of ways before, but you can never have too many techniques for making something basic and awesome that automatically personalizes any space. That’s why we were quite taken with Woodcraftiing‘s method of customizing your initial by adding flat coloured marbles all across the surface. We quite enjoy their little flower embellishment as well! 

8. Sealed marble tabletop


Do you love the idea of covering surfaces in flat marbles but you actually like it so much that you don’t think things like garden orbs or embellished monograms quite tdonthe technique Justice? Then try making a real statement piece with your marbles instead! Craftster shows you how to cover an entire tabletop with rainbow marbles of diffferrt kinds and seal the space between them so you can actually set things on top. 

9. Marbled tree branches


We’re you very into the idea when we were talking about marbles garden DIY but you’re just not sure a modern looking orb decoration quite fits the aesthetic of your outdoor space? Then perhaps you’d prefer to decorate the natural pieces you’ve already got adorning your garden! We absolutely adore the way Garden Web used crafting wire to create the illusion that beautifully coloured marbles are growing right out of your tree’s branches like berries. 

10. Flat marble sun catchers


If you’ve ever made sun catcher window hangers with your kids than you already now how much fun they are both to create and to enjoy afterwards, but even if we love the way a craft is originally done we’re still always open to learning about variations and fun twists to make the same thing in a new, exciting way! That’s why we loved this flat marble window catcher project from Kids’ Activities Blog

11. Faux window marble art


While we’re talking about crafting with unconventional materials, why not consider combining your marbles with something else you might not have crafted with before?  Hometalk suggests creating a countryside image on one side of an old window to give a sort of marbles mosaic scene that you can hang up inside the frame as though you’re looking on a beautiful glass view outside. 

12. Marble fence


Perhaps you loved the idea of a marble sum catcher because you like how the light looks shining through the coloured marbles but, once again, your backyard area is the part of your home you’d most like to accessorize? Then Garden Drama has the perfect simple idea for you! They got crafty with all the holes in their wooden fence by popping marbles into the spaces. It’s an easy way to give the space some glitz and glam and it’ll fill your lawn with little rainbows when the sun rises and sets. 

13. Wire wrapped marble charms


We talked briefly about wire marble wrapping when we showed you the decorated tree idea, but what if you found the technique so pretty that you’d like even more people to be able to see it than will spend time in your backyard? Then maybe wire wrapped marble charms are a little more your taste. Whether you choose to make them into jewelry or simply hang them around your home, we find there’s hardly a prettier way to show off how awesome DIY marble projects really can be.Cut Out and Keepshows you all different ways to make it happen.

14. Flat marble flip flops


Did you love the idea of incorporating prettily designed marbles into your personal style but you don’t actually tend to wear jewelry a lot? Why not include them in your footwear instead for a bit of a change? We love the way Royscription put a marble each in the middle of a flip flop for a bit of summer sparkle. 

15. Glass marble frog prince


Are you still enthralled by the idea of making yourself a garden orb but your backyard is a bit more of a fantasy land Han a modern haven so you’d prefer something with a bit of whimsy to it? Then we’re pretty sure this hilariously cute little marble frog prince price from Empress of Dirt was made for you! Gather your marbles, crafting wire, seed beads, and a little tiara and you’ll be all set.