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Animal Print Crafts That Help You Find the Wilderness Within 

Animal print is one of those evergreen trends that never go out of style. It’s always in, always stylish! Whether we choose to decorate our home with it or wear it in our street fashion, it’s always a choice that can be crowned as people’s favorite! Let us walk you through some brilliant animal print crafts that will help you find the wilderness within! Roar! 

Leopard Print Mason Jars 


We are starting off with mason jars, respectfully. They are always the first in line when we search for new crafts, since they are incredibly versatile and seem to have an endless repertoire of uses! These leopard print mason jars look incredibly chic and we love how KaStyles added glitter in the mix!

Animal Print Desk Organizer 


A desk organizer is essential for a well-organized work space. Having a messy desk is a great recipe for feeling stressed and all over the place, so let’s avoid that by checking in with I Love Doing All Things Crafty and making a stylish animal print desk organizer that will keep everything in its place and look incredibly good while doing so!

Leopard Print Wall 


If you love the animal print so much you want to make it part of your home’s interior,  Emily McCarthy will show you how you can DIY a leopard print wall! Now is not the time to get cold feet – it’s time to pick up the brush and channel your inner Michelangelo!

Animal Print Clutch 


In fashion, animal print is always welcomed with open arms! It is very flexible and can be paired with many different colors and patterns, giving you the freedom to experiment with different styles without much fear! If you don’t own an animal print clutch just yet,  Extra Petite has a great tutorial for it!

Leopard Soap 


Can animal print be a part of your beauty routine? Soap Queen has the answer and you will definitely be happy to hear it! These leopard soap bars have a magnificent, wild look and they can also be a great birthday gift for anyone who loves the animalistic inspiration!

Zebra Furniture 


You can’t go wrong with black & white and therefore you can’t go wrong with a zebra print! If your wooden furniture needs some spicing up, a zebra print will give it a chic and long-lasting look that will likely never go our of style! Get the how-to at Stare if You Must!

Metallic Animal Print Rug 


If you feel really inspired by animal prints but want something super nifty and modern, Brittany Makes has found the perfect solution! Take the pattern of the animal’s coat and paint it with metallic paint! Result? A luxurious metallic zebra rug with no zebras harmed!

Leopard Print Slip Ons 


Wear the leopard print proudly as you walk around town in your new favorite flats that you have yet to make (Fall for DIY will show you how!). Finally there is no need to stress whether the shoes will go with the jeans or with the dress – with animal print, anything goes!

Animal Print Lace Up Flats 


For a more elegant and graceful footwear, go with animal print lace up flats! Every time you wear them will feel like a special occasion; like you are a designer wearing your own products! Check out how Merrick’s Art made them and prepare to own your most fashionable pair of flats yet!

Animal Print Pillow 


Here is another great craft where metallic animal print steals the entire show! A throw pillow is a lovely decor element in any home and decorating it with animal print that has a modern twist is a great way to go about keeping your home charming and energetic! Snatch the tutorial at One Dog Woof!

Animal Print Shorts 


As the season of wearing shorts rolls in, make sure there are some animal print shorts in your collection! They are bound to make a wild fashion statement any time you are seen in them! Mr. Kate has a simple how-to, so don’t even think about skipping it!