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12 Things You Can Marbleize with Nail Polish

In case you haven’t noticed on Instagram, Pinterest or any interior website you frequently visit, marble is really having its time in the spotlight! Not only is it used in home decor (from bathrooms to coffee tables), it is also popular as a backdrop for photographs and as a pattern to play around with! Thanks to your favorite beauty product, you can now marbleize anything you can possibly think of – but to get you started, here are 12 things you can marbleize with nail polish! 

1. Marbled Drinking Glasses


Plain drinking glasses are so passé! Nowadays, every glass needs to look special and matching the kitchen interior! Stay on top of your decorating game by following the latest trends and marbleize the glassware with just a few drops of your nail polish! Find the details at Makeup!

2. Marbled Espresso Cups 


What if you could drink your morning espresso in a cup that is completely unique, without an identical twin somewhere in the world? Thanks to Nouvelle, the dream of such a cup can become reality! All you need to do is sacrifice a bit of your favorite nail polish and soon you’ll be a proud owner of a unique marbleized coffee cup!

3. Marbled Greeting Card 


Surprise your loved ones on their birthday with a marbleized greeting card that will surely stand out in the big pile of store-bought greeting cards they get! Every greeting card will be one of a kind and will always have a special place in their heart! Get the tutorial at Stamp Away With Me!

4. Marbled Eggs


We’re already looking forward to the next Easter, because we know you will have a special trick hidden up your sleeve! How do we know that? Because we’ve seen the marbled eggs by Camille Styles and we are willing to bet that once they are imprinted on your memory, you will be compelled to make them!

5. Marbled Hanging Planters 


Hanging planters are a great way to display plants in your home without having to sacrifice much space. They are dynamic and modern already, but could do with a little extra decoration! Find your inspiration at Oh Joy and beautify the plain planters with a marble pattern!

6. Marbled Mugs 


Mugs are one of those simple joys in life that make us happy just because they are such an important part of our everyday routine! As you are finishing up the day with a big cup of tea or hot chocolate, imagine drinking it from a trendy, vibrantly colored mug that resembles marble and matches your nails. Visit What’s Up Moms for a quick how-to!

7. Marbled Makeup Brushes 


A Bubbly Life knows that even makeup brushes deserve a special, posh look! They are our precious and most essential tools when it comes our beauty routine, so it’s only fair we treat them with some respect! The marbleized upgrade will make them look very expensive and very Instagrammable! Flat-lays anyone?

8. Marbled Paper Art 


Wall art has many perks! You can make it from scratch and don’t have to experiment on an item you’ve had for years. It’s also a fantastic way of bringing something new and fresh into the home without spending crazy amounts of money, which is not something usually associated with marble! Mad in Crafts will show you how it’s done!

9. Marbled Coasters


Something as ordinary as coasters can be one of the freshest and trendiest elements in your home, bringing a classy marbled look to any social gathering you host! It’s incredible to think that such a modern style can be achieved only by using two or three colors of nail polish! Check in with Fresh Crush to hear the details!

10. Marbled Flower Pots 


If you’ve ever played around with an idea that your flower pots could match the flowers, the Bespoke Bride has the power to bring it to life! Find a nail polish that closely matches the color of your flowers and marbleize the flower pot accordingly!

11. Marbled Candle Holders 


The dreamy and romantic atmosphere created by lit candles is one that can really take you away into the sweetest daydreams! To make the setting even cornier, make sure your candle holders look romantic too! Peek at HGTV to see how easy it is to marbleize them!

12. Marbled Ornaments 


You don’t have to wait around for December to get started on the making of Christmas ornaments! Get an early start on these lovely marbled ornaments and make this year’s holiday season the most charming one yet! Find the tutorial at Alice and Lois!