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10 Unique Knitted Children’s Hats

Knitting hats is always fun to do. Most hats make for simple, enjoyable projects that you can finish relatively quickly compared to, say, a sweater or an afghan. Kids’ hats, however, are especially amusing because they come in so many cute patterns and colours.

Check out these 15 totally adorable children’s hat patterns that you’ll have a blast making and your little ones will actually like wearing!

1. Strips and Curls hat by Barbara’s Beanies

VIEW IN GALLERYStrips and Curls hat

The little curls hanging down from the top of this hat are so cute I can barely handle it. As if those aren’t enough adorable detail, you get to knit this one in stripes of all kinds of bright colours too! You can switch the colours up however you please.

2. Minion toque by Nix Needles


Are your kids completely obsessed with the Minion movies and everything Minion themed they can get their hands on? I don’t blame them, those things are adorable! I’d be willing to bet that if you make them Minion hats, your kids might actually be willing to keep their hats on during recess in the winter rather than ripping them off and losing them in the playground.

3. Goldfish in a bag hat by Baby Bear

VIEW IN GALLERYGoldfish in a bag hat

I wasn’t joking when I said I just can’t get enough of novelty kids hats. This one makes your child’s whole head look like a goldfish swimming in a bag, and I find it both ridiculous and adorable. I have a feeling you’ll have a lot of fun knitting this one too.

4. Floppy fish hat by Knitty

VIEW IN GALLERYFloppy fish hat

I can’t get over how cute the idea of putting all of your kids in this funny little floppy fish hat at once will look in pictures. Try making them in stripes of different colours for each kid, and if you really enjoy knitting the pattern, expand the fun out to their cousins too!

5. Batman balaclava by WilliamsStudio2

VIEW IN GALLERYBatman balaclava

Do you live in a city that’s way too cold for your kids to wear a lot of the things they’d really like to dress as for Halloween once they’ve actually left for Trick or Treating? Well, at least when it comes to Batman, this cute little balaclava is one solution! They’ll be toasty and super while they collect their candy.

6. Cupcake hat by Funky Moe Knits


This simple little cupcake design is absolutely adorable, but it’s also much easier to knit than you’d think. I really like this pattern as an introduction into knitting other novelty hats with more complicated patterns or shapes involved. If you’re feeling really fancy, you could even stitch in some coloured sprinkles across the top once the knitting is done!

7. Silly giraffe hat by ROFL Hat Factory

VIEW IN GALLERYSilly giraffe hat

What’s better than dressing little kids up like adorable animals? I can barely think of anything, if I’m bring honest. I’ve come across plenty of animal hats in my years of knitting, but this might be the first time I’ve ever seen a giraffe!

8. Mummy bandage hat by Red Heart

VIEW IN GALLERYMummy bandage hat

Do you love the idea of making your kid a hat that’ll contribute to their Halloween costume and keep them warm, but they’ve already gone as Batman and don’t want to again? Try this adorable mummy themed balaclava instead! I love the way the knitted strips look like strips of bandage all the way around.

9. Sock monkey hat by Knitty

VIEW IN GALLERYModel: Cassandra Banks

This hat could technically be used for a Halloween costume too, but I think it’s so cute that I’d probably just wear it in daily life as well. I can’t get enough of how the speckled yarn really looks like the same material that the thick old socks monkeys are actually made of.

10. Charlotte’s Web hat by Make Tot Toppers

VIEW IN GALLERYCharlotte's Web hat

This hat is a looser knit, meaning it’ll let more air in, so you might want to have your kid wear it in the spring and fall rather than the winter. We think it’s awesome, however, around Halloween, or any time really, as long as your children aren’t scared of spiders!