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13 Delicious and Exciting Flavored Taffy Recipes

Whether you tried it for the first time at a state fair or homemade at your grandmother’s house, taffy is a deliciously sweet childhood staple that brings back nostalgic feelings for just about everyone we know. There are a few basic flavours, like caramel and honey, that are the most common, especially if you’re buying it rather than making it yourself. Did you know, though, that taffy can actually be made in many different flavours? We’d only tried one or two kinds for many years, but once we started wondering whether other flavours existed and looking into it on the Internet, we were pleasantly surprised with just how many delicious flavours and kinds of taffy there really are!

Just in case you’ve never been introduced to the wider world of flavoured taffy either, check out this list we’ve compiled of 15 absolutely mouth watering recipes that will teach you how to make all different kinds on your own at home so you can enjoy the taffy when it’s at its freshest!

1. Classic homemade saltwater taffy


We know we said that this list was going to be about unique and exciting flavours of taffy, but just in case you’ve actually never tried making your own taffy at all, we figured we’d start with the basics! This classic taffy recipe from Pickup Some Creativity will guide you through the process of making some of the most deliciously sweet and perfectly textured taffy you’ll ever find.

2. Homemade honey taffy


Are you the kind of person who, while you’re fully willing to enjoy sweets and treats in moderation, does like to try and find sweetening alternatives to just plain sugar whenever you can? We can’t blame you and we often do the same thing when we’re making treats for our family, but we prefer when we find a substitution that packs just as much sweetness but also a little bit of added flavour. That’s why we love this taffy recipe from Bug & Bird Tutorial Adventures that’s made with honey!

3. Homemade butter taffy


Perhaps you’re not too concerned with the health and nutrition content of your taffy because you’d rather concentrate on good flavour and making the best tasting taffy you can? In that case, here’s another classically flavoured recipe that’s made with just the right amount of butter to give it a rich flavour and an absolutely perfect consistency. Find out how it’s made on Eggrolls and Sauce!

4. Starburst flavoured taffy


Perhaps you’ve been scrolling through our list so far looking for a more unique flavour and wondering whether or not it’s possible to make yourself taffy that tastes like fruit instead of butter and sugar? That would only make sense when things like Laffy Taffy candies exist in stores! Making your own versions of store bought candies, however, is a great way to save money and make sure you get more of the flavours you want. That’s why we loved making this recipe from The Diet Free Zone so much! Their tutorial guides you through the process of making your very own fruit flavoured taffy that tastes just like Starburst candies!

5. Old fashioned molasses taffy


When you make classic candy recipes like taffy, do you prefer to make it as traditionally as possible, sticking to the very old fashioned recipes that might have been used when your grandparents were kids? Well, just in case you don’t have an old family recipe to work off of specifically, here’s an awesome old fashioned version from Domestic Doin’s that will taste just like the classic recipes that made you fall in love with taffy in the first place.

6. Salted caramel taffy squares


Do you like the idea we talked about of making taffy that has a little bit of extra flavour but you’re just not sure that fruit flavoured candy is what you had in mind? Perhaps you’d like something that’s a little more sweet, but you’ve also always been a huge fan of sweet and salty taste combinations? There are plenty of treats you can make yourself that will give you just the taste you’re looking for, but this salted caramel taffy recipe from King Arthur Flour is undoubtedly one of our favourites! The best part of making it yourself is that you can control just how sweet and how salty things get.

7. Sponge toffee candy bar


Okay, so we admit that this recipe isn’t really for the classic stretchy taffy you’re probably craving by now, but it’s a form of taffy that tastes very similar and it’s so incredibly delicious that we just couldn’t resist including it on our list anyways. If you’re the kind of treat lover that prefers a little bit of crunch in your candies then this is definitely the recipe for you! Check out how The Diet Free Zone created a satisfyingly crunchy candy bar filling that tastes just like classic caramel taffy and is practically irresistible dipped in chocolate.

8. Taffy apple grapes


Perhaps you’ve been scrolling through this list hoping for a at least one recipe that has some nutritional value beyond sugar and butter, even though you’re still always down for a good treat? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love these taffy apple grapes from Just a Pinch! They might not be the stretchy, chewy taffy you love so much, but they certainly taste like it and they give you a really cool flavour and texture combination too.

9. Homemade taffy covered caramel apples


Now that we’ve mentioned one delicious fruit and taffy combination, are you obsessed with the idea and looking for more ways to jazz up a healthy snack? Well, just because you’re trying to make something interesting doesn’t mean you can’t make something that’s also classic. If you’ve ever had candy apples at the fair, you know they’re a delicious old fashioned treat that always satisfies! We love this recipe from One Green Planet because they covered theirs in a timeless taffy pattern that has a little extra flavour and creates the best texture combination you can imagine.

10. Scotch-mallows


Are you still intrigued by the idea of combining taffy with other foods to make the ultimate taste combination, but you’d rather something bite sized and with a yummy, gooey filling that something crunchy or fruity? One of our favourite filings when it comes to all kinds of treats has always been marshmallow but we didn’t think we’d come by a recipe for that particular unique combination… until we found this mouth watering idea from My Recipe Magic. It’s the perfect combination of soft and chewy to really give you the deliciously sweet boost you’re looking for.

11. Sticky vanilla pulled sugar taffy


We’ve talked about a number of sweet taffy flavours so far that are different from the regular, classic recipe but still not wild fruit flavours, but there’s one missing from our list that we just can’t possibly leave off!  Vanilla flavoured taffy is the pinnacle of sweet treats with a little bit of extra flavour beyond just sugar, making it a mild but wonderful snack that just about anyone will love. Check out how it’s made in more detail on Kitchen Tested.

12. Refreshing orange taffy


Are you still thinking about how great the idea of fruit flavoured taffy is but you’re not sure that you want all different flavours in one place because you’re a little bit picky about which kinds of fruit you actually like most? Well, if citrus is your thing, then we’ve got just the recipe for you! This orange taffy from Cupcakes and Cashmere is surprisingly easy to make and absolutely refreshing even in its sweetness.

13. Fun sprinkle taffy


Have you been browsing this list looking for fun recipes that your kids might help you make but you’d rather something with a little bit of extra excitement to really keep their attention so they don’t get bored and wander away half way through making it? In that case, we definitely suggest this delicious sprinkled taffy recipe from Farm Girl Inspirations! They’ll show you how to make a sweet, chewy taffy as usual but with a liberal helping of fun, colourful sprinkles all throughout.