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Hello World: 15 Travel Scrapbooking Ideas for the Globetrotter

We’ve always been huge fans of scrapbooking and journal keeping. Call us old fashioned, but there’s just something nostalgic and beautiful about preserving our memories with care. We’re also huge lovers of organization, so cataloging our experiences and adventures is a really satisfying process. It’ll probably come as no surprise to you, then, that we’ve been keeping travel scrapbooks for years! Each time we go on a trip with friends or family, we collect all kinds of trinkets, pictures, postcards, and ticket stubs and arrange them in ways that can be kept and looked back on whenever we feel like it.

Just in case you’ve been thinking about starting to keep travel scrapbooks too, check out these awesome online tutorials that have given us ideas and inspiration for making travel scrapbooks of our own!

1. Mini travel album


Have you made several scrapbooks of all different kinds before but you got kind of overwhelmed when it came to storing them because many of the basic books that you can buy to customize are very large and you’re not sure where to store scrapbooks that are so big? Then perhaps you’d actually prefer to make a miniature version like this adorable little book from Our Mini Family! They show you how to create a small travel scrapbook that still documents your most recent adventure beautifully but in a way that’s a little more space efficient.

2. Safari adventure card pullout album


Are you quite into the idea of making a miniature scrapbook but you’d kind of like to make sure it has some kind of unique spin besides just its size? Then take a look at the very simple but totally cool detail Graphic 45 added to their little safari themed book! Their tutorial guides you through the process of adding little pockets to the pages in the little book you’ve chosen that you can store things you don’t want to necessarily glue down, like pamphlets that open and even tickets that are two-sided.

3. Travel scrapbook page making tips


Are you actually quite new to scrapbooking so you’re still getting a grasp on things and investigating what kinds of tools and techniques are out there before you start sticking things down? We think that’s a really smart idea! TO help you along the way, here’s a tutorial from Simple Scrapper that shows you just a few different ways to create a travel themed page to adorably display your next vacation or road trip.

4. Lifting card scrapbook pages


Do you quite like the idea of making pocket pages in your scrapbook but the idea of things being slid loosely into pockets gives you stress because you’re worried they will fall out when the book is handled or moved around? Then try displaying double sided keepsakes by sticking them down in layers and only from one end so they can be flipped up! The Realistic Mama shows you exactly what we mean as well as how to make it happen.

5. Three-ring photo journal


Are you a photographer, or at least a picture taking enthusiast, who always comes home from vacation with countless photos that you love and you have trouble choosing which ones to include in your scrapbook? Then why not create a travel scrapbook design that’s a lot more image heavy than what we’ve shown you so far? Sure, you could just put your photos in a standard store bought photo album, but Athletes Abroad suggests arranging pictures into collages and printing nicely designed pages that you can hold punch and hold together with free floating rings for easy flipping. This design lets you also link things like ticket stubs and post cards into the book without losing them.

6. Handwritten Polaroid journal


Rather than printing things or sticking on embellishments, would you rather keep things simple and personal, with a little less flare than necessary? In that case, perhaps you’d rather create something like this hand written scrapbook from Volume 25! We love the way they’ve given things a vintage theme by writing their memories on upcycled brown cardstock and printing some of their photos on Polaroids.

7. Folded map memento envelopes


Within the world of scrapbooking, there’s always been one technique that we’ve found totally cool, really cute looking, and a lot of fun to use. We love including a small envelope, glued to the page face down, to be filled with trinkets and keepsakes from the trip that perhaps don’t lay flat on a page or fit in a photo sleeve! What’s even more fun than that, however, is this folded map idea from Martha Stewart. This tutorial shows you how to cut and fold a section of a map into an envelope shape that you can fill with whatever you choose. Talk about tying your scrapbook elements in with the travel theme!

8. Pocket pages photo album


If your favourite type of memory book actually structured more like a photo album and less like a scrapbook but you’d still like to add some slightly more DIY element rather than just buying an album filled with plastic pocket pages? Then check out how Made By Cay personalized their album to make it a little craftier looking! They’ve alternated pockets filled with photos and labeled Polaroids with pockets in which printed photos, handmade trinkets, and drawings have been slid to break up the snapshots and trip previews and add some extra visual appeal to the book.

9. Cut outs and quotes pages


Do you have one favourite photo from your most recent trip that really stands out above all the rest for you and you’d love to make sure it has a shining central place in the travel scrapbook you’ll make of the trip? Then why not print that photo out nice and big and dedicate an entire page to it? We love the way Kerrie Gurney overlaid their photo on some patterned fabric and framed it with cut fabric strips, lace trim, and stick on letters to level where the snapshot was taken.

10. Arrow embellishments for travel pages


Are you pretty sure you already have a good idea of which trinkets and photos you’d like to include in your travel scrapbook but you’d like to built a sort of theme throughout the book that’s consistent from page to page, since you went to so many places that one detail from a specific country or culture would be a little too specific? Then maybe you’d rather choose something cute but generalized, kind of how Hobby Craft used arrows point in all different directions to contextualize their book! We love that the scattered, angled arrows serve as a reminder of how many places there really are for you to travel.

11. Post card and printed picture book


have you been collecting little trinkets and keepsakes from all of your travels for years now, but you think perhaps you’d better be more conscious of how much stuff you bring home moving forward because you’ve built up quite a collection and now you have to find a place to put it all? Then maybe it’s time to start collecting something that’s a little more space efficient! We love the way World of Wanderlust started not just collecting beautifully photographed post cards from each city they’ve visited around the world, but also how they built a beautiful little book out of their collection by fastening the postcards onto the pages and decorating around them with travel themed stamps and stickers.

12. Saved tickets slide pocket


Do you have a postcard or two from your last trip but the thing you actually collected the most of was event, concert, or admission tickets? In that case, here’s a very cool technique for combining the two in a way that will let you display them all, keep them all in place, and make them simple to look through when you’re feeling nostalgic. Paper Chase shows you how to affix the postcard from some sides but leave other sides loose so that you can slide the tickets underneath and have the postcard hold them in place like a pocket.

13. Postage ink stamps book cover


Have you actually filled and completed your travel scrapbook so that the inside of the book is stunning and satisfying to flip through but now you need a beautiful way to decorate the front cover that looks just as nice? We’d suggest taking a look at the way Troom Troom covered their front cover in international postage stamps, like the book itself might have travel around the world and back in the mail!

14. Map accordion road trip books


Are you still intent on making yourself a book but you just wish you could make it look at least a little more unique than a regular album with normal flip pages, since you’ve always been a fan of novelty? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to absolutely adore these accordion-style folding travel books from Kin Community that are made out of maps. Their tutorial shows you how to make the basic book and pages, as well as how to embellish the front with a stamp and you trip’s info and how to stick photos inside on the folded pages. Try making a new one for each road trip you take, using a map of the area you visited to make the book!

15. Travel scrapbook tips and tricks


Are you feeling a little bit better about your scrapbooking skills now that you’d got all of these ideas and resources to scroll through but you still kind of feel like, because you’re a beginner, you could use a few more tips and tricks for simple scrapbooking ideas? Well, there’s nothing wrong with being well rounded in your skills, so here’s a great start tutorial from Globe Guide to reassure you!