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Creative Ways to Repurpose Office Supplies in Style!

Do you work in an office that’s so chalk full of random supplies that they’re constantly getting rid of things? Do you have a home office that’s overflowing with supplies you’ve bought over the years but never used? You might donate these or sell new packages in a garage sale, but definitely don’t throw them out! The DIY lover in you probably already knows how useful they might be in a crafting project.

Check out these 15 creative ways to repurpose spare office supplies in order to give them a new lease on life outside of your dusty desk!

1. Colourful Post-It note piñata

VIEW IN GALLERYColourful Post-It note pinata

Do you have stacks of Post-It notes in just about every colour imaginable? Instead of just letting them sit around, transform them into something really fun! We love how the square shape of the Post-Its that Brooklyn Bride used to make this awesomely colourful piñata kind of makes it look as thought the heart shape is pixelated. It’s an awesome visual touch whether you use it for décor in a photo shoot or actually fill it up and crack it open at a party.

2. Metallic thumb tack desk globe

VIEW IN GALLERYMetallic thumb tack desk globe

Do you like the idea of having a globe on your desk but you also want to keep your décor modern and kind of nouveau? Thumbtacks can help you out with that! Check out how Madigan Made created this awesomely metallic little desk globe that resembles armor.

3. Thumbtack sunburst mirror

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Thumbtack sunburst mirror

Do you love the idea of using thumbtacks in your décor but you don’t really have a place for a globe to sit? We’re absolutely in love with this sunburst style mirror design by Kara Paslay Designs, which is made out of thumbtacks too! Try this alternative instead for a more whimsical office supply décor.

4. Floppy disc succulent planters

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade floppy disc succulent planters

Do you, by some miracle, still have a stack of floppy discs lying around from before they became completely outdated? Well, thanks to your DIY skills, they’re still useful! Try following Brit + Co’s lead and turning them into planters for little succulents.

5. Colour blocked rubber band wrist cuff

VIEW IN GALLERYColour blocked rubber band wrist cuff

Colour blocking is super trendy right now, both in fashion and décor. Surprisingly, brightly coloured office supplies can help keep you in style in that regard! If you have a big bag of rubber bands and an old wrist cuff that’s about as wide as the bands naturally stretch, then you’re all set to make this cute design by Delighted Momma.

6. Brad “studded” clutch purse

VIEW IN GALLERYBrad %22studded%22 clutch purse

Did you overstock on Brad pushpins with the splitting ends and now you’re not quite sure what to do with them? Try using them to alter a clutch purse so it looks as though you’ve studded it! Particularly if you have the copper finished ones, people might not even be able to tell the difference. Check out how it’s done Elemental Carbon.

7. Paper clip statement necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper clip statement necklace

If you’re really ready to make a statement fashion-wise, and to make a statement about the benefits of upcycling everyday things, then this paper clip necklace by Glitter n’ Glue is definitely the one for you! It takes some commitment to sit and link all those clips together, but the final product is totally worth it.

8. Binder clop device cord organizers

VIEW IN GALLERYBinder clop device cord oragnizers

Binder clips aren’t always necessary if you don’t work with a lot of loose papers or binders, then you probably don’t need that big bag of them anymore! Instead, try keeping your cords and device chargers organized and untangled but fastening the clops to the table and sliding the cords through the pinching handles, just like Hardware Sphere did.


9. Tiered coloured staple pendant

VIEW IN GALLERYTiered coloured staple pendant

If you’ve stumbled across an extra box of staples you won’t use and some of them are still stuck together in sections, all you need is a chain and some paint or permanent markers in order to make this awesome tiered pendant happen! We love how Tamed Raven chose rows of staples that decrease in size.

10. Pencil and cutting board dish rack

VIEW IN GALLERYPencil and cutting board dish rack

Besides actually being a practical tool for your kitchen, this dish rack looks completely awesome holding your plates up with pencils! It’s a great way to use all those spare pencils that didn’t get used in your kids’ school days after you bought them in bulk. Get the full tutorial for making it in Re_.

11. Coloured pencil jewelry

VIEW IN GALLERYColoured pencil jewelry

Do you love a bit of novelty jewelry in your outfit to make a fun fashion statement? Are upcycled pieces some of your favourite to wear? Then these kitschy little pieces that Brit + Co. made from coloured pencils are definitely the project for you!

12. Vintage composition book iPad case

VIEW IN GALLERYVintage composition book iPad case

Do you remember the days before laptops and iPads when notes for work or class were actually taken in notebooks and composition books? You might not have much use for one now, especially if it’s partially filled with old scribbles, but you can definitely repurpose the cover to protect your tablet! We love the contrast between classic supplies and new technology this project creates. Check it out on Lil Blue Boo.

13. Three ring binder wall hooks

VIEW IN GALLERYThree ring binder wall hooks

Whether you’re looking to hang kitchen utensils, towels, keys, or jewelry, the ring bar of a binder is the answer to your problem. Leave the rings popped open if you’re hanging things that you’ll use often, or snap them shut if you’d like what you’re hanging to stay put for now. Upcycle Us shows you how to put the rings on the wall.

14. Clipboard picture wall

VIEW IN GALLERYClipboard picture wall

Has your office phased out their need for clipboards, leaving you with a stack that is just causing clutter? Make them into something artistic instead! Whether you clamp down inspirational quotes, fun pages from magazines, or personal photos, the clipboards will make a great collage-style photo wall that’s easy to hang up. Check out how Brit + Co. made this wall display.

15. Bubble wrap mailer tablet case

VIEW IN GALLERYBubble wrap mailer tablet case

Are you so paranoid about taking care of your technology that you wish you could keep your devices wrapped in bubble wrap? Well, if you have spare insulated mailers lying around the office, you can actually do just that! Mailing envelopes with a protective bubble layer make great iPad cases, just like this one by Crème de la Craft.

Have you discovered other ways to reuse, repurpose, and recycle office supplies besides what we’ve listed here? Tell us how to do it in the comments section!