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Cute Crochet Baby Owl with Free Pattern and Tutorial

The only thing cuter than an owl is the kind of crochet baby owl you hand-make yourself! Seriously, these things take on a whole new level of cuteness and the fact that they’re homemade makes them a thousand times more special than any cute critters you could pick up at any store! And when you discover just how easy and fun these little guys can be to make, chances are you’ll soon find yourself with a small army of them around the home!

Not that this is a bad thing, of course!


(Free pattern from Eng Sidrun)

These are without doubt one of the best homemade crochet gifts you’ll find right now and make the perfect present for really any occasion. From a newborn’s first crib decoration to a toddler’s toy and right through to any other events across the board, these baby owls come with smiles guaranteed!

Crochet Baby Owl

You won’t need a great deal of kit to get started, just a few basic crochet supplies and your choice of colored yarn. You can keep it nice and simple or go wholly OTT with amazing colors and detailing – it’s all up to you! Best of all, the pattern we’d like to share with you to create this amazing little owl is not only easy to follow, but 100% free of charge to boot!

Why they’d give this kind of gold away for free we don’t know, but for sure we’re not complaining!

So kit yourself out with a few basic supplies, find yourself a quiet corner at home and turn yourself into an impressive baby owl factory! Trust us when we say there’s no such thing as making just one – you’ll be back for more!

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