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11 Mason Jar Baking Recipe Gifts

If you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for new ways to share the things you love with the people around you. Lately, out biggest obsessions are delicious baked goods and mason jar crafts! These two things might not seem related at first, but we’re happy because we actually have found a way to make the two meet and to share them with the people you love!

Check out these 15 awesome mason jar baking recipes that make wonderful gifts or party favours! Each one contains every ingredient your friends and family will need to make delicious baked goods, all in one super convenient place!

1. Apple cinnamon pancakes in a jar

VIEW IN GALLERYApple cinnamon pancakes in a jar

Cooking Isn’t Procrastinating knows just how delicious pancakes can be on a cold fall morning! That’s a familiar feeling that’s nice to share with your loved ones. Instead of just giving them regular pancakes, though, try mixing the ingredients for extra delicious apple cinnamon pancakes instead!

2. Hot chocolate cake mix cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYHot chocolate cake mix cookies

As if the idea of an easy but scrumptious cookie recipe in a jar isn’t delicious and convenient enough, this version from Following in My Shoes involves hot chocolate and cake mix too! Imagine how chewy and delicious they’ll be.

3. Cowboy cookies in a jar

VIEW IN GALLERYCowboy cookies in a jar

Nothing is quite as satisfying as a warm chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven… except for one with oatmeal and nuts in it too! We know this recipe is completely delicious, but we also love how it looks as a layered gift, like this one by Texas Farmer’s Daughter.

4. Sand art brownies

VIEW IN GALLERYSand art brownies

Cookies and pancakes aren’t the only things that work well as mason jar recipe gifts! These delicious fudgy brownie recipe is perfect for jar stacking too. Besides the taste, the best part is that they’re named after exactly what they look like- a jar of layered sand art! Check the whole idea out on Organized Home.

5. Gourmet oatmeal cookie mix

VIEW IN GALLERYGourmet oatmeal cookie mix

We’re pretty big fans of any oatmeal cookie at all, but when we read “gourmet” on this recipe, we were especially intrigued! The part that makes them a bit special is a dash of cinnamon for a great holiday taste. Echoes of Laughter shows you how it’s done.

6. Fall Reeses pieces cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYFall Reeses pieces cookies

If you’re a big fan of peanut butter and peanut baked goods then you’re going to adore this Reese’s Pieces recipe by Lil Luna! We love including things like Reese’s Pieces and Smarties in cookie recipes because they give each bite a little extra crunch!

7. Cookies in a jar for Santa

VIEW IN GALLERYCookies in a jar for Santa.jpg

These super fun cookies involve Christmas colour smarties or M&Ms to make them extra festive! Gift them to the kids in your life so they can make them on Christmas eve and leave them out for Santa! Check out the recipe on Make it Do.

8. Oatmeal cranberry walnut cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYOatmeal cranberry walnut cookies

Sometimes it’s nice to add a little extra flavour to a classic cookie recipe and cranberries are one of the best ways to do that! They take the taste in every bite up a notch, especially when they’re mixed with the contrasting taste of walnuts! Get the recipe from Will Cook for Friends.

9. Fall scented simmering pot jar

VIEW IN GALLERYFall scented simmering pot jar

Not every recipe jar gift has to be for snacks! If you have a friend who isn’t a huge fan of baked goods but you still really like the idea, consider making a simmering  pot recipe jar instead! Simmering pots are awesome in the winter because they fill the space with a delicious holiday scent and radiate heat to ward off the chill. Check out how The Happier Homemaker uses scents of citrus and cinnamon!

10. Alphabet soup in a jar

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Alphabet soup in a jar

Would you rather gift someone a jar recipe that contains a hearty, healthy meal rather than a sweet treat?  Homemade soups make great mason jar gifts too! Hannaford shows you how to layer the different ingredients for a delicious alphabet soup.

11. Monster cookies in a jar

VIEW IN GALLERYMonster cookies in a jar

These cookies are called “monster cookies” because they’re jam packed full of ingredients! These delicious jar cookies by The Group Recipes include Smarties, but you could get creative and switch them out with whatever kind of candies you choose!